Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have a normal appetite

For years I have never been able to understand why I have such a problem with will power. I could not relax until I had finished all the cheese in the fridge or the dried fruit in the pantry. I just craved sweet or fatty foods and would binge on them until I felt sick ( but never was).

Think now it was all linked to the insulin/glucose/bread problem. Now that I have given up bread I can get milk from the fridge without thinking I must have a piece of cheese or a bowl of sugary cereal. I used to dread the afternoons because I knew I would eat everything in the pantry.

Since giving up the bread I dont seem to have this problem any more. I have not 'cheated' since I gave up bread. I feel hungry but it is a stomach hunger which is controllable and not a brain hunger which is almost impossible to control. When I get the stomach hunger I know that there will be a meal fairly soon and have the control to wait for the meal rather than nibbling beforehand.

Its amazing to me that I am nearly under the 14 stone and could be in the 13 stones by next week. This is not a crash diet. I eat an enormous plateful for lunch. More than I used to but it is all nicely steamed veg including potato with chicken or fish. I make a sauce with the water from the steamer, cornflour skim milk and some herbs or spices. Supper is 2 platefulls of veg soup. I weigh 1 and a half pounds less than I did this time yesterday!

Why oh why did I never give up bread before. I read diet books and magazines constantly. Lots of them talk about low GI but to me the answer is low fat and No bread. I bought a new recipe book in Lusaka Low fat Low carb this weekend. I doubt if I will do many of the recipes as they use prawns and salmon and things we cant get here but nice to get ideas.

I am worried I will wake up and find this is not working for me! I wont need hoodia again will just keep on this until I become normal weight and then will stay there!

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