Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nine pounds a month

Scale still going down. Have not had one gain but sometimes scale remains firmly stuck for a few days but not recently.

Worked out I am losing weight at the rate of 9lbs a month. That seems reasonable. I cant expect the big losses that I had at the beginning of the diet at this point. Am still enjoying the diet and not feeling deprived in any way. Have not touched husbands biscuits or cheese or unopened packet of museli in the cupboard, that is to be mixed with bran flakes when I finish the open packet.

So working it out roughly. One more week in Sept so should be 13.5. End of October 12.10. End of November 12. Had hoped to be in the 11's by then but will get into the 11's while in UK and then 11.5 end of December and at my first goal weight of 10.12 in January. Will then see if I can get under the 10st again. Have been there maybe 5 times in my life for less than a month each time and then start putting on again. This time will be different! Was reading the Easy Australian diet book again and she carried on losing at a good rate right to the end. Hope I can do the same.

Am really not missing the bread and that is the biggest difference to me on this diet. Other bonus is the nails. They are looking really pretty and growing over the ends of my fingers again. Hope this is not a flash in the pan and they will stay strong. Looking up insulin and nails on google to see if there is any correlation. Maybe I was taking dolomite again 7 months ago. I cant remember that far back.

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