Friday, September 12, 2008

In darkness

It was too dark to read the scale this morning. There was a load shed when I got up. So have written down what I hope I was and will check tomorrow morning to see if I was right.

Had 2 apples today. Normally I restrict myself to one but felt I needed to nibble on something and that was the safest option.

Still staying off the bread so that is positive. I suppose I should go back to exercising but I am not going to do exercises for the rest of my life so would be better if I could just do more on my daily activities like walking so I dont feel a failure on the days that I dont exercise. Will have to think more round that one.

Husband is also finding he feels better having a low fat main meal mid day. I sometimes do a couple of eggs for him in the evening as I know he needs more food than me.

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