Saturday, September 06, 2008

What the figures show

This is quite interesting. I have been keeping a check on the weight in an excel spreadsheet. For the first 3 weeks I did not bother as I was not sure if I was actually motivated to diet or if it was going to be another here today gone tomorrow type diets.

I have gone back and highlighted the Mondays which was the day I was told about the high blood pressure and then worked out the weight loss on a weekly basis.

For the first 2 weeks or so I was on my usual eat less, fighting my body type diet and I lost 6lbs. From then on I switched to the Low grain diet and if anything the weight loss has increased. Last week I lost 4lbs without feeling uncontrollable hunger or having any cheats.

I booked a ticket to UK for the beginning of December and will now sit and work out if I could be under the 11 st when I fly if I keep this eating program going which I intend to.

I wish I could do it without jumping ( or rather stepping carefully!) on the scales each morning but at present that is part of my routine and I dont think I can stop it.

I will admit to getting on the scale before I go to bed, working out what I think I will weigh by the morning, and also getting on the scale in the middle of the night at around 3. May be I am a teeny bit obsessive?

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