Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quietly confident

Not putting the weight up today as I did have some of the leaving supper last night so that has affected the weight.

But for the first time in my life I am confident that I will lose the remaining 30lbs and that any little rise on the scale is caused by salt/water retension and will disappear if I keep to the low fat and no grain eating plan.

For the first time I can get through the day without having to fight cravings all afternoon and evening.

I tried some of my smaller jeans on this morning and am looking forward to getting back in 2 weeks and finding some of them will do up! At present they are still a smaller size than I am.

I am packing the suitcase and will be leaving tomorrow morning early. Fly on Tuesday and arrive in Cornwall on Tuesday late evening. I will probably check my weight before I leave here tomorrow but am basing my present weight on yesterdays figure 11st 13.75lbs and will see what the new weight will be when I get back in 2 and a half weeks. Hopefully somewhere near the 11st 9lb mark.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Made It

167.75lbs 11st 13 3/4lbs

I got under the 12 stone at 2.45am this morning. Had hoped for months that I would be able to achieve that. Now that I know how my body works I am absolutely certain I will never go over the 12stone again. I will continue to lose weight and by the middle of January should be under the 11 stone or 154lbs. Then another 6 or 7 weeks will see me under the 140lbs. For the first time in my life I am confident that an eating plan will work and that I can stick to it without putting on any weight.

I had my last day in school yesterday and handed over my keys. I am so happy to be finishing but other staff are continuing so I dont want to make a big thing about me leaving!

I was pleasantly surprised to get a gratuity cheque yesterday. As I am not completing my full contract I was not expecting to be paid the gratuity. It is is sterling so as a reward for getting under the 12stone I have just ordered an EEpc to be delivered to my mothers address so it should be there waiting for me when I get over. I also ordered a bag for it and a dvd/cd external drive. I have been wanting one and now I can afford to get one. I have ordered a white one with WinXP on it. I would have liked a linux and it would have been cheaper but if I want to get it on the internet from home it needs to load the huwai drivers and I only have those for XP.

I will take a copy of open office for windows and my flash drive with my weight loss spreadsheet so I can keep it up to date in UK.

I wore my black and white suit yesterday as it was the last day. I will wear it again today as it is prize giving. I had to take 4" off the waist as it was too big. Looking forward to getting a waist under 30". At present am still over 34".

Watched a 10 years younger program the other day. Was a woman who had gone for an op for a gastric band and had gone from 20 stone to under 10stone in 12 month. She had terrible loose skin. Stomach, thighs, under arms. I hope that is not going to happen to me. I did do an exercise DVD the other day. Should really plan to do it more regularly. I ordered a toning band to be sent here. But its no good ordering it if I dont use it. Hope it will help my saggy underarms. The woman on the TV program went and had major surgery to remove all the loose skin. I cant afford that so will have to live with whatever I am left with. Still using the bike everyday so legs should be fine. Maybe I will budget to get a cross trainer to move the arms and legs together. Could set up my own mini gym!

Packing tomorrow and I leave on Monday morning for the airport. Fly Tuesday and my sister is collecting me and we drive straight down to Cornwall. Mum says she will get the electric blanket on for me.

Hope I can cope with the diet while in UK and not find I am just eating anything because I dont get my meals on time! I feel I have come so far now I will not back track.

I can use my mothers scale in UK but I remember it does not weigh the same as the one I used to have here. Cant remember if it weighs heavier or lighter. will weigh myself on Wed am to get a base line and then take it from there. At least it is a digital scale. Might look at getting a new digital scale for traveling if I can find one. Must be very light and weigh in quarter pounds. Will post tomorrow and probably not on Monday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Achieved Pamela Clark's loss

168.25 Loss 44lbs in 17.5 weeks

Just worked that out at an average of 2.5lbs per week. Over the last month or so the loss has been more in the 2 to 2.25lbs a week. But that is still very respectable and I am not complaining at all.

To find a diet/eating plan where I can have a good size main meal, small breakfast and supper, not feel hungry and have no cravings and lose weight like this is the answer to my prayers. I did not think it was possible. The added bonus is my beautiful nails and that I have so much more get up and go.

Tomorrow is my last day teaching for the rest of my life. I never have to sit with form threes again! Am still in the process of sorting stuff out and taking things back to school. Will have another clear out of papers and CD's today. Maybe I will be able to get my TV lounge up and running when I get back.

I am thinking of ordering some more Rosemary Conley stuff. I have been wondering about her facial flex exerciser. It is quite pricey at 40 pounds sterling but if it works is worth it. My mouth tends to turn down at the ends and it would be nice to see a more cheerful face. Since a lot of the fat has gone my face is looking better but I certainly cant afford a face lift so maybe this is the next best thing. They also have a toning band to assist with exercise. I have got bingo wings under my arms I would like to see go. Last thing was a gravy strainer to get rid of the fat in stock. I had one years ago but it got broken. If I order those I will give them the mercury address and get the stuff sent out to Mkushi. Am going to try and not overload my suitcase this trip.

Having lost three quarters of a pound yesterday I dont know if I will get to the 12st or even 11.13.75 by tomorrow but should make it by Monday. Wonder what I will weigh in three weeks time when I get back. Would be nice to be 6lbs less but I will be happy for any loss at all. Will do Christmas low fat and no grain and get in plenty of fruit and vegetables to fill me up.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beginning to feel like a slim person


I knew if I just hung in there I would eventually see a weight loss. Scale is now showing half a pound less than Monday. I still have got another 4 days to get below 168lbs so that is still possible.

Now that the bread is no longer in my diet the weight loss is much more predictable. I thought that bread was one of the staple foods and was essential but I have now realized that is not true. My system functions much better without the grain and yeast.

I have noticed for the first time on a diet that my wrists and fingers are so much thinner. My face has also slimmed down and is no longer round and chubby. I can even see some cheek bones appearing.

I have decided to take my bigger trousers to UK next week and then I can throw them in the bin before I come back and so have space for some new stuff. I need to buy some new under things. I dont want to spend a lot of money as what I buy now will be a size 16 and I am confident that by March I will be into size 12 so will need to buy new stuff again. Will buy some cheap and cheerful stuff from Tesco in UK.

I must try getting to bed later. I did not get much of a siesta yesterday afternoon and so went to bed at 8.30. This morning I am wide awake at 3.30. I seem to only need about 7 hours sleep now instead of 9 or 9 and a half. So really need to be going to bed around 10 to wake at 5.30 the same time as my husband. Will try and establish a better sleeping pattern in UK.

My first copy of the new subscription to Rosemary Conley diet and fitness was waiting for me at the courier when I went in on Monday. They also have an article on insulin resistance, think this is much more prevalent than is generally known. I must have had it for over 40 years.

Wont be posting so much when in UK. Mother is on a dial up connection so dont want to waste the batteries! May be able to post from my sister who has broadband.

I cant see myself failing on this eating regime. Now that I have given up bread I dont have the cravings and uncontrollable eating. My main problem is if I have to wait for my main meal in the evening. I could be peckish mid afternoon. Hope to get in some nice nibbles to fill the gap without adding the calories. Grapes, apples gerkins. Will get some tins of macedonia veg preferably without brine and low cal salad dressing. If most days we can have our main meal at lunch time then the problem will be solved. I will take some rooibos tea bags with me just in case I cant get in UK. After my 2 cups of coffee in the morning I am sticking to black rooibos and am now enjoying it.

Last day teaching on Friday. Have been asked to come to assembly for a farewell but about 12 other staff also leaving this term so will not be singled out!

Will now switch on other computer to do the accounts.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Salt was the problem


I racked my brains yesterday trying to think what could have caused my weight to rise. Then I went and took a close look at the tin of macedonia veg and it is in brine. Also I bought some Mediterranean roasted veg seasoning and have been putting that in chicken etc and when I read the small print the main ingredient is salt.

So that is that mystery solved. I cut right back on the seasoning yesterday and did not open a tin of veg and am now quarter of a pound less than Friday. That means I have lost 2 1/4lbs this week and if I do the same this week should be one pound under the 12 stone mark by next Monday when I leave for UK.

I wore a new fitted cross over top in an orangy coral colour and was complimented on it yesterday. Nice to be able to fit in to new things from the shops without just getting big black shapeless tops and trousers.

Raining again this morning. Forcast is for rain most of the day so I dont think they will get the tractors in today. The soya planted last week is coming up nicely. Husband now concentrating on the seed maize.

Am taking the children into school this morning. Had a problem in that the tumble dryer has packed in again. Is not heating. I needed it yesterday to dry the school uniforms. Luckily there was a dry spell in the morning and we rushed out to get the washing in when it started to drizzle at lunch time. I will not be washing uniforms again till January so will have to get it fixed by then. Is probably that fuse again.

Looking forward to getting into the 11 stones. That is the aim for this week.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not sure what is happening

I did go to the 6th form dinner on Friday and tried to be good. I took my own diet cokes and only helped myself to the vegetables and did not have any pudding. But even so I have found that my weight is 1 and a quarter lbs more than it was on Friday morning. All I can do is hang in there and keep telling myself there is no way I could have put this much weight on with what I ate and so I am sure that I will stabilize soon and should get down under the 12st 2 within the next few days.

I ordered some more books from Amazon. How I gave up my Low-fat diet and lost 40lbs and one called the Diet Delusion. I am getting those shipped straight out here.

There is no doubt in my mind that the way I always used to diet with cutting back on fat but continuing to eat grains was totally incorrect and made any diet so much more difficult. Toast for breakfast and sandwich for lunch is the path to cravings and binges for the rest of the afternoon and evening. This low fat no grains is so much easier to cope with on a day to day basis. I have not cheated once since the end of July, I have no desire to munch on my husbands biscuits or chocolate. I have one bowl of cereal at day in the morning instead of 2 or 3 in the afternoons. My blood sugar control is 100%, and my nails are still looking very nice and have not broken.

Next post will hopefully be at 169.5lbs.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thats 2 milestones ticked off


Decided to just put the lbs up on the top of the posting rather than stones and pounds. Thought I would see a small gain this morning but instead have lost another 3/4lb. So that means I have now lost 3 stone, 42lbs and am under the 170lb mark.

Another 2lbs and I will be officially into the overweight category rather than obese. Got into a pair of my smaller jeans yesterday that I have not worn for over a year so that was a plus. Went with my daughter for beauty treatments at the other end of the farm block. Left here at 8 and only got home at 5. I took some cold chicken and a drained tin of veg with salad dressing and cheese for my daughter and her maid and then some diet cokes.

I had a facial, a manicure on these nice nails of mine, a pedicure and also had my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted. My lower eyelashes have gone grey and it is very hard to see them so with the tinting they are visible.

Today is going to be my last day teaching. I finish next week but will be giving them free time in the lesson. This evening am going out to the 6th form dinner. I have decided I will have my soup beforehand and take my own diet cokes with me and not eat any of the meal. I suppose it is a bit rude to go and not to eat but really I dont need the food and it will be late so really I am just showing my face. Plan to leave early as it is a long way back.

Heard two days ago that my colleagues work permit has been approved and found so at least I know she will be there next term to continue the department while I have left and will be doing all sorts of fun things.

I was thinking maybe I could do a beauticians course to do facials and manicure and then set up as a diet and beauty adviser and go around to peoples houses to help them with diet advice and do treatments. Could be quite fun and would fit in with still getting away when we need to.

My mother is talking about coming for two week at the end of March and staying for Easter so will organise for as many of the family as I can to be here for Easter.

Yesterdays news was that the bank have verbally agreed to open the facility for this season. Would have really messed us up if they had said no. We have already planted over 50% of the new crop. Hopefully husband will get his new tractor before all the hard work is done.

Could be 169lbs by Monday and then got next week to get under the 168lb before I fly.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brilliant Diet

12st 2 1/2lbs

I wondered about putting that up this morning as Lusaka always messes my system about and I could find a small weight gain tomorrow. I got on the scale yesterday at 4am before I left for Lusaka and was 12st 3lbs so if it does go up will only be by quarter of a pound or so.

I had my cereal and cinnamon before I left yesterday morning and that kept me going till lunch at 1. I was not really hungry but my hands were shaking slightly I think from low blood sugar and too much caffine. Had coffee and diet coke on the way. It was very wet on the road. We had over 2" rain in 24 hours so kept the speed down. I had told the committee I might be a bit late and got in for 10. Meeting had started at 9.30 but they were still on previous minutes. Feel this is a good time to leave as we have done what we set out to do which is put a computer lab in every secondary school in Zambia. I will keep in touch with the people running it but will not be on the committee any more.

Had the weight watchers lunch but this time finished the baked potato as it was smaller than last time and I was hungry. Bought husband some chocolate and dried fruit which he always enjoys. Left at 3 as planned did not have much time for shopping but got the basics and paid for the TV subscription. I also got a bigger non stick frying pan with a glass lid. I thought it was the same as the smaller one I got but now find the handle is lighter but pattern on the non stick is the same. Will see how it works for stir fries.

Two trucks stuck on daughters road but put the landcruiser in 4 wheel drive and managed to get around them. Got my shopping out to put in husbands vehicle and we got home about 8. Too tired to watch TV so had soup and yoghurt and apple and went to bed at 9.

Today we are off for beauty treatments. My nails are still growing and I have not broken one. Think I will get her to file them a bit shorter. Also having pedicure and facial. Should be back for a late lunch around 1.30. Will take an apple in case I get hungry.

Got out my progress sheets of the diet I did in 1988. That was 20 years ago. I got down to 8st 12lbs! Cant even remember that. I was 35 26 35 at that weight. Think I will aim a bit higher this time. Maybe 9 and a half stone. This diet really is effortless now. I could not resist cheese or chocolate before but now I can have them in the house and they dont bother me at all. To me it is a miracle.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Loss Today

Yesterday I did chicken mince burgers for lunch. I did notice that they tasted very salty. I dont add any salt to my cooking or food so I think the excess salt has affected my weight this morning. Things should be back to normal by tomorrow.

Just had my vitamins with a glass of lukewarm water. I have 3 calcim, 4 vit C, 1 multivitamin, one oil evening primrose and one omega 3 and 6. Then I have my bowl of bran and museli cereal with 1/4 tspn cinnamon. I measure out 5 dessert spoons now in the same bowl each morning to stop myself having double portions. I have that with skim milk and 2 mugs of instant coffee.

The rest of the day I drink water, rooibos tea and one diet coke. Lunch today will be fish which will help the scale go down tomorrow morning. Evening my one bowl of veggy soup.

It is amazing how the cravings and mad overeating binges have just stopped since I gave up grains. Yesterday I could feel my stomach wanting food just before lunch. I had a yoghurt and cinnamon while I was preparing lunch.

In the afternoon I offered to drive in to Mkushi to collect chemicals for the spraying and also filled up the ford. I have got some extra music on the flash drive now as I found the new Media player will rip CD's straight to mp3 file. Took a while to find the tool settings to change the file type. But it is very fast to do once it is set up. Bonus is that all the track names are saved as well. Must get an FM radio for my car so I can have the same system in there.

Rain is still around. We had a shower yesterday afternoon which will help the soya germinate.

Was looking at diets for insulin resistance on the internet yesterday. Where do these ideas come from. One menu was 6 oz smoked salmon for breakfast!

Am looking forward to getting my measurements back into average size range. 38 bust and 39 hips rather than the over 40's they have been for years.

Still using the bike. I did 4kms yesterday evening without any difficulty. Had to go and and down to the guesthouse yesterday afternoon as daughter was doing a dog blood transfusion. I walked up and down about three times and it was effortless. I used to puff and strain to get up the hill. So making good progress.

Weight must go down tomorrow.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Downhill from here

12 3 3/4

I am finding this so much easier. Really can taste success on this diet and know that now I understand my system I can keep the weight off.

Only 4 more lbs to go and I will be in the 11 stones and that is just mildly overweight and not obese.

Have got my new jeans with the silver embroidery hanging on the outside of my wardrobe. Think I should be able to get into them around the 11st 7lb weight.

About to start my second to last week of school. I would have been worried about being in the house full time before this diet as I would not have been able to trust myself to stop snacking. But now I have given up the grains I dont snack at all.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Forty Pounds

12st 4lb

That is a big mile stone. Forty pounds lost since July. I was not sure if I would do it this morning but have actually lost 40 and a quarter pounds. Got on the scale a couple of time to double check the figure.

Yesterday was the fete. I only bought diet cokes and did not have any food. It was very bread based. Boersworst in bread rolls, bacon and blue cheese ditto and salmon in croissants and nice gooey cakes.

I spent my money on the grandchildren and bought some night cream and lip ice. Also found some ear rings that I can take over to UK to give as presents to my sisters and mother.

Because I did not eat anything I was starving by the time I got home at 3. Husband had left me some of the chicken and I opened a tin of macedone veg and drained it and mixed with diet salad dressing and a bit of chilli sauce. Made a really nice quick lunch. Had my cinnamon and yoghurt as soon as I got in.

Had my vegetable soup for supper and watched some late TV so was not awake so early this morning. Was Steps to a new you last night and 10 year younger.

Next goal is only 1 3/4 lbs away and that is to get 3 stone lost 42lbs. Should do that this week. Then under the 12 stone on 1st Dec.

I worked out my BMI just out of interest yesterday. My starting BMI was 34. I am now down to 27. To get to 25 I need to weigh 11st 1 lb and my ultimate goal weight of under 10st will give me a BMI of 23. That all looks within reach now. I have just put my final finish date back to Mid March as I am not losing weight quite as fast as I was but am still happy with my progress.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quarter of a pound to the 40lb loss

12st 4 1/2lbs

Did not have a loss yesterday and now half a pound down from two days ago. Only 1/4lb more and I can say I have lost 40lbs.

Had another look at that frock the other day with my glasses on and it is not a size 18 as I though but a size 16. I even wore it the other day with a belt!

It is going to be a close run thing to get under the 12 stone by 1st December. I will have to weigh on the first of December as that is when we leave here. I wonder if it is possible to get a light weight traveling scale that I could fit in my suitcase. Would be worth it to keep a check on my weight on holidays. Will have a look in UK and see what I can find.

I did not go out yesterday afternoon and did find the afternoon a bit long. Luckily I was not tempted to raid the cupboards for little snacks to keep me going but did have my soup 1 hour earlier. Then the power went off and so I went to bed at 8 which is why I am up at 4.30 this morning. I just seem to need less sleep since I started eating less grains. I used to be able to sleep for 10 hours but now anything over 7 and a half to 8 hours and I have to get up.

Going to a local fete today. Will take some diet coke and try and stick to black rooibos tea with no milk. Not tempted by cakes and biscuits now. I never expected that.

Next post will be after I have lost 40lbs.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Long Nails and Glucose

My nails are still growing better than they ever have in my life before. They are long, strong are well beyond the length of my fingers.

Before this diet my nails have always torn flaked and been soft. It did not matter what I rubbed into them or how well I treated them they were always short and miserable.

I looked up on the internet and there was another girl who gave up sugar and found her nails growing properly for the first time. She was also taking gelatine and put it down to the gelatine but I am not taking any gelatine and am also seeing the same results.

What I am putting it down to is far less carbohydrate in my diet and much better sugar insulin control. It will be interesting to see that if I remain off the bread whether my nails will continue to look this way. It would be worth it just for that never mind the 40lb weight loss!

No weight loss today but have been good for the last 24 hours so expect to see the scale show a loss tomorrow.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Easier

12 st 5lbs

I only have 3/4lb to lose and I will then have lots 40lbs. Without really any major difficulties and without wanting to cheat at any point.

Two pounds more and I will have lost 3 stone since July.

I bought some fancy black denims in our local SA shop yesterday. They are too tight at present but once I have lost another 7 to 10lbs I should be able to do them up without a muffin top. One pair I really like as they have silvery embroidery on the back pockets.

Only two more weeks and I will be about to go to my last day of teaching. Then off to UK for 2 weeks and back in time for Christmas.

Very pleased with the laser treatment I had done on a pigmentation mark on my cheek. It was dark brown but is now pink after a week and almost fades in with the surrounding skin.

Hope to be in the 12 4's tomorrow. Had chicken breast without skin cooked in the non stick frying pan, steamed potatoes, butternut, cabbage and spinach for lunch with a bit of sweet chilli sauce.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Starting to forget about food

12st 5 1/2lbs

Yesterday was a busy day. I spent all morning at school and then when I got home my husband said we had to go to the bank to sort out queries on our loan application to continue farming next year. We were with the manager for over 2 hours and I did not once think about food or whether or not I was hungry.

When we got out I shared a diet coke with my husband and come home and had a bowl of soup. Another quarter of a pound gone today.

Today I am trying something different, we had some left over chicken from lunch so last night I cooked up some brown rice. Will steam some onions this morning and then will mix those up in the non stick frying pan for lunch. Brown rice is better for you than white rice.

I wore my black trousers with the black sequined top and my white blazer yesterday at school and some people did not recognize me!

I am going to get under the 168lbs or 12 stone by the beginning of December.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Loss more than I had expected

12st 5 3/4lbs

I lost 1lb between yesterday morning and this morning. So total loss for this week is 2 1/4lbs. So very happy with that.

Feel I should write to Pamela Clark in OZ to say thank you for publishing the book. This is going to be my new normal eating once I have got down to a size 12.

Watching these ladies on Cook yourself slim and they lose 14lbs and 2 dress sizes! If I am lucky I lose 14 lbs and lose one dress size but it is still progress.

I am thinking that I could make the 11 stones by the beginning of December. 11st 13lbs will do nicely and then I can keep going with the no grain low fat while in UK. Even if I maintain my weight then I will not worry. As long as I dont put weight on!

Then got Jan Feb and March to get down to a size 12 before our holiday in Mauritius.

Even husband commenting on how much better I look and how much more energy I have these days!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Why I was Fat

12st 6 3/4lbs

I could never understand why I was so big. Why did I have this craving for sweet and usually fatty food. If there was something tasty in the fridge I could only relax once I had finished it. I would never have 1 or 2 biscuits but maybe half the packet. I would often have a bowl of cereal after my dinner in the evening.

It was a mind hunger rather than a stomach hunger. Now I do sometimes feel hungry, late morning just before my main meal or late afternoon before my soup supper.

I read an interesting article about the difference between a craving and hunger. It compared the two. The main difference was if you ignored the craving and got busy with somethingelse it would go away. Hunger would not but would get stronger.

For nearly 4 months now I have had no bread at all. I have not eaten a biscuit and I have only had one bowl of cereal a day. I have eaten well. Probably around 1100 cals per day but I am not calorie counting or weighing anything. Every couple of days I have seen a weight loss on the scales. This morning I weigh half a pound less than yesterday and am now below the 12 and a half stone mark.

I am starting to believe I can do this and once I get under my 140lb mark I have now learned how to stay there.

I like bread, in fact I love it, but if this is the sacrifice I have to make to stay a size 12 then I will happily make it. I have been fat and obese for so long it is going to be a big adjustment to be the person I have always wanted to be. Slim, fit, fashionable and with nice nails!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Survived Lusaka


I ended up going to Lusaka on my own on Wednesday. Husband decided not to come and it was a good thing that he did as we had a big storm wednesday night and all the covers blew off the wheat stacks and we lost 3 of the roofs in the workers compound.

I was able to spend time on doing the things I enjoy. I did go to see if the new Hugh Jackman movie Australia was on but it is still in the coming soon section. I had my skin treatment and also had a pigmentation mark treated. Then went to have my streaks put in. She said she would put in red and I thought yes auburn or copper but no she did mean red. Anyway had lots of positive comments and it is less 'hard' then when I did my own colour so will keep up with it and have it re done every 2 months.

I treated myself to a new swimming costume. Have not bought one for 20 years and also a new cherry red nail varnish in Woolworths. Was expensive but worth it if it does not chip. My nails are the prettiest they have ever been. It is only the thumb nails that are short. I still dont know if my nails are growing nicely because I have got my blood sugar under control or if it is the calcium I am taking.

I had my weight watchers lunch again both days and had soup and yoghurt in the evening. The desire to eat all day has just gone. I never thought it would happen and that I would be always wanting more food and would spend my life denying myself if I wanted to keep my weigh under control. But the low grain diet is the answer. It was the bread that was causing me to overeat and put on weight. I bought some brown rice and may have that once a week instead of the potatoes.

Picked up daughter son in law and nephew off plane on Wednesday night. So they are safely back.

Went to the Primary school play yesterday. I had 4 grandchildren appearing in it. They did the Lion King and it was excellent.

Unless I lose about a pound over the next 48 hours this is not going to be a brilliant weight loss this week but doing Lusaka always messes up my dieting system. If I lose a pound I will be happy. Is 3/4 now so should get down to 12 7 by Monday morning or maybe below if I am lucky.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Under 80 kg

12 7 3/4

Wore one of my size 18 frocks I have not worn for years yesterday. Most of my frocks are navy or black. Especially the size 22 24 ones. So quite a change to wear a white one with red roses on it. The heat is building up now so nice to feel cooler and wear paler colours. Hope to be a size 16 next month.

I still feel worried that this diet is going to stop working at some point. It is still a pleasant surprise to see the scale dropping by quarter to half a pound every 2 days or so. Now I am under the 80 kg mark the next aim is to get under the 170lbs. Have six pounds to lose to do that so should do that in next 3 weeks, then under the 12 stone, 8 lbs to do that.

I am trying to increase my cycling rate to give myself a better workout so for the last 100m in each 1km I increase my pedaling speed from 11 kph to 18 kph.

Found my little music player the other day. Must find a new battery for it and put on some nice music and then I can listen to it on the journey to UK. I already have some stuff in MP3 format on the flash drive we play in the car so will just copy that across.

In Lusaka for next 2 days. Will take my cereal and some tins of veg so I can do my own lunch at the curry place and just put some of the sauce on top. That was tasty last time and I enjoyed it.

Will post again Friday or Saturday

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dieting going smoothly

12st 8lbs

I expected to be around the 12.8 1/2lbs this morning so to lose 3/4lb yesterday is a bonus.

I did do a bit of extra exercise. My neighbour asked if I would come and fix her computer speakers. She has a pool so I took my costume and had a swim after I have sorted the problem out.

When I am on my exercise bike I am trying to do the last 100m of each km at a higher speed. I usually do around 10 or 11 kph but am now going up 18 kph twice in each session. Yesterday I did 4 sessions instead of the 3.

At 6pm I have my diet coke and my soup and then I do not eat or drink anything else until the following morning. I have a few hunger pangs in the night but I have never been a night nibbler. I am not the sort of person to get out of bed to go and make myself a sandwich or fryup!

I looked up and am now only in the overweight category rather than obese. Have already lost 2 1/2lbs in the last week. Hope I can continue losing weight this fast.

My friends husband is pre diabetic so I told her about the cinnamon helping the insulin to work better so she is going to see if it makes any difference to her husbands blood sugar results. He has a tester.

Reports to finish today and also wages to work out.

I am starting to imagine myself under 11 stone and slim and able to maintain that slimness which I have never been able to do before. Its all good.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

This is the best diet

12.8 3/4 lbs

I dont think I have ever been on such an effortless diet and one that works so well.

worked out I lost 11lbs last month. That was October.

If I can do the same again this month will be well under the 12stone by the end of the month.

Have lost an inch off bust and hips this month and 2" off my waist. I feel I can continue with this almost indefinitely which I will have to if I am not going to go back to my 'normal' eating which always makes me fat again.

I can see myself getting to 10 stone 140lbs with this diet. Usually on diets I am just waiting for them to be over so I can start eating again but on this one I am eating and very rarely feeling hungry. I have no cravings and no desire to eat my way through the pantry.

I could be under the 12 7 by the end of next week.