Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Going to write an ebook

Got the programs downloaded to start writing an ebook on weightloss and weight maintenance.

Been on holiday and put on 2kg of which 1kg has gone already so I feel that I have finally got a handle on my weight problem.

Nice to go into regular shops and buy nice clothes that will do up round the waist!

Until we are given the right information about how we get fat and how we can get unfat and obesity problems will just continue.

Friday, August 10, 2012

supplements that work

I have never been a big believer in taking supplements. I usually take a multivit and that is about it.

I have been reading up about serotonin and how it gets into the brain. It seems that binging is one way of ensuring the brain gets enough serotonin. To put it simply when you eat a lot of carbs the insulin produced sweeps all the other amino acids out of the blood stream into the cells and leave the one amino acid, tryptophan in the blood stream which then gets a first class ticket across the blood brain barrier. Of course the binging has other side effects, obesity, depression feeling of being out of control around food.

So there is a better way. First thing is the 5 HTP is the mid chemical between the amino acid and does not need a ticket to cross the blood brain barrier so I take it 40 mins before lunch and supper. 200mg per day.

The brain also reabsorbs the serotonin and ginko keeps the serotonin in the synapse instead of it being broken down again. So a capsule of ginko in the morning also helps.

The third new supplement I am taking is coenzyme Q10 which is needed by every cell in the body for energy production.

For the first time in my life I think I know what normal feels like. I can easily go all afternoon with no extra food or snacks.

I am keeping up with the scandinavian low carb high fat diet and am now waiting to see the kilos start going again.

The warning say dont take 5 htp or ginko if you are on drugs for depression as they dont work well together and it can be dangerous to your health.