Saturday, January 26, 2013

Obesity A Deficiency Disease?

That is the working title for my kindle book. Hope to get it ready to be downloaded within the next 4 weeks or so. Only thing that worries me is the cover as I am not very artistic and have not got photoshop and cant afford $'s to get someone to do it for me!

My eating is no longer punctuated by these eating jags ( binges) when I find I am eating everything in sight in the afternoons.

Since just before Christmas when I started this I have lost 5kg or 12lbs. My eating is under perfect control. I can forget about food in the afternoons and get on with projects until it is time for my next meal. I no longer snack at all. Not even low carb snacks. I dont need them. I dont find myself eating a couple of hours after a meal and I no longer feel the need to finish everything off!

Why has no one been looking scientifically at the process of binging to try and understand what is really going on and what the body really wants when you are driven to consume vast quantities of sugar and carbs in the afternoon? I know I am not alone with this battle, there are millions of you out there!

Friday, January 04, 2013

New Year New Diet

Dieting book is almost ready to be published. Just got to do some editing and tweaking.

Is amazing how the binging has just stopped. From day one on this I have had 3 nice meals each day with no snacks and no desire to binge. After 50 years of feeling out of control around food that is a first for me.

Lost 2" off my hips and 1" off my top half so its all good. Finding I have so many more productive hours in the day. Hours when I can start new projects and complete them. Something I found impossible in the afternoons before.

Obesity is a deficiency disease.