Thursday, September 14, 2017

Progress ?

Well am 6kg down in a month.

That has not been too difficult and I dont feel I am being deprived.

Its still early days but the dreadful afternoon eating seems to have gone.

My aim this time is not to diet as fast as I can, so I can go back to 'normal' eating. Normal eating makes me obese as I have real problems with flour products and sugar.

So I have to find a new normal and I think this is it.

I dont feel starving the way I have on previous dietary regimes.

My aim is to lose around 2kg a month, so I am taking this very slow do I dont get back to binge mode again.

I have ordered all the books from Trim Healthy Mama plan. But for now am making do with those I can download.

I have started making the cauliflower mash, and also broccoli when I cant get hold of cauliflowers.
To my steamed veg I am adding bit of cream and butter some black pepper and chicken stock cube or gel. Then blitz it with a stick blender till smooth. I find I can keep this covered in the fridge for a few days.

I have a couple of spoons heated in the microwave with my 2 poached eggs for breakfast.

Lunch is generally a salad with feta cheese, have made sauerkraut so add that and mayonnaise and cider vinegar.

Mid afternoon is an apple. ( I am happy to be able to have fruit as I gave up fruit on Atkins).

Dinner will be some sort of meat, sausage, chicken with veg and more cauli mash.

I am making gravy from my gluccoman that arrived the other day with some meat juices and/or chicken stock.

I am not eating again after dinner, because I dont need to which is a blessing.

If I fancy something sweet I have a tea cup of yogurt with xylitol and cinnamon but I try not to have that every day.

I am trying not to set myself up for failure on this as I have failed so often.

Good my clothes are starting to feel a bit baggy.