Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Day

Another day gone and yet another day without any sign of failure. I have been so used to failing on diets I cannot believe that this is so easy.

My calories are around 1100 a day and I am perfectly satisfied after my meals. The gremlin in my head that has been urging me to overeat for the past 50 years has been bound and gagged and blinded by the irvingia plus capsules. I no longer have the urge to snack or binge after meals.

Yesterday bought myself a leather jacket. First one I have ever owned. Throwing out the fake one that is all torn and broken.

Another couple of good days and I will be below the 30BMI and only overweight rather than obese.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still dieting now with Irvingia

Was not sure if I would find this again. Not posted for nearly 10 months and in that time have been binging my way back up to nearly 200lbs again.

All my life I have been looking for that magic something that would help me lose the weight and keep it off and also to control the binges and make me feel satisfied with the quantities of food I am allowed.

Two weeks ago I found a product called Irvingia which is said to overcome Leptin resistance and enable your brain and stomach work together to make you satisfied after a meal.

I have been using it ever since and have lost 10lbs and found the afternoon cravings, nibbling and binging have just stopped from the first day I took it.

I am still using the low carb diet as I know I also have insulin resistance.

This is the answer for me. Low carb plus irvingia plus. Only another 40lb to go.