Thursday, September 11, 2008

I no longer trust my scale

I have had this digital scale for about 7 years now. It has had rather a rough life in the bathroom and has been lent to family when I have not been stepping carefully onto it each morning.

I have not been sure about it recently and turned it over this morning to find that of the 4 feet on the bottom 2 are supposed to have little springs. One of these has gone missing over the years. I thought ok lets level it off and I took off the other foot with the little spring but then it would not come on! It seems that the spring has a prong that switches the scale on when someone stands on it. Carefully put it back and it is now coming on again but as far as I am concerned a really bad design.

My scale keeps getting turned over the adjusted as my daughters all weigh themselves in Kg while I am on the old system of stones and pounds.

Will definitely buy a new scale in Lusaka next week. In the meantime will have to assume that if I stick to the no bread and controlled eating the weight will come off even if I cant see it. I did feel a bit of a nibble attack coming on yesterday so heated up a tin of ratatouille and had that. Did the trick and I did not start on the bread again.

So will continue to record the weight. Hope the new scale is not going to weigh pounds heavier as that will really depress me!

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