Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I cannot Believe how this is working

In the last week I have worked out I have lost 6lbs. So a total of 16lbs so far in just over 5 weeks.
I have eaten well have had no cravings. Cheese is still untouched in the fridge, my husband ate the dried fruit without me having any. Knowing my history this would have been unthinkable 6 weeks ago.

All I have done is given up bread of any sort.

Yesterday I got onto Amazon and ordered some books. Going against the Grain, X syndrome and a couple more I cant remember the names of. Something like Do you diet and then put all the weight back on again. Will look forward to reading those.

At present I am worried that a) my digital scale is not working and it is just the battery going flat but I am feeling much less breathless and am more active and my clothes are looser. Or b) it is all going to go pear shaped soon and I will start having cravings again and will again be eating everything in the house and will put these 16 lbs back on again as I have so often before.

I have revised my target upwards to 10st 12lb. I was that weight in the profile photo last year at my daughters wedding and would love to get back into that suit. It was so pretty.

Onwards and downwards. This has to be the perfect diet for me.

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