Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cravings are Gone

Eating in the afternoons is something I just do not do any more.

Since I started taking 2 zinc at lunch time and a low carb diet I find I dont need will power, I dont need to actively resist food in the afternoons. I no longer need it and that is a big break through for me.

I have my lunch at 12.15, cup of tea at 15.15. Then a alcoholic drink at 5 with a no cal mixer. Then dinner about 6.15. Again no need to eat after dinner. I dont need to go to bed early as I have run out of calories!

I worked out the food intake at about 1400 cals and the carbs about 55 gms per day.

That is giving me a weight loss of about 1.2lbs per week. Not a vast amount but the first time I have been able to lose comfortably each week without a binge to set me back up the scale again.

Wonderful to finally figure what is going on. Wish I had discovered this 40 yrs ago. When I think of the years of misery, low fat low carb dieting only to binge it all back on again it almost makes me cry!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

My 'Special' Body

For about a week now the scale had been fixed at one weight. I found that disappointing but it did not lead me to giving up or eating more than is on my meal plan, or less.

I just kept on with the same meal format and supplements and still found that the awful hunger for sugar and starch in the afternoons was kept at bay. So I knew that eventually the scale would have to reflect what I knew was happening in my body.

Have finished my Zone books. Just read the Anti aging Zone but also ordered Age Zone and found they are the same book!

What I am rereading now is Protein Power Lifeplan.

I have a 'special' body. It is not like normal peoples and does not respond like a normal body. Maybe there are many of us like me now. Certainly more than there used to be when I was a child.

My body is intolerant to carbs. My insulin goes sky high when I eat them, All the energy from the carbs is locked into the cells by insulin. My body is then starving for energy as the fat cant escape the insulin trap. My hormones and eicosanoids are all influenced by the high insulin and my system is geared to making bad ones that inflame and cause fatigue. I didnt get enough good essential fatty acids to keep my body processes running smoothly.

Going on low fat, low calorie diets only made the whole sorry mess worse.

I tried the Atkins diet a few years back but I did not get the relief from the binging and un natural hunger that I should have done. I dont know if my carbs were too high or I am just a stubborn case.

Since starting on the 2 zinc a day I have found out what it is like to eat a normal lunch and then not feel any hunger till supper time. Those 5 to 6 hrs when I can concentrate on things other than food have shown me that I dont have to suffer like I have done in the past for the rest of my life. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

This time because I have got the fundamental body chemicals running smoothly there is no danger of putting the weight back on. It may be coming off a bit slower than I would hope but it is better to lose 1lb and keep it off rather than losing 2lbs and gaining back 4!

Normally diets make me feel tired. I watch the clock in the afternoons to see if it is snack time yet. This one the afternoon just drifts past and I can do productive things and suddenly it is time for dinner. 

I have not yet got to the point of missing a meal because I forgot to eat but food is not my top priority any more!

So happy to be in the 80kg range, now aiming for the 70's.

Plan to never in my life be in the 90kg again now I understand why my eating was so out of control.