Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OK now I am happy

I never understand how a diet works. All last week I was thinking the diet is not working for me. I am being really good but am struggling to get off quarter of a pound. Yesterday morning I was happy to see that I had lost 1 3/4 lbs last week and was down to 13.5.75. Got on the scale this morning and it clearly reads 13.4. So that is 1 3/4 lbs off since yesterday!

I wonder if my body uses up its fat cells but fills them with water waiting just in case it gets some lovely bread to bung in there again. Once it realizes that no bread is coming all of a sudden it has to get rid of the water and there is a much bigger weight loss than I expect.

Found some nice sites on south beach diet with before and after photos. Some ladies have lost over 100lbs on this eating plan.

Have had a few nice comments that I am looking good so that is motivating. I am really into this now and dont see myself going back to my old normal eating when my diet was mainly based around carbs.

I have no problems eating out as I compensate with a diet soup for the next meal. Hope to be in the 12 stones by mid October. Might even make the 11 in December for my trip to UK.

What is a revelation to me is how those cravings for sugar and bread and fatty nibbles have just vanished. I always wondered why I was the one with the weight problem, I used to dread diets because I would have cravings I could not fill for months on end. I thought better to be fat and be able to eat what I want when I want rather than denying myself for the rest of my life. But this diet is the one I have been looking for all my life. I eat big meals, I enjoy my food and I feel satisfied and I lose weight. I could not ask for more.

Hope to have lost 28lbs or 2 stone by the beginning of next week. That is half term. Only one more half term to go and then can start planning some nice holidays. Thought maybe we should go to Cape Town in January. Does not matter then if weather not too good. Then in March we could do the Mauritius trip with scuba diving. By then I should be down to my second goal weight. 9st 12lbs.

Monday, September 29, 2008

one and three quarter pounds

Scale showed 1 3/4 lbs off this week. Not as much as I had hoped but I suppose at this point it is slow and small and steady and not the big amounts that come off early.

Went to the club for lunch yesterday. Lunch was perfect. Cold chicken, took off the skin, had a bit of lamb and pork roast. Then there was a bean salad, may have had a bit of dressing on but had it anyway, then some cooked carrots and green beans. So had a big plateful with mainly veg. Also had chutney and beetroot. So nice lunch and kept the diet on track. In the evening had a diet soup still not getting cravings in the afternoons.

This week should be fine. No Lusaka trips and then school closes for half term on Friday.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

still losing

Seems a bit more of a battle these days. Still not having the cravings for extra food in the afternoon so that is a plus. Had hoped this would be a more effortless diet but I dont think there is such a thing.

Yesterday had pasta with a veggy tomato sauce for lunch. Was tasty and filling. Did a low cal soup in the evening.

My new china came with my daughter yesterday afternoon. Sort of squarish white plates with black design on them. Got 8 place settings so nice to have a good set.

Decided will do a chinese meal for my husbands birthday. will organise it for the 12th which is 2 days before but hopefully they will not have started harvesting by then. Will get a box of prawns and do something with rice and noodles. Better get some more soya sauce before then. Could also do a veggy dish if I can get enough nice veg. We are a bit short in the garden just now.

Overall am happy. Am into my big jeans, feeling a lot more active and have lost 24lbs, without suffering too much.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

slow but sure

Bit disappointed as only half a pound gone since Monday and it is now Saturday. Did have 2 days in town and also found myself eating more than usual yesterday. Finished off all the cabbage left for lunch with low cal salad dressing and chilli sauce! So maybe this is just a blip and by Monday will have lost another half pound. If that is the case I will not complain.

Going to the club with the grandchildren tomorrow for lunch. Have not decided what to do. I can have a very low cal supper with weighless soups at 30c each. May take a tin of mixed veg and an opener so if lunch looks very high calorie/carb/fat. I can just have the meat and my tin of veg. That way I dont have to think there is nothing else so I will just have to eat what is provided.

Heard my niece has lost a stone (14lbs) with slimming world in UK. I have some of the magazines it looks interesting. Being a serial dieter I have to have a plan I can stick to for the rest of my life. No good thinking I can ever 'come off the diet' and stay slim. I know from experience that does not work.

Got my new laptop set up and am very happy with it. Has 4 USB ports but I could do with more. Got a keyboard, mouse, printer and internet plugged in but no space for flash drives unless I pull out the printer. May get an extender but I know some of the peripherals will not work through an extender. Will get the one off my old laptop and see what will work and what does not work.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Weight same but not bothered

Just got back from 2 days in town. I know I did not overeat so I am not worried about the fact that the scale shows I weigh the same as I did on Tuesday morning. I am sure over the weekend the scale will balance out and I will see a half pound drop off by Monday.

It is always more difficult when you are out of your own kitchen and eating pre prepared food. I had chicken curry for the 2 lunches, cup of soup when I got home last night and salads on Wed night.

Bought myself a new laptop as this one is going back to school so over the weekend will get it all set up the way I want. Has a DVD burner and hopefully USB2 ports. This one came with USB 1.1 so copying to an external drive has always been slow. I also bought a new external USB drive, 120gb so that will be very useful. New printer and a scanner but realise my husband is used to just using the printer for scanning and pressing a button so may buy a colour inkjet with a scanner as well for him to use. They are fairly cheap now and as long as we dont use it for heavy printing the cartridges should last a while.

Will post again when scale is shifting downwards again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nine pounds a month

Scale still going down. Have not had one gain but sometimes scale remains firmly stuck for a few days but not recently.

Worked out I am losing weight at the rate of 9lbs a month. That seems reasonable. I cant expect the big losses that I had at the beginning of the diet at this point. Am still enjoying the diet and not feeling deprived in any way. Have not touched husbands biscuits or cheese or unopened packet of museli in the cupboard, that is to be mixed with bran flakes when I finish the open packet.

So working it out roughly. One more week in Sept so should be 13.5. End of October 12.10. End of November 12. Had hoped to be in the 11's by then but will get into the 11's while in UK and then 11.5 end of December and at my first goal weight of 10.12 in January. Will then see if I can get under the 10st again. Have been there maybe 5 times in my life for less than a month each time and then start putting on again. This time will be different! Was reading the Easy Australian diet book again and she carried on losing at a good rate right to the end. Hope I can do the same.

Am really not missing the bread and that is the biggest difference to me on this diet. Other bonus is the nails. They are looking really pretty and growing over the ends of my fingers again. Hope this is not a flash in the pan and they will stay strong. Looking up insulin and nails on google to see if there is any correlation. Maybe I was taking dolomite again 7 months ago. I cant remember that far back.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Still on the right track

Weight going more slowly now but it is still going. Hope to be in the 13.7 lbs by tomorrow.

Went out to a party yesterday. It was a lunch party so decided I could be a bit relaxed. The friend had done chicken drum sticks so I had 2 of those and then some crudites. Yellow pepper strips were yummy. So thought fine that is it. Took my own diet cokes so did not have to worry about drinks. Then she brought out lunch!! Lasange and greek salad and garlic bread! Thought I had already had lunch. Had one serving spoon of the lasange. OK be honest one and a half, and salad but no garlic bread. Then in the evening had one of my low cal soups. Tomato and roasted red pepper which is 30cals per mug. Thought weight would be the same today but yippy another quarter of a pound gone this morning.

Worked out I could be in the size 16 normal sizes by November instead of extra large size 24. At present am between an 18 and 20. Am finding more clothes in the wardrobe I can fit into.

This is not a cant wait till I have finished this diet and can eat 'normally' again. This is going to be my new normal. Friends yesterday commented that I looked slimmer they could see I am making an effort again!

Onwards and downwards.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Scale weighs lower

Bought my new scale yesterday. Managed to get one that weighs in 100gms and when I opened the box and turned if over it had a setting for stones and pounds and quarter pounds same as my old one.

On the new scale I am weighing 1 and a quarter pounds less than the old one so it is a good buy!

Had no trouble sticking to the eating plan yesterday. Took my cereal and skim milk and had breakfast half way there. Then curry and rice for lunch. Found some nice weigh less soups and bought some for emergencies and had tomato and roasted red pepper cup of soup when I got home. Regular cup of soup are 100cal a cup and weighless ones are 30cals. So big difference there.

Daughter in law commented that I looked slimmer so that was an encouragement.

Still not feeling hungry having given up bread. Found an apple in my bag yesterday so had that on the way back as an afternoon snack and had a yoghurt with sweetner after my soup. Am putting cinnamon in my yoghurt and read that helps the cells to react with the insulin that is being produced.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prawns and Calamari fried!

Is wonderful I did not get on the scale yesterday as decided too soon after the party. I stuffed myself with fried prawns and calamari.

Today I got on the scale and lost half a pound in 2 days. Brilliant. I have never had a diet like this work so well.

Clothes feeling looser. Getting into clothes I have not worn for a while.

Another couple of pounds off and I will be in the 180 range rather than the 190.

Last weeks weight loss was 1.75lbs compared to 4 lbs the week before. But as long as I weigh less each week I am not going to worry about the figures too much.

My appetite for carbs and sugary things has just vanished. My danger times in the afternoon dont worry me any more. I used to worry about being in the house on my own in the afternoon as I would just eat my way through the fridge/ pantry and just could not stop. Now it does not worry me. Bought my husband biscuits yesterday, ok plain ones but biscuits and have not been tempted to eat one.

Size 12 here I come.

Also nails are growning again. I have done nothing to them. They always used to break and flake. Maybe they dont like carbs either? Wonder if there is any link? Always wanted pretty nails. Perhaps I am going to get some?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Twenty Pounds and Counting

Scale seems to be working. Went to 13 9 3/4 this morning but then back to 13.10 so that is what I have put on the chart. Might be tricky today as my daughter is doing lunch for her birthday with prawns and rice and calamari. Most of it probably fried. will take some steamed veg along and try and just have tastes and not mountains!

That is a third of the excess weight gone and I am feeling much better and unlike other diets am not waiting for the diet to finish. I cannot believe how I am having cheese in the fridge and have not cut myself a slice. I have not cheated once in the last 7 weeks. That must be a record for me. The only thing different on this diet is the absence of bread. I am wondering now if I am every going to eat bread again and to be honest I would give up all bread for the rest of my life to stay slim.

Amazon said they have sent the books South Beach diet etc to my mothers address in UK and I will get those when I go over in December.

I dont know how this Dr developed this diet but it suits me perfectly.

I am making plans for husband and I to take a proper holiday next year. In a hotel. In 33 years I dont think we have ever had one. Always stayed with relatives. Thought we might go to Mauritius and maybe do a beginners scuba diving course. Would never have dreamed of that while 15 stone. They would not find a wet suit to fit me!

Depending on the weight tomorrow I will have lost either 2 lbs or 1 3/4 lbs this week. Am aiming at 10lbs a month to get me under the 12 stone by the beginning of December. Then under 11 in January and into the 10sts for my birthday in February.

Told husband today he will have to buy me some new clothes when I get down to a UK size 12. My wardrobe such as it is, is filled with such a vast range of sizes, most of it will have to go to charity. Then I can see what is left and build on that. If I am not teaching I can see myself living mainly in jeans and I do have 4 pairs nice small jeans from the last time I was slim for my daughters wedding last year. So will just need tops for those. Will be such fun to go into normal clothes shops and find clothes that fit.

Friday, September 12, 2008

In darkness

It was too dark to read the scale this morning. There was a load shed when I got up. So have written down what I hope I was and will check tomorrow morning to see if I was right.

Had 2 apples today. Normally I restrict myself to one but felt I needed to nibble on something and that was the safest option.

Still staying off the bread so that is positive. I suppose I should go back to exercising but I am not going to do exercises for the rest of my life so would be better if I could just do more on my daily activities like walking so I dont feel a failure on the days that I dont exercise. Will have to think more round that one.

Husband is also finding he feels better having a low fat main meal mid day. I sometimes do a couple of eggs for him in the evening as I know he needs more food than me.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I no longer trust my scale

I have had this digital scale for about 7 years now. It has had rather a rough life in the bathroom and has been lent to family when I have not been stepping carefully onto it each morning.

I have not been sure about it recently and turned it over this morning to find that of the 4 feet on the bottom 2 are supposed to have little springs. One of these has gone missing over the years. I thought ok lets level it off and I took off the other foot with the little spring but then it would not come on! It seems that the spring has a prong that switches the scale on when someone stands on it. Carefully put it back and it is now coming on again but as far as I am concerned a really bad design.

My scale keeps getting turned over the adjusted as my daughters all weigh themselves in Kg while I am on the old system of stones and pounds.

Will definitely buy a new scale in Lusaka next week. In the meantime will have to assume that if I stick to the no bread and controlled eating the weight will come off even if I cant see it. I did feel a bit of a nibble attack coming on yesterday so heated up a tin of ratatouille and had that. Did the trick and I did not start on the bread again.

So will continue to record the weight. Hope the new scale is not going to weigh pounds heavier as that will really depress me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Scale?

I may need to buy a new digital scale. Over the last few days I have been disappointed with my weight loss. I have been sticking to the low fat low carb eating and have not been munching my way through the fridge every afternoon but the weight has remained stubbornly the same.

Today I turned the scale over and found one of the feet has come off. It seems it had a small spring underneath the plastic foot cover. Bad design.

If I stand towards the front of the scale I am 13 11. If I put my weight at the back I am 13.11.75 which I have been for the last 4 days! So I am standing towards the front.

Will monitor it over the next few days and if I feel that the scale is not reliable enough will buy a new one in Lusaka next trip but it must have the ability to weigh in quarter pounds.

Still feeling well in control. Have not had a slice of bread for 5 weeks and now not missing it at all. Have ordered a new batch of books about the South Beach diet which I think is what this is. Very interested in this insulin problem which the SB diet is supposed to overcome. For the first time in my life I feel in control of what I put in my mouth and am eating only at meal times. I can resist anything in the pantry. No extra dishes of cereal, no dried fruit no cheese. It is wonderful. Hope the scale continues to show a good weight loss. Got into a pair of jeans I have not worn for over a year so that is also an incentive to keep going.

For the first time I feel this is my last diet and I have found a new way of eating that is sustainable.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

What the figures show

This is quite interesting. I have been keeping a check on the weight in an excel spreadsheet. For the first 3 weeks I did not bother as I was not sure if I was actually motivated to diet or if it was going to be another here today gone tomorrow type diets.

I have gone back and highlighted the Mondays which was the day I was told about the high blood pressure and then worked out the weight loss on a weekly basis.

For the first 2 weeks or so I was on my usual eat less, fighting my body type diet and I lost 6lbs. From then on I switched to the Low grain diet and if anything the weight loss has increased. Last week I lost 4lbs without feeling uncontrollable hunger or having any cheats.

I booked a ticket to UK for the beginning of December and will now sit and work out if I could be under the 11 st when I fly if I keep this eating program going which I intend to.

I wish I could do it without jumping ( or rather stepping carefully!) on the scales each morning but at present that is part of my routine and I dont think I can stop it.

I will admit to getting on the scale before I go to bed, working out what I think I will weigh by the morning, and also getting on the scale in the middle of the night at around 3. May be I am a teeny bit obsessive?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Scale is working

Another 3/4 lb gone. Was a pound but then I double checked by getting on the scale a second time so decided to call it 3/4. That gives me a bit in hand for tomorrow.

Had 2 nice dinners. Day before was smoked haddock in the steamer with steamed veg. I also did some onion in the steamer earlier and made a sauce with skim milk and cornflower to go with it. Plenty of potato and pumpkin left over so yesterday got out some chicken mince and made a shepherds pie for a change.

Tumble dryer that was fixed in Lusaka is not working. Goes round and round and blows air but there is no heating. I have had it heating once so it much be a loose connection inside.

Got the accounts up to date yesterday and finished the wages printing. Today I must do the marking.

Am also gradually sorting out cupboards and drawers that have not been opened for years. I am thinking now that the carbs not only made me overeat but also put me into a sort of mini depression. I could not summon the energy to do very much.

Next mini goal is to get under the 13 st mark and into the 12's. Should do that in about 6 weeks by half term.

Looking forward to a visit to UK in December would be wonderful to be in the 11 stones or even the 10's by then.

It is such a relief to think that if I stay off the carbs I will never get fat again. I feel confident I can eat like this for the rest of my life. Which should now be longer as I should not be getting diabetes. A loaf of bread is now lasting a week and the marmalade has hardly gone down at all.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I cannot Believe how this is working

In the last week I have worked out I have lost 6lbs. So a total of 16lbs so far in just over 5 weeks.
I have eaten well have had no cravings. Cheese is still untouched in the fridge, my husband ate the dried fruit without me having any. Knowing my history this would have been unthinkable 6 weeks ago.

All I have done is given up bread of any sort.

Yesterday I got onto Amazon and ordered some books. Going against the Grain, X syndrome and a couple more I cant remember the names of. Something like Do you diet and then put all the weight back on again. Will look forward to reading those.

At present I am worried that a) my digital scale is not working and it is just the battery going flat but I am feeling much less breathless and am more active and my clothes are looser. Or b) it is all going to go pear shaped soon and I will start having cravings again and will again be eating everything in the house and will put these 16 lbs back on again as I have so often before.

I have revised my target upwards to 10st 12lb. I was that weight in the profile photo last year at my daughters wedding and would love to get back into that suit. It was so pretty.

Onwards and downwards. This has to be the perfect diet for me.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have a normal appetite

For years I have never been able to understand why I have such a problem with will power. I could not relax until I had finished all the cheese in the fridge or the dried fruit in the pantry. I just craved sweet or fatty foods and would binge on them until I felt sick ( but never was).

Think now it was all linked to the insulin/glucose/bread problem. Now that I have given up bread I can get milk from the fridge without thinking I must have a piece of cheese or a bowl of sugary cereal. I used to dread the afternoons because I knew I would eat everything in the pantry.

Since giving up the bread I dont seem to have this problem any more. I have not 'cheated' since I gave up bread. I feel hungry but it is a stomach hunger which is controllable and not a brain hunger which is almost impossible to control. When I get the stomach hunger I know that there will be a meal fairly soon and have the control to wait for the meal rather than nibbling beforehand.

Its amazing to me that I am nearly under the 14 stone and could be in the 13 stones by next week. This is not a crash diet. I eat an enormous plateful for lunch. More than I used to but it is all nicely steamed veg including potato with chicken or fish. I make a sauce with the water from the steamer, cornflour skim milk and some herbs or spices. Supper is 2 platefulls of veg soup. I weigh 1 and a half pounds less than I did this time yesterday!

Why oh why did I never give up bread before. I read diet books and magazines constantly. Lots of them talk about low GI but to me the answer is low fat and No bread. I bought a new recipe book in Lusaka Low fat Low carb this weekend. I doubt if I will do many of the recipes as they use prawns and salmon and things we cant get here but nice to get ideas.

I am worried I will wake up and find this is not working for me! I wont need hoodia again will just keep on this until I become normal weight and then will stay there!

Monday, September 01, 2008

This is all good

Been away from my scale for 4 days.

Another family emergency. Stuck to the low carb and low fat and have come back having lost a pound. That is despite 3 meals in restaurants and a home cooked cream pasta chicken dish.

Feel I can keep this up without any difficulty. Not even craving my usual bread toast marmalade snacks. Have got cheese for my husband and will see if I can resist that as well.

Hope to be under 14 stone in next week.