Friday, May 03, 2013

Ketones, brain starvation and Brain Insulin

All trips and medical visits over so can settle in back at home.
Expected to put on some weight and eating was out of control some afternoons. More on that later.
However overall am pleased that my weight did not go sky high to the point where I would yet again give up!
Have been continuing with my research into my problem. That uncontrollable need to consume glucose in any form in the afternoons.
Found some help in the on line carb smart emagazine. It is from Dana Carpendar and I would recommend you get a subscription.
In there they advertised a book about Alzeheimer's by Dr Newport. She has been doing research on brain chemistry as her husband is suffering from early onset of the disease.
What she found was that they have discovered that the brain makes insulin. So it is not just the pancreas that makes insulin.
Her hypothesis is that in Alzheimer's the brain stops making insulin and the cells of the brain start starving and dying as they cannot receive the glucose they need to stay functional.
She found that her husband improved tremendously with replacing most oils and fats in his diet with coconut oil.
I then transposed this into the obese body. What if the brain is starving but the body is obese?
If the brain cant get the glucose it needs to function it is going to make you eat regardless of what your body looks like and how much extra fat you have available.

If I can get my brain to run on ketones in the afternoon then maybe I wont get the cravings and binging that have caused me to be obese.
Started this yesterday. Have started making bullet proof coffee using coconut cream and coconut oil instead of butter.
Hoping to buy some MCT oil over the next week or so.
Yesterday afternoon I definitely noticed a difference in my brain. Usually I feel lethagic in the afternoon and really dont want to start or finish anything. Yesterday I completed the wage program.
Early days yet but if I can keep my brain happy and content and also lose weight it would be so wonderful.
I did get on the scale this morning for the first time in 6 weeks. Thought if I dont know what I weigh now how can I know this is working?
Other things I am monitoring.
Whether I can slide my rings off my fingers easily.
Whether my new jeans fit.
Whether my muffin top stays away.
Whether hips and waist measurements reduce.
Whether cravings and binging stop.
Hopefully that way I wont get fixated on the scale as I usually do.