Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going against the Grain

Been doing some research on the internet and found details of a book about a low grain diet. This is not the atkins diet where you eat lots of meat and fatty foods.

This is an eating plan where you replace the grain foods with mainly vegetables.

She says that some people become addicted to carbohydrates and I am sure I was one of them. The more I ate the more I wanted and I felt bloated and sleepy after stuffing myself with bread.

So I am now bread free. I still have rice occasionally with my main meal and my bran cereal in the morning.

Have now lost 12lbs without feeling deprived and my face and bust have slimmed down. Feeling a lot more active and tidying up dark corners of my house and chucking rubbish out.

In Lusaka tomorrow so will go for a curry for lunch and get some tinned tomato relish and have that for dinner.

Hope to lose another couple of pounds and get under the 14 stone mark in the next 2 weeks.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Syndrome X

I am pretty sure I have syndrome X. I have been doing some research and looking in my magazines. All the clues were there but I missed them.

Syndrome X is an over the top response to a sugar rush. The body thinks whoopy sugar and produces insulin to control the level in the blood but it produces more than necessary so the sugar is gone but the insulin is still floating round the system and you get an almost uncontrollable urge to eat more bread sugarary foods a couple of hours later and the whole process starts again.

Some of the symptoms are feeling sleepy after eating hi carb food, binging on hi carb food and finding it almost impossible to lose weight and rapid weight gain after you come off the controlled eating and back to 'normal'.

I have never given up bread and jam/marmalade while on a diet. Most of the diets I have tried have been 2 slices of toast for breakfast. Salad sandwich for lunch. With the end result that I am fighting my body the whole day for more sugar. It wants it and I am trying to resist.

Some of the recommendations are for brown bread only. I dont think we get the brown bread they are talking about in Africa. Heavy in seeds and low gi. So I have cut bread completely out of my diet. Something my mother always did when she wanted to drop a few pounds. Possibly she has syndrome X as well.

I have not given up potatoes and have those for my main meal every day and then what is left over goes into a soup for the evening. For breakfast and having bran and museli cereal. So still getting the good carbs. Have rice once a week in place of potatoes.

Am feeling so much better. Got lots more energy.

We went away for the weekend and I was worried about not coping on the diet while I was away. We did our own breakfasts. I had scrambled egg and baked beans. Husband had cereal and toast with his.

Lunch we had in the restaurant so I asked for grilled fish and baked potato with no butter. Evening I had butternut soup without the roll. Came back after 3 days and lost another 3/4 of a pound so felt in control.

Apparantly 50% of the people with syndrome X are likely to develop type 2 diabeties later in life so hopefully I have avoided that if I stay off the bread for life. Seems easy so far. No hunger pains and feel I am eating well. If I think of the bread I used to eat 4 to 6 slices a day plus jam or marmalade that is 5 to 600 calories so can eat a lot of vegetables to make up the difference and still lose weight.

Got 2 days away in Lusaka so hope I can continue the good work. Feeling lighter and clothes are looser. Eleven and a half pounds off so far.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

This working without Hoodiia

For the past 3 days I have forgotten to take the hoodiia capsule but the weight is still dropping off at an amazing rate and I am not feeling hungry.

I have worked out that I have never given up bread on a diet. I always had at least 4 slices a day and sometimes 6. Extra in the evening.

I have now lost 11 lbs and am having no trouble sticking to the diet plan. If I am hungry while preparing lunch. Waiting for the steamer to switch off I have a small yoghurt and an apple.

Going away for the next 3 days so hope I can keep to the mainly protein and vegetables. Am still low fat no grain.

At this rate I could be in the 13 stones by the first week in September.

Going well so far.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Feeling good so far

Last week I ate out 3 times at restaurants and also yesterday evening hosted a dinner party and feel I am still in control and not over eating. Had potato wedges at the one restaurant and then curry and rice at the other one for 2 lunches.

Looked up the Australian diet again in the book and this lady only had potato or pumpkin twice a week. I am having every day!

What I have given up completely is bread of any sort. I used to have brown bread but I could never stop at 2 slices.

Nearer the 14 stone 7 than over 15 stone that I was 4 weeks ago so it is all good.

Bought some interesting tinned tomatoes the other day. Tomato with black olives and tomato with origano. If feeling hungry heat a tin of that up and eat it like a soup.

Hope to get under the 14 stones and into the 13's within the next 4 weeks. School starts in 2 weeks for the last term for me. Could be 1 stone less than the end of last term by then.

Will google the Australian diet and see what the latest recommendations are. But happy so far with my own version.

Breakfast bran flakes and museli with skim milk.

lunch steamed chicken or fish with steamed veg rice or potatoes.
small yoghurt.


2 bowls veg soup with liquidised veg and milk.

K that is it for today.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am not a total failure

Well here we go again. The reason I have not posted for a year is not because I am still beautifully slim but because my eating went back to 'normal' mode and when I went for a medical 3 weeks ago I was back to over 15st and blood pressure 150/90.

This last year life got fairly hectic. I spent 6 weeks in UK helping my daughter with the new twins and we flew back together. Settled back in for about 3 weeks and son in law had a plane accident and so I spent the next 2 months in SA visiting him in hospital and supporting my other daughter who had her first baby end of October. Son in law now walking and baby crawling. I got home in December and just flopped.

Not going to worry about last year but am now going to slowly lose the weight by changing my whole eating plan and am going to make changes for life.

In the 4 weeks since the medical I have lost 7lbs and got my blood pressure down to 142/82.

I decided to put my notice in at school and this will be my last term. I will be on call if they need me but will not be tied to timetabled lessons and can take holidays whenever I want.

My husband and I decided to change our mealplans and we now have our main meal at lunchtime. This seems to have solved the problem of the afternoon munchies as I now feel full after a big meal at lunchtime.

I bought a steamer the other day with 2 tiers and have been using that regularly. I can do chicken pieces or fish with potato and pumpkin in the base and then cabbage corgettes carrots in the top.

It may be a problem when I am back at school as I need to turn in on for at least 35 mins but if I fill it with boiling water that saves time and we can eat before 1.

Then I take the liquid from the drip tray in the steamer and any left over vegetables and liquidize it all for a soup in the evening.

Husband is having toast or bread with his soup but I am following the Australian womans weekly low carb diet and have given up bread entirely. I did not think I could do it but am finding it much easier than I expected.

So I have bran flakes with museli mixed in and low fat milk for breakfast. One cup of coffee am and tea rest of the day. Lunch all the veg plus either fish or chicken with no skin. Evening 2 big bowls vegetable soup.

Also taking hoodiia at lunch time. I got some new bottles when I was down south in December and this batch is working for me.

Not making any impossible goals but would like to get under the 11 stone again by my birthday in February.