Friday, November 14, 2008

Long Nails and Glucose

My nails are still growing better than they ever have in my life before. They are long, strong are well beyond the length of my fingers.

Before this diet my nails have always torn flaked and been soft. It did not matter what I rubbed into them or how well I treated them they were always short and miserable.

I looked up on the internet and there was another girl who gave up sugar and found her nails growing properly for the first time. She was also taking gelatine and put it down to the gelatine but I am not taking any gelatine and am also seeing the same results.

What I am putting it down to is far less carbohydrate in my diet and much better sugar insulin control. It will be interesting to see that if I remain off the bread whether my nails will continue to look this way. It would be worth it just for that never mind the 40lb weight loss!

No weight loss today but have been good for the last 24 hours so expect to see the scale show a loss tomorrow.

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