Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fifty Pounds


Made it to the 50lb mark in December so that is fifty pounds in 5 months or ten lbs a month which is very respectable and something I never thought would happen. I am still finding it much more effortless than any other diet I had tried.

Yesterday I had steamed fish for lunch and did some oven chips with no fat. I did feel a bit peckish in the afternoon so made a low cal soup. For the first time I put a bit of cheese in the soup. These soups are high in carbs so I thought if I did what the books say and add some protein to the snack I would not get an insulin spike followed by cravings and I did not.

I have been getting a funny taste in my mouth in the night. Bit like when I have eaten garlic. I am wondering if that is the ketosis they mention in the books. It means my body is calling on its fat stores in the night which as far as I am concerned is a good thing. I still have plenty of fat stores. I will look at getting some test sticks to see if I have ketosis and will keep an eye on it.

In November I lost 9.25lbs and in December 5.5lbs ( lower due to UK holiday) so average that out at 7lbs a month which means I should loss the next 10lbs in 6 weeks and then will reset my goal to 138lbs and take another 2 months to get there. It is wonderful to be so confident that a diet is working.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Books on X Syndrome


That is another half a pound off since yesterday morning. That is nearly 5lbs off this month. Less than I usually lose a month, I have been losing 9lbs a month up to Dec, but because of the holiday to UK I am happy with my progress.

The rest of the books I got couriered from UK arrived yesterday. Mainly X syndrome books and diet advice. I skimmed through them in UK but am now rereading them properly. This is such a change to normal diet advice (low fat/low calorie/high complex carbs, that I have failed on so often) it takes a while to absorb it all but all I can say is that it works for me and I will never go back to low fat high carb dieting.

My sister in law got in touch over the weekend asking for advice on losing weight so told her about the south beach diet sites and also the Easy Australian Diet book in Lusaka and will see how she gets on.

I had friends yesterday commenting on my weight loss. I saw a video of myself taken in July this year when I was 15st and my stomach was enormous. I am so pleased I dont still look like that.

My birthday in Feb so would be good to get under the 11 stone 154lbs by then and will then drift down through the 10stones and hope to settle in the upper 9 stones. That should be about right for my height. I really dont know what my normal proper weight should be as I have always been over weight. When I have managed to lose weight it has just been temporary and within a few weeks the lbs have started piling on again. This time it will be different as I know why my weight always increased. It was my hormones! Insulin has been my problem all along ( for the past 40 years).

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bigs Clothes ready for throwing


I went through my wardrobe yesterday and pulled out all the big dresses and T shirts and trousers that I am never going to wear again and put them in black bin bags. Best place for them. Some of them look like black bin bags! I am never going to need clothes in that size ( 20-24) again now that I understand the secret of losing weight.

I also decided while I was at it to sort through my shoes and dispose of any that I will never wear again. When I was 15st (212lbs) I was very hard on shoes. They would wear at the heel so quickly as I was so heavy. I got the house servant to clean up the rest of the shoes that I am going to keep and will sort those out. I might get one of those nice shoe racks to put in my cupboard for my shoes. I bought some nice black ankle boots in UK with a square heel. I dont feel ready for stilettos yet but feel good wearing my jeans and boots.

We went down to my daughters for lunch yesterday. She did chicken in a mushroom sauce and also did veg and rice and sweetcorn. I just had the chicken and veg and left the grains. I dont know if sweetcorn counts as a grain but decided not to have it anyway. In the evening I boiled up some potato and butternut and a tin of macedonia veg and made a soup.

Another half a pound off since yesterday so am doing something right. I only have 1lb more to lose and I will be on the 50lb mark. The next few mini goals are to get below my husbands weight of 161lbs and then to the 4stone mark at 156.25lbs.

I tested husband for fasting glucose the other morning and the result was 6.6. Checking on the internet that is pre diabetes level so have put him on artifical sweetner instead of sugar in his tea and coffee and will check again in a week or so. Was surprised it was that high. Tested mine and it was 4.8, three weeks ago in UK it was 5.4 so that is the normal range. Wonder what it was while I was overeating on bread and sugar. I will never know as I am not going back there again.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Whoosh Fairy


I dont know if that really was a whoosh but yesterday morning I was 165.25lbs and this morning 2lbs have gone.

Some of the excess was due to eating a bit more than usual on Christmas day but I knew I had stuck to the low carb principles so I would not have gained weight but could be carrying extra fluid from 2 days ago.

My next lot of books are in Mkushi. I did skim through some of them before I posted them. They are mostly American. That seems to be where this low carb trend started. I dont feel Atkins is for me. Too much meat and saturated fat. But there is no doubt in my mind that the low fat high complex carbs that I have been trying to use to diet for the past 40 years is completely wrong for me and leads to failure every time. I would lose weight on it but because I never got my insulin/glucose balance right I would always find my weight increasing and it was never easy. I was fighting my craving for carbs the whole time. Afternoons were a nightmare.

Now that I have my main meal mid day with carbs from potatoes I am so unhungry it is not true. I can go comfortably till 6 without thinking about food or a snack. Then I have my bowl of soup and I eat and drink nothing after 6pm.

I am not trying to put myself into ketosis. As I have bran flakes for breakfast and potatoes with my meat for lunch I dont think my system needs to go into ketosis to lose the fat.

My middle is definately leaner. Waist is now 33 inches from a start of 39" in July. I hope it will go down to 28" after I have lost the next 20lbs.

Sorted out my wardrobe yesterday and put all my big clothes in black bin bags. I will give them away as I will never need them again.

Off to my daughter for lunch today. She knows what I eat so should not have any problems.

In the house at present we have: biscuits, allsorts, box of chocolates, cheese and ice cream. In the old days I could not have resisted any of that and would be sneaking some of it until it was all finished and I could relax. Now that food has no power over me!

Friday, December 26, 2008

One pound up

Not going to post that as a number today as I know that is a temporary blip as it was Christmas yesterday. Yes I did eat more than usual but I did keep to the low carb principles so I know that a) I will not have put any fat on and b) my system will adjust over the next few days and I will soon get back to my lower weight.

I had starters of peppered mackeral oysters and mussels. Main course was spit roast pork, turkey and roasted vegetables and I had a couple of spoons of ice cream and pudding out of my husbands dish as I know that does not count!

In the evening I had yoghurt and a cup of low calorie soup so really could not have done better. I enjoyed my food and did not feel deprived by not having the chocolates and potato bake. I took a litre bottle of diet pepsi and drank all of that. Not too good for me to have that much but better than the alternative.

I am going to start weeding out the big dresses and stuff in my wardrobe and giving it away. I am never going to need them again. How I wish that someone had told me about the carb/insulin problem 40 years ago. When I think of the number of low fat low calorie diets I have been on and what an effort it has been for no purpose as the metabolic syndrome always kicked in and I put all the weight back on with interest!

It is wonderful to lose weight and not feel hungry and for the cravings to have stopped. My husband is always given liquorish allsorts for presents and he has a packet now. In the past I would be picking at one or two or ten but now I can just leave the packet. The sugar has no power over me!

I am looking forward to getting my hips under 40". When I think that 5 months ago they were 47" it just shows how far I have come.

Todays meal will be left over turkey with some vegetables. May do a potato. The new diet books I am reading are still down on potatoes but my system does not react to the sugar in potatoes the same way it does to grains so I will continue to have my one potato a day as I feel it helps me feel fuller.

I am now reading about low carb maintenance dieting. Still have 28lbs to lose before I try maintenance but feel confident that I will get there over the next 4 months or so.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Books arrived


That is half a pound lost since yesterday and one and a half since I got back on Friday. It is good to get back into my routine again.

I bought a light weight 0.5kg digital scale in UK. I have lent it to my daughter but will borrow it back to put in my suitcase for when I go on holiday. With my history I do not trust myself to go on holiday with unlimited food without a scale. But having said that I felt very proud of myself to be in UK for 2 weeks and to have come back 1.75lbs lighter than when I left. Eating the no grain way I do not get cravings and am in control of what I am eating.

The seven books I sent on from UK were in Mkushi yesterday. I have read most of them but will read them again. One is the south beach super charged. I also received 2 new books. One is how I gave up my low fat diet and lost 40lbs. I am wondering if I am cutting my fat intake too low. They recommend 30% calories from good fat. Olive oil, veg oil butter etc. But I am not doing that. The only fat I am getting is a bit on the meat. I have also started eating eggs again. I had stopped those entirely but am now trying to have 4 a week. Maybe I should start having scrambled egg at the weekend with my husband. Thirty years ago I stopped him having eggs every day for breakfast and put him onto cereal. I was wrong. We could have stayed with eggs. In those days it was thought that eggs caused heart problems. All the books are saying now that it is insulin and grain carbs that can cause heart problems!

I dont want to tweak this eating plan too much as it is working so well. Only 2lbs more to go and I will have lost 50lbs since the end of July.

Have bought a netbook in UK am thinking of typing up my dieting story. Maybe I will also write a book.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another pound gone

11st 10 3/4lbs

Was pleased and surprised to find I weigh a pound less than yesterday. The weight has been stuck since I got back from UK on Friday. So had 3 days the same and then a drop. Finding it easy to get back into my routine again. Got into my new black jeans yesterday that I could not do up before I went to UK. I was only 2lbs lighter but the fat must have shifted somewhere as waist is definitely an inch smaller.

I bought some nice new tops and underthings in UK and also a black frock that I got from a second hand shop. Am going through my drawers and cupboards clearing out the big stretched stuff as I will never need it again.

I posted my new books back so will check if they have arrived today in Mkushi. I got a whole load of X syndrome, south beach, no grain books and read them all in UK. Decided not to weigh down my suitcase with them so posted them all.

Worked out I have two and a half pounds more to lose and I will have lost 50lbs. Should do that by New Year. I am going to do a no grain Christmas dinner. Will do a baked potato instead of roast. Have got some ice cream and so will have some of that for dessert for the Christmas meal only. Have got some chocolates in the fridge and will allow myself one ferrero rocher if I really want one. Then will give all the rest away and get back to my eating plan the next meal. Not having the meal in my house so should not be lots of left overs to tempt me. Funny thing is that I no longer have the cravings and desire for any food in the fridge or pantry now. I have a normal appetite at long last. I can have chocolate or biscuits in the house and not finish off the packets and throw away the wrappers to hide the evidence! Now my insulin/glucose levels are stable my eating is under control for the first time in my life.

I bought a glucose monitor in UK and now have to see if I can order the test strips for it as it only came with 10 test strips and I have used 3 already. My early morning glucose was 5.4 which I think is normal. Will look that up.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home again

11st 11 3/4lbs

Did not manage to do any new posts while on holiday but I did manage to keep my weight under control.

I lost 2lbs over the 2 weeks. When I think how many hotel and restaurant meals I ate and also how many times I ate meals that I did not prepare myself I am amazed that I did not put weight on.

My south beach diet books were waiting for me in UK and I made sure I read them all so I knew exactly what my problem was and how I could keep the insulin resistance under control.

The only time I lost control was one lunch time when I just had a low cal soup for lunch, I then bought a box of grapes which I ate. Too much sugar? and I then followed up with cereal and yoghurt and apples and ate most of the afternoon. After that episode I made sure I ate more for lunch. Eggs or baked potato.

Next mini goal is to get to 11 8 1/4 lbs which will mean that I have lost 50lbs. Then hope to get under the 11st.

I bought loads of new tops and it was so nice to go to the regular racks of clothes rather than the outsize section.

Will start posting regularly again this week. Sure I can do a no grain Christmas. Have got a few choccies in for the kids but will have lots of fruit and veg and turkey.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quietly confident

Not putting the weight up today as I did have some of the leaving supper last night so that has affected the weight.

But for the first time in my life I am confident that I will lose the remaining 30lbs and that any little rise on the scale is caused by salt/water retension and will disappear if I keep to the low fat and no grain eating plan.

For the first time I can get through the day without having to fight cravings all afternoon and evening.

I tried some of my smaller jeans on this morning and am looking forward to getting back in 2 weeks and finding some of them will do up! At present they are still a smaller size than I am.

I am packing the suitcase and will be leaving tomorrow morning early. Fly on Tuesday and arrive in Cornwall on Tuesday late evening. I will probably check my weight before I leave here tomorrow but am basing my present weight on yesterdays figure 11st 13.75lbs and will see what the new weight will be when I get back in 2 and a half weeks. Hopefully somewhere near the 11st 9lb mark.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Made It

167.75lbs 11st 13 3/4lbs

I got under the 12 stone at 2.45am this morning. Had hoped for months that I would be able to achieve that. Now that I know how my body works I am absolutely certain I will never go over the 12stone again. I will continue to lose weight and by the middle of January should be under the 11 stone or 154lbs. Then another 6 or 7 weeks will see me under the 140lbs. For the first time in my life I am confident that an eating plan will work and that I can stick to it without putting on any weight.

I had my last day in school yesterday and handed over my keys. I am so happy to be finishing but other staff are continuing so I dont want to make a big thing about me leaving!

I was pleasantly surprised to get a gratuity cheque yesterday. As I am not completing my full contract I was not expecting to be paid the gratuity. It is is sterling so as a reward for getting under the 12stone I have just ordered an EEpc to be delivered to my mothers address so it should be there waiting for me when I get over. I also ordered a bag for it and a dvd/cd external drive. I have been wanting one and now I can afford to get one. I have ordered a white one with WinXP on it. I would have liked a linux and it would have been cheaper but if I want to get it on the internet from home it needs to load the huwai drivers and I only have those for XP.

I will take a copy of open office for windows and my flash drive with my weight loss spreadsheet so I can keep it up to date in UK.

I wore my black and white suit yesterday as it was the last day. I will wear it again today as it is prize giving. I had to take 4" off the waist as it was too big. Looking forward to getting a waist under 30". At present am still over 34".

Watched a 10 years younger program the other day. Was a woman who had gone for an op for a gastric band and had gone from 20 stone to under 10stone in 12 month. She had terrible loose skin. Stomach, thighs, under arms. I hope that is not going to happen to me. I did do an exercise DVD the other day. Should really plan to do it more regularly. I ordered a toning band to be sent here. But its no good ordering it if I dont use it. Hope it will help my saggy underarms. The woman on the TV program went and had major surgery to remove all the loose skin. I cant afford that so will have to live with whatever I am left with. Still using the bike everyday so legs should be fine. Maybe I will budget to get a cross trainer to move the arms and legs together. Could set up my own mini gym!

Packing tomorrow and I leave on Monday morning for the airport. Fly Tuesday and my sister is collecting me and we drive straight down to Cornwall. Mum says she will get the electric blanket on for me.

Hope I can cope with the diet while in UK and not find I am just eating anything because I dont get my meals on time! I feel I have come so far now I will not back track.

I can use my mothers scale in UK but I remember it does not weigh the same as the one I used to have here. Cant remember if it weighs heavier or lighter. will weigh myself on Wed am to get a base line and then take it from there. At least it is a digital scale. Might look at getting a new digital scale for traveling if I can find one. Must be very light and weigh in quarter pounds. Will post tomorrow and probably not on Monday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Achieved Pamela Clark's loss

168.25 Loss 44lbs in 17.5 weeks

Just worked that out at an average of 2.5lbs per week. Over the last month or so the loss has been more in the 2 to 2.25lbs a week. But that is still very respectable and I am not complaining at all.

To find a diet/eating plan where I can have a good size main meal, small breakfast and supper, not feel hungry and have no cravings and lose weight like this is the answer to my prayers. I did not think it was possible. The added bonus is my beautiful nails and that I have so much more get up and go.

Tomorrow is my last day teaching for the rest of my life. I never have to sit with form threes again! Am still in the process of sorting stuff out and taking things back to school. Will have another clear out of papers and CD's today. Maybe I will be able to get my TV lounge up and running when I get back.

I am thinking of ordering some more Rosemary Conley stuff. I have been wondering about her facial flex exerciser. It is quite pricey at 40 pounds sterling but if it works is worth it. My mouth tends to turn down at the ends and it would be nice to see a more cheerful face. Since a lot of the fat has gone my face is looking better but I certainly cant afford a face lift so maybe this is the next best thing. They also have a toning band to assist with exercise. I have got bingo wings under my arms I would like to see go. Last thing was a gravy strainer to get rid of the fat in stock. I had one years ago but it got broken. If I order those I will give them the mercury address and get the stuff sent out to Mkushi. Am going to try and not overload my suitcase this trip.

Having lost three quarters of a pound yesterday I dont know if I will get to the 12st or even 11.13.75 by tomorrow but should make it by Monday. Wonder what I will weigh in three weeks time when I get back. Would be nice to be 6lbs less but I will be happy for any loss at all. Will do Christmas low fat and no grain and get in plenty of fruit and vegetables to fill me up.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beginning to feel like a slim person


I knew if I just hung in there I would eventually see a weight loss. Scale is now showing half a pound less than Monday. I still have got another 4 days to get below 168lbs so that is still possible.

Now that the bread is no longer in my diet the weight loss is much more predictable. I thought that bread was one of the staple foods and was essential but I have now realized that is not true. My system functions much better without the grain and yeast.

I have noticed for the first time on a diet that my wrists and fingers are so much thinner. My face has also slimmed down and is no longer round and chubby. I can even see some cheek bones appearing.

I have decided to take my bigger trousers to UK next week and then I can throw them in the bin before I come back and so have space for some new stuff. I need to buy some new under things. I dont want to spend a lot of money as what I buy now will be a size 16 and I am confident that by March I will be into size 12 so will need to buy new stuff again. Will buy some cheap and cheerful stuff from Tesco in UK.

I must try getting to bed later. I did not get much of a siesta yesterday afternoon and so went to bed at 8.30. This morning I am wide awake at 3.30. I seem to only need about 7 hours sleep now instead of 9 or 9 and a half. So really need to be going to bed around 10 to wake at 5.30 the same time as my husband. Will try and establish a better sleeping pattern in UK.

My first copy of the new subscription to Rosemary Conley diet and fitness was waiting for me at the courier when I went in on Monday. They also have an article on insulin resistance, think this is much more prevalent than is generally known. I must have had it for over 40 years.

Wont be posting so much when in UK. Mother is on a dial up connection so dont want to waste the batteries! May be able to post from my sister who has broadband.

I cant see myself failing on this eating regime. Now that I have given up bread I dont have the cravings and uncontrollable eating. My main problem is if I have to wait for my main meal in the evening. I could be peckish mid afternoon. Hope to get in some nice nibbles to fill the gap without adding the calories. Grapes, apples gerkins. Will get some tins of macedonia veg preferably without brine and low cal salad dressing. If most days we can have our main meal at lunch time then the problem will be solved. I will take some rooibos tea bags with me just in case I cant get in UK. After my 2 cups of coffee in the morning I am sticking to black rooibos and am now enjoying it.

Last day teaching on Friday. Have been asked to come to assembly for a farewell but about 12 other staff also leaving this term so will not be singled out!

Will now switch on other computer to do the accounts.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Salt was the problem


I racked my brains yesterday trying to think what could have caused my weight to rise. Then I went and took a close look at the tin of macedonia veg and it is in brine. Also I bought some Mediterranean roasted veg seasoning and have been putting that in chicken etc and when I read the small print the main ingredient is salt.

So that is that mystery solved. I cut right back on the seasoning yesterday and did not open a tin of veg and am now quarter of a pound less than Friday. That means I have lost 2 1/4lbs this week and if I do the same this week should be one pound under the 12 stone mark by next Monday when I leave for UK.

I wore a new fitted cross over top in an orangy coral colour and was complimented on it yesterday. Nice to be able to fit in to new things from the shops without just getting big black shapeless tops and trousers.

Raining again this morning. Forcast is for rain most of the day so I dont think they will get the tractors in today. The soya planted last week is coming up nicely. Husband now concentrating on the seed maize.

Am taking the children into school this morning. Had a problem in that the tumble dryer has packed in again. Is not heating. I needed it yesterday to dry the school uniforms. Luckily there was a dry spell in the morning and we rushed out to get the washing in when it started to drizzle at lunch time. I will not be washing uniforms again till January so will have to get it fixed by then. Is probably that fuse again.

Looking forward to getting into the 11 stones. That is the aim for this week.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not sure what is happening

I did go to the 6th form dinner on Friday and tried to be good. I took my own diet cokes and only helped myself to the vegetables and did not have any pudding. But even so I have found that my weight is 1 and a quarter lbs more than it was on Friday morning. All I can do is hang in there and keep telling myself there is no way I could have put this much weight on with what I ate and so I am sure that I will stabilize soon and should get down under the 12st 2 within the next few days.

I ordered some more books from Amazon. How I gave up my Low-fat diet and lost 40lbs and one called the Diet Delusion. I am getting those shipped straight out here.

There is no doubt in my mind that the way I always used to diet with cutting back on fat but continuing to eat grains was totally incorrect and made any diet so much more difficult. Toast for breakfast and sandwich for lunch is the path to cravings and binges for the rest of the afternoon and evening. This low fat no grains is so much easier to cope with on a day to day basis. I have not cheated once since the end of July, I have no desire to munch on my husbands biscuits or chocolate. I have one bowl of cereal at day in the morning instead of 2 or 3 in the afternoons. My blood sugar control is 100%, and my nails are still looking very nice and have not broken.

Next post will hopefully be at 169.5lbs.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thats 2 milestones ticked off


Decided to just put the lbs up on the top of the posting rather than stones and pounds. Thought I would see a small gain this morning but instead have lost another 3/4lb. So that means I have now lost 3 stone, 42lbs and am under the 170lb mark.

Another 2lbs and I will be officially into the overweight category rather than obese. Got into a pair of my smaller jeans yesterday that I have not worn for over a year so that was a plus. Went with my daughter for beauty treatments at the other end of the farm block. Left here at 8 and only got home at 5. I took some cold chicken and a drained tin of veg with salad dressing and cheese for my daughter and her maid and then some diet cokes.

I had a facial, a manicure on these nice nails of mine, a pedicure and also had my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted. My lower eyelashes have gone grey and it is very hard to see them so with the tinting they are visible.

Today is going to be my last day teaching. I finish next week but will be giving them free time in the lesson. This evening am going out to the 6th form dinner. I have decided I will have my soup beforehand and take my own diet cokes with me and not eat any of the meal. I suppose it is a bit rude to go and not to eat but really I dont need the food and it will be late so really I am just showing my face. Plan to leave early as it is a long way back.

Heard two days ago that my colleagues work permit has been approved and found so at least I know she will be there next term to continue the department while I have left and will be doing all sorts of fun things.

I was thinking maybe I could do a beauticians course to do facials and manicure and then set up as a diet and beauty adviser and go around to peoples houses to help them with diet advice and do treatments. Could be quite fun and would fit in with still getting away when we need to.

My mother is talking about coming for two week at the end of March and staying for Easter so will organise for as many of the family as I can to be here for Easter.

Yesterdays news was that the bank have verbally agreed to open the facility for this season. Would have really messed us up if they had said no. We have already planted over 50% of the new crop. Hopefully husband will get his new tractor before all the hard work is done.

Could be 169lbs by Monday and then got next week to get under the 168lb before I fly.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brilliant Diet

12st 2 1/2lbs

I wondered about putting that up this morning as Lusaka always messes my system about and I could find a small weight gain tomorrow. I got on the scale yesterday at 4am before I left for Lusaka and was 12st 3lbs so if it does go up will only be by quarter of a pound or so.

I had my cereal and cinnamon before I left yesterday morning and that kept me going till lunch at 1. I was not really hungry but my hands were shaking slightly I think from low blood sugar and too much caffine. Had coffee and diet coke on the way. It was very wet on the road. We had over 2" rain in 24 hours so kept the speed down. I had told the committee I might be a bit late and got in for 10. Meeting had started at 9.30 but they were still on previous minutes. Feel this is a good time to leave as we have done what we set out to do which is put a computer lab in every secondary school in Zambia. I will keep in touch with the people running it but will not be on the committee any more.

Had the weight watchers lunch but this time finished the baked potato as it was smaller than last time and I was hungry. Bought husband some chocolate and dried fruit which he always enjoys. Left at 3 as planned did not have much time for shopping but got the basics and paid for the TV subscription. I also got a bigger non stick frying pan with a glass lid. I thought it was the same as the smaller one I got but now find the handle is lighter but pattern on the non stick is the same. Will see how it works for stir fries.

Two trucks stuck on daughters road but put the landcruiser in 4 wheel drive and managed to get around them. Got my shopping out to put in husbands vehicle and we got home about 8. Too tired to watch TV so had soup and yoghurt and apple and went to bed at 9.

Today we are off for beauty treatments. My nails are still growing and I have not broken one. Think I will get her to file them a bit shorter. Also having pedicure and facial. Should be back for a late lunch around 1.30. Will take an apple in case I get hungry.

Got out my progress sheets of the diet I did in 1988. That was 20 years ago. I got down to 8st 12lbs! Cant even remember that. I was 35 26 35 at that weight. Think I will aim a bit higher this time. Maybe 9 and a half stone. This diet really is effortless now. I could not resist cheese or chocolate before but now I can have them in the house and they dont bother me at all. To me it is a miracle.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Loss Today

Yesterday I did chicken mince burgers for lunch. I did notice that they tasted very salty. I dont add any salt to my cooking or food so I think the excess salt has affected my weight this morning. Things should be back to normal by tomorrow.

Just had my vitamins with a glass of lukewarm water. I have 3 calcim, 4 vit C, 1 multivitamin, one oil evening primrose and one omega 3 and 6. Then I have my bowl of bran and museli cereal with 1/4 tspn cinnamon. I measure out 5 dessert spoons now in the same bowl each morning to stop myself having double portions. I have that with skim milk and 2 mugs of instant coffee.

The rest of the day I drink water, rooibos tea and one diet coke. Lunch today will be fish which will help the scale go down tomorrow morning. Evening my one bowl of veggy soup.

It is amazing how the cravings and mad overeating binges have just stopped since I gave up grains. Yesterday I could feel my stomach wanting food just before lunch. I had a yoghurt and cinnamon while I was preparing lunch.

In the afternoon I offered to drive in to Mkushi to collect chemicals for the spraying and also filled up the ford. I have got some extra music on the flash drive now as I found the new Media player will rip CD's straight to mp3 file. Took a while to find the tool settings to change the file type. But it is very fast to do once it is set up. Bonus is that all the track names are saved as well. Must get an FM radio for my car so I can have the same system in there.

Rain is still around. We had a shower yesterday afternoon which will help the soya germinate.

Was looking at diets for insulin resistance on the internet yesterday. Where do these ideas come from. One menu was 6 oz smoked salmon for breakfast!

Am looking forward to getting my measurements back into average size range. 38 bust and 39 hips rather than the over 40's they have been for years.

Still using the bike. I did 4kms yesterday evening without any difficulty. Had to go and and down to the guesthouse yesterday afternoon as daughter was doing a dog blood transfusion. I walked up and down about three times and it was effortless. I used to puff and strain to get up the hill. So making good progress.

Weight must go down tomorrow.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Downhill from here

12 3 3/4

I am finding this so much easier. Really can taste success on this diet and know that now I understand my system I can keep the weight off.

Only 4 more lbs to go and I will be in the 11 stones and that is just mildly overweight and not obese.

Have got my new jeans with the silver embroidery hanging on the outside of my wardrobe. Think I should be able to get into them around the 11st 7lb weight.

About to start my second to last week of school. I would have been worried about being in the house full time before this diet as I would not have been able to trust myself to stop snacking. But now I have given up the grains I dont snack at all.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Forty Pounds

12st 4lb

That is a big mile stone. Forty pounds lost since July. I was not sure if I would do it this morning but have actually lost 40 and a quarter pounds. Got on the scale a couple of time to double check the figure.

Yesterday was the fete. I only bought diet cokes and did not have any food. It was very bread based. Boersworst in bread rolls, bacon and blue cheese ditto and salmon in croissants and nice gooey cakes.

I spent my money on the grandchildren and bought some night cream and lip ice. Also found some ear rings that I can take over to UK to give as presents to my sisters and mother.

Because I did not eat anything I was starving by the time I got home at 3. Husband had left me some of the chicken and I opened a tin of macedone veg and drained it and mixed with diet salad dressing and a bit of chilli sauce. Made a really nice quick lunch. Had my cinnamon and yoghurt as soon as I got in.

Had my vegetable soup for supper and watched some late TV so was not awake so early this morning. Was Steps to a new you last night and 10 year younger.

Next goal is only 1 3/4 lbs away and that is to get 3 stone lost 42lbs. Should do that this week. Then under the 12 stone on 1st Dec.

I worked out my BMI just out of interest yesterday. My starting BMI was 34. I am now down to 27. To get to 25 I need to weigh 11st 1 lb and my ultimate goal weight of under 10st will give me a BMI of 23. That all looks within reach now. I have just put my final finish date back to Mid March as I am not losing weight quite as fast as I was but am still happy with my progress.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quarter of a pound to the 40lb loss

12st 4 1/2lbs

Did not have a loss yesterday and now half a pound down from two days ago. Only 1/4lb more and I can say I have lost 40lbs.

Had another look at that frock the other day with my glasses on and it is not a size 18 as I though but a size 16. I even wore it the other day with a belt!

It is going to be a close run thing to get under the 12 stone by 1st December. I will have to weigh on the first of December as that is when we leave here. I wonder if it is possible to get a light weight traveling scale that I could fit in my suitcase. Would be worth it to keep a check on my weight on holidays. Will have a look in UK and see what I can find.

I did not go out yesterday afternoon and did find the afternoon a bit long. Luckily I was not tempted to raid the cupboards for little snacks to keep me going but did have my soup 1 hour earlier. Then the power went off and so I went to bed at 8 which is why I am up at 4.30 this morning. I just seem to need less sleep since I started eating less grains. I used to be able to sleep for 10 hours but now anything over 7 and a half to 8 hours and I have to get up.

Going to a local fete today. Will take some diet coke and try and stick to black rooibos tea with no milk. Not tempted by cakes and biscuits now. I never expected that.

Next post will be after I have lost 40lbs.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Long Nails and Glucose

My nails are still growing better than they ever have in my life before. They are long, strong are well beyond the length of my fingers.

Before this diet my nails have always torn flaked and been soft. It did not matter what I rubbed into them or how well I treated them they were always short and miserable.

I looked up on the internet and there was another girl who gave up sugar and found her nails growing properly for the first time. She was also taking gelatine and put it down to the gelatine but I am not taking any gelatine and am also seeing the same results.

What I am putting it down to is far less carbohydrate in my diet and much better sugar insulin control. It will be interesting to see that if I remain off the bread whether my nails will continue to look this way. It would be worth it just for that never mind the 40lb weight loss!

No weight loss today but have been good for the last 24 hours so expect to see the scale show a loss tomorrow.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Easier

12 st 5lbs

I only have 3/4lb to lose and I will then have lots 40lbs. Without really any major difficulties and without wanting to cheat at any point.

Two pounds more and I will have lost 3 stone since July.

I bought some fancy black denims in our local SA shop yesterday. They are too tight at present but once I have lost another 7 to 10lbs I should be able to do them up without a muffin top. One pair I really like as they have silvery embroidery on the back pockets.

Only two more weeks and I will be about to go to my last day of teaching. Then off to UK for 2 weeks and back in time for Christmas.

Very pleased with the laser treatment I had done on a pigmentation mark on my cheek. It was dark brown but is now pink after a week and almost fades in with the surrounding skin.

Hope to be in the 12 4's tomorrow. Had chicken breast without skin cooked in the non stick frying pan, steamed potatoes, butternut, cabbage and spinach for lunch with a bit of sweet chilli sauce.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Starting to forget about food

12st 5 1/2lbs

Yesterday was a busy day. I spent all morning at school and then when I got home my husband said we had to go to the bank to sort out queries on our loan application to continue farming next year. We were with the manager for over 2 hours and I did not once think about food or whether or not I was hungry.

When we got out I shared a diet coke with my husband and come home and had a bowl of soup. Another quarter of a pound gone today.

Today I am trying something different, we had some left over chicken from lunch so last night I cooked up some brown rice. Will steam some onions this morning and then will mix those up in the non stick frying pan for lunch. Brown rice is better for you than white rice.

I wore my black trousers with the black sequined top and my white blazer yesterday at school and some people did not recognize me!

I am going to get under the 168lbs or 12 stone by the beginning of December.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Loss more than I had expected

12st 5 3/4lbs

I lost 1lb between yesterday morning and this morning. So total loss for this week is 2 1/4lbs. So very happy with that.

Feel I should write to Pamela Clark in OZ to say thank you for publishing the book. This is going to be my new normal eating once I have got down to a size 12.

Watching these ladies on Cook yourself slim and they lose 14lbs and 2 dress sizes! If I am lucky I lose 14 lbs and lose one dress size but it is still progress.

I am thinking that I could make the 11 stones by the beginning of December. 11st 13lbs will do nicely and then I can keep going with the no grain low fat while in UK. Even if I maintain my weight then I will not worry. As long as I dont put weight on!

Then got Jan Feb and March to get down to a size 12 before our holiday in Mauritius.

Even husband commenting on how much better I look and how much more energy I have these days!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Why I was Fat

12st 6 3/4lbs

I could never understand why I was so big. Why did I have this craving for sweet and usually fatty food. If there was something tasty in the fridge I could only relax once I had finished it. I would never have 1 or 2 biscuits but maybe half the packet. I would often have a bowl of cereal after my dinner in the evening.

It was a mind hunger rather than a stomach hunger. Now I do sometimes feel hungry, late morning just before my main meal or late afternoon before my soup supper.

I read an interesting article about the difference between a craving and hunger. It compared the two. The main difference was if you ignored the craving and got busy with somethingelse it would go away. Hunger would not but would get stronger.

For nearly 4 months now I have had no bread at all. I have not eaten a biscuit and I have only had one bowl of cereal a day. I have eaten well. Probably around 1100 cals per day but I am not calorie counting or weighing anything. Every couple of days I have seen a weight loss on the scales. This morning I weigh half a pound less than yesterday and am now below the 12 and a half stone mark.

I am starting to believe I can do this and once I get under my 140lb mark I have now learned how to stay there.

I like bread, in fact I love it, but if this is the sacrifice I have to make to stay a size 12 then I will happily make it. I have been fat and obese for so long it is going to be a big adjustment to be the person I have always wanted to be. Slim, fit, fashionable and with nice nails!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Survived Lusaka


I ended up going to Lusaka on my own on Wednesday. Husband decided not to come and it was a good thing that he did as we had a big storm wednesday night and all the covers blew off the wheat stacks and we lost 3 of the roofs in the workers compound.

I was able to spend time on doing the things I enjoy. I did go to see if the new Hugh Jackman movie Australia was on but it is still in the coming soon section. I had my skin treatment and also had a pigmentation mark treated. Then went to have my streaks put in. She said she would put in red and I thought yes auburn or copper but no she did mean red. Anyway had lots of positive comments and it is less 'hard' then when I did my own colour so will keep up with it and have it re done every 2 months.

I treated myself to a new swimming costume. Have not bought one for 20 years and also a new cherry red nail varnish in Woolworths. Was expensive but worth it if it does not chip. My nails are the prettiest they have ever been. It is only the thumb nails that are short. I still dont know if my nails are growing nicely because I have got my blood sugar under control or if it is the calcium I am taking.

I had my weight watchers lunch again both days and had soup and yoghurt in the evening. The desire to eat all day has just gone. I never thought it would happen and that I would be always wanting more food and would spend my life denying myself if I wanted to keep my weigh under control. But the low grain diet is the answer. It was the bread that was causing me to overeat and put on weight. I bought some brown rice and may have that once a week instead of the potatoes.

Picked up daughter son in law and nephew off plane on Wednesday night. So they are safely back.

Went to the Primary school play yesterday. I had 4 grandchildren appearing in it. They did the Lion King and it was excellent.

Unless I lose about a pound over the next 48 hours this is not going to be a brilliant weight loss this week but doing Lusaka always messes up my dieting system. If I lose a pound I will be happy. Is 3/4 now so should get down to 12 7 by Monday morning or maybe below if I am lucky.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Under 80 kg

12 7 3/4

Wore one of my size 18 frocks I have not worn for years yesterday. Most of my frocks are navy or black. Especially the size 22 24 ones. So quite a change to wear a white one with red roses on it. The heat is building up now so nice to feel cooler and wear paler colours. Hope to be a size 16 next month.

I still feel worried that this diet is going to stop working at some point. It is still a pleasant surprise to see the scale dropping by quarter to half a pound every 2 days or so. Now I am under the 80 kg mark the next aim is to get under the 170lbs. Have six pounds to lose to do that so should do that in next 3 weeks, then under the 12 stone, 8 lbs to do that.

I am trying to increase my cycling rate to give myself a better workout so for the last 100m in each 1km I increase my pedaling speed from 11 kph to 18 kph.

Found my little music player the other day. Must find a new battery for it and put on some nice music and then I can listen to it on the journey to UK. I already have some stuff in MP3 format on the flash drive we play in the car so will just copy that across.

In Lusaka for next 2 days. Will take my cereal and some tins of veg so I can do my own lunch at the curry place and just put some of the sauce on top. That was tasty last time and I enjoyed it.

Will post again Friday or Saturday

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dieting going smoothly

12st 8lbs

I expected to be around the 12.8 1/2lbs this morning so to lose 3/4lb yesterday is a bonus.

I did do a bit of extra exercise. My neighbour asked if I would come and fix her computer speakers. She has a pool so I took my costume and had a swim after I have sorted the problem out.

When I am on my exercise bike I am trying to do the last 100m of each km at a higher speed. I usually do around 10 or 11 kph but am now going up 18 kph twice in each session. Yesterday I did 4 sessions instead of the 3.

At 6pm I have my diet coke and my soup and then I do not eat or drink anything else until the following morning. I have a few hunger pangs in the night but I have never been a night nibbler. I am not the sort of person to get out of bed to go and make myself a sandwich or fryup!

I looked up and am now only in the overweight category rather than obese. Have already lost 2 1/2lbs in the last week. Hope I can continue losing weight this fast.

My friends husband is pre diabetic so I told her about the cinnamon helping the insulin to work better so she is going to see if it makes any difference to her husbands blood sugar results. He has a tester.

Reports to finish today and also wages to work out.

I am starting to imagine myself under 11 stone and slim and able to maintain that slimness which I have never been able to do before. Its all good.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

This is the best diet

12.8 3/4 lbs

I dont think I have ever been on such an effortless diet and one that works so well.

worked out I lost 11lbs last month. That was October.

If I can do the same again this month will be well under the 12stone by the end of the month.

Have lost an inch off bust and hips this month and 2" off my waist. I feel I can continue with this almost indefinitely which I will have to if I am not going to go back to my 'normal' eating which always makes me fat again.

I can see myself getting to 10 stone 140lbs with this diet. Usually on diets I am just waiting for them to be over so I can start eating again but on this one I am eating and very rarely feeling hungry. I have no cravings and no desire to eat my way through the pantry.

I could be under the 12 7 by the end of next week.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hope I am not overdoing this

12st 9lbs

Decided yesterday to go and play some golf so husband could try out his new golf set. I had forgotten that this is the hottest time of the year. we started off round the golf course at about 10. No one else was there. I borrowed some of the new woods which dont seem to be made of wood any more and had some good hits with them but at the end of hole 2 I just came all over faint and had to lie down under a tree! I was wearing a hat and had taken water and diet coke. Think maybe my blood sugar just got too low.
I managed to stagger back to the car and once the aircon was on I was fine. Next time we go will make sure it is cooler and we go earlier in the morning.

Having no problem doing my 6km on the exercise bike each day. So much easier doing it while watching TV. Does not feel like exercise!

Have lost 10 3/4lbs this month so far. Could be 11lbs after the weighin tomorrow. That is not bad for the middle section of the diet.

I could still be under the 12st when I go to UK at the beginning of December. Still have not found the chart with the obese/overweight line on it. Think I am still on the upper side of that.

Ordered the slim to win book from Rosemary Conley from Amazon yesterday. I am going to try and set up a subscription to diet and fitness magazine so I get it sent out every month for the next year.
Nails still looking nice. Have got a hair do and laser hair treatment on Wed this week.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exercise must be working

12st 9 1/4 lbs

Have lost a pound since yesterday. At this rate I could be under the 12stone by the beginning of December.

I am having no problem fitting in my 3 10min sessions on the bike while watching TV. I up the distance abit as I get used to it. My muscles have not been exercised for so long I dont want to ask them to do too much too soon. I can feel a bit of an ache in my calves but nothing too serious.

I have to get started on my reports today. They have to be finished by 5th November. This is the last time I will ever have to do reports! It is a job I have always hated. Will get the pupils work marked before I do the reports. Marking today and maybe get the names on the reports with grades and then can do comments over the weekend. Print off on Monday and sign them ready to hand to the tutor.

It is a public holiday today for voting and I have suggested to my husband that we take the 2 sets of golf clubs and go to the club and maybe do 5 or 6 holes while no body much is around so he can get a feel for his new set. He did not say yes or no yesterday so will wait till breakfast and see if there are any plans for the day.

Still reading my slimming magazines. When you read the small print it seems that other dieters have also had success by giving up grains and cutting back on bread. I have gone one step further and cut bread out all together and now dont miss it at all and am sticking to diet and feeling satisfied with the amount I am eating and still losing weight. The Ideal diet.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Easier at Home

12 10 1/4 lbs

Yesterday I had steamed haddock with my veg for lunch and today we are having a roast chicken. I am trying to use the exercise bike 3 times a day and do 2kms each time. According to the digital read out that only uses up 90 cals but I am sure there is an increase in the cals used over the next hour or so after the exercise so I am assuming it is actually 150 cals which should take off an extra half pound a week. The bike also takes a reading of my pulse. I start at about 72 and go up to just over 100. If I go at a steady slower pace my pulse is steady around the 90 mark. I can do the 2kms in around 11 mins.

My nails are still looking good and I have not broken any. Still trying to find out if that is linked to the blood sugar/ insulin imbalance.

Five weeks time I will be in UK. I could be just over the 12 stone then. Dont think I will get under the 12 stone in 5 weeks unless I start losing 3 lbs a week again and I dont think that is possible.

I worked out I lost 12lbs in the last 5 weeks and it took me 6 weeks to lose a stone, 14 lbs,

I have 2 and a quarter pounds to lose and I will be under the 80kg mark. Should achieve that in the next 10 days or so.

I am looking forward to getting under the 12 stone and into the 11 stones as then I am simply overweight and not obese! Should do that in December.

I have never managed to stay slim. I worked out I have been in the 10stones maybe 7 times in my life and every time getting there was the signal to stop controlling my food intake and then I would be rapidly over the 12 stones again and that was the time to give up and just eat what I wanted.

This time is going to be different I am going to stay with the low grain,low fat way of eating. Stick to the main meal at lunch time and am going to get under 10st and stay there.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Battle this week

12 10 1/2

I have not found this week easy. My weight went to 12 11 1/2lbs last Tuesday and then stuck there till Thurs when I left for town. I tried to only have one big meal, stay off the carbs and not eat too much but it was not easy. I bought some gerkins and olives to have as treats. Lunch on Thursday was a curry sauce and I took along my macedone veg tin and opened that to have with the curry sauce. Husband had the rice and chicken with the rest of the curry sauce.

Evening we went out to an Indian restaurant and most of the food was oily but it was our anniversary. Had stuffed aubergines as a starter and then a chicken curry and shared an ice cream with husband for dessert. Next day we had cold meat and salad for lunch and I had another tin of veg this time with slim salad dressing. Third day was granddaughters birthday so another meal out. This time had chicken breast with roasted veg and had a side order of roast butternut pumpkin.

Weight was up by 1lb on Sunday morning and by half a pound yesterday morning. This morning I am a pound less than I was a week ago so posting again. I am also wondering if my diet soups contain too much salt. It I have one at night my weight seems higher than it should be in the morning. Last night I had home made soup which I know has no salt added. Will watch that and see if I get the same effect another night.

Had my hair done on Thursday afternoon and wore new floaty suit again so felt pretty for a change! My granddaughter said Nanna you look different. So I asked Different better or different worse and she said better!!

We bought an exercise bike in Lusaka and put it together on Sunday morning. Took three of us to get it assembled! Kids have had great fun playing on it but they have to put the seat down.

Is a good one as it has a sensor on the handle bars to check you pulse. Mine starts at 74 and then goes up to the 90's. I am trying to do 6km a day. 2 am 2 afternoon and 2 pm but not going to feel a failure if I cant fit it in. Only 10 mins each time and I have it in the lounge so I can watch TV while I cycle.

Hope to get under the 12 7lb mark within the next 2 weeks. Going to do fish today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bread: I was allergic and addicted

Feeling good about the sudden weight loss over the last 24 hours. Working it out I could be under the 12st mark by 2nd December when I fly to UK. So will aim for that and even if I dont make it I know I will achieve that goal while I am in UK.

I have made a vow never to eat bread again. My body is functioning very well without it and it is amazing how I dont get the cravings now I dont eat bread.

I was allergic to bread because it brought me out in great fat lumps! And addicted as once I had had one or two slices I soon wanted one or three or five more and was not able to resist the urge to stuff myself on bread which left me feeling bloated tired and fat!

Today I had fish for lunch and will be out this afternoon and away from temptation. Have booked a hair appointment before the meal out on Thursday.

Did Not expect that

12st 11 1/2 lbs

Well that is another pound gone since yesterday and I am now under the 180lb mark by half a pound 179 1/2lbs.

I got on the scale twice this morning to check that the scale had given me the right figure. Thought maybe there was an error.

Did nothing different yesterday. Had chicken burger for lunch with potatoes and veg and 2 mugs of veg soup in the evening. Exactly the same as I have been having for the last 3 months.

End of this week is going to be tricky with being away from home. Thursday will try and have low cal soups during the day so I can have a nice meal in the evening. Will choose something with chicken or fish and preferably not fried.

Friday will be spending the day shopping and visiting friends. Saturday we are going to the bowling alley and will have lunch there for my grandaughters birthday. I am not sure what they do for lunch there as I have never been before. If not suitable for me will go into the supermarket nearby and buy something. They do salads and chicken pieces so could get something like that.

Next mini goal is to get under the 12st 7lbs. Will take me 2 to 3 weeks to do that. So by mid November. Dont think I will get under 12st by the time of my trip to UK in December but will certainly be slimmer than the last time I was over there. Found some fat photos the other day of my trip in February.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Slow but lower

12st 12 1/2 lbs

Not getting the big losses I was getting at the beginning but I still weigh less this week than I did last week and that is the bottom line.

Had a nice pampering day on Saturday and had my nails feet and face done. Also had eyebrow tinting and waxing. So no grey hairs there and eyebrows are much finer and neater. Think will keep up with that as it lifts my face a bit.

Not sure why the loss is less than usual. I have been eating sweetcorn so maybe that is why. Still not cheating and not finding it too difficult to keep to the routine.

I am hoping to get a PVR decoder next month instead of our basic one. Then I can set up a TV for the kids in what was my old computer room. Getting stuff sorted out in there now. I was thinking if I do get my exercise machine that I want this week I could use it in there rather than leaving it in the lounge. My plan is to watch TV while I ride it. If I could do 30 mins a day sure it would tone me a bit more and help with the weight loss.

Got 3 days in Lusaka later this week. Will take low cal soups and try and have one cereal meal, one low cal soup meal and then can eat out for the third meal.

If I could get under the 180lb mark before I go that would be a good incentive to keep to the eating plan.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Full Pantry

12.12 3/4 lbs

I have a pantry with lots of things I can eat if I want to. Funny thing is that I dont want to I just like to know that they are there!

I have tinned tomatoes with various added veg. Green peppers, pepperdew, ratatouille etc. Also got tins of macedone veg which is great in soup or as a standby. I also have about 10 packets of low calorie instant soups. Only 30 cals per mug so I can have those whenever I feel the need.

I am getting through the morning with my vanilla flavoured tea bags and then having lunch around 12.15 once the veg has steamed. We found some nice yellow sweet corn the other day and have tried steaming that. Takes a bit longer and I am just having half a cob but makes a nice change.

One more pound and I will be under the 180lb mark and into the 170's. Dont think I will make that by Monday but should be there mid next week.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Not easy day yesterday but coped

12st 13lbs

I had made plans yesterday but then my daughter asked if I could come and mind the twins while she went to run an AI course. I took some books and magazines and vidoes and my new laptop. I also took some frozen hake for lunch and diet coke.

I did manage to get through without overeating but I must admit to being tempted by the fruit cake she had made for her husbands birthday the day before. It had been cut and it would have been so easy to cut another slice and then another but I resisted.

I found she had some large corgettes so cooked that with a tin of ratatouille and my fish all in one pot. That gave me 3 bowlfuls of lunch. I read my books watched TV. I even started my salsa exercise DVD but half way through the power went off so that was the end of that.

She got back at 5 after the babies baths and I then left for home. Had one bowl of soup for supper and am half a pound less this morning. So now a pound under the 13 stone. Weight loss seems to have slowed down. Only 1 3/4lbs off last week but the important thing is that I weigh less this week than I did last week. That is the bottom line.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blood Pressure

One of the triggers for going on this diet was a medical I had to have in July this year.

At that point my blood pressure was 159/89 the first reading was 90 on the lower figure.

I was warned that this was too high and I needed to do something about it. Hence the diet.

Yesterday I went for another test and am now 110/74 so am well in the normal range for blood pressure.

Weight is still the same as it was yesterday so not worried. Going to have fish today as that always brings the weight down a bit.

Found the problem with the file was that the program wanted to open it with a graph there must be a division by 0 in the file somewhere. Turned off the graph first page and the accounts are now opening properly.

Will post again tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Still in control

12st 13 1/2 lbs

Yesterday my weight was up a bit which I suppose I should have expected after the party. Did not panic but carried on with normal eating and have now lost half a pound since Sunday so feeling happier.

My daughter is away in SA for 3 weeks so when she gets back I could be under 12st 7lbs.

I got the Doc Martin DVD's yesterday and have finished the first series yesterday afternoon. Finally managed to see my sister in the episode filmed at Bodmin Hospital. She said she was an extra and she is in 3 scenes. Will carry on with the rest of the episodes today.

Rain seems to be holding off which is good as we still have wheat out in the field.

I am trying to get my accounts moved from one computer to the other but the file is refusing to open with a runtime error. Copying it again to the flash drive and having another go. Earlier accounts files will open so is not a problem with the program.

12st 12lbs is 180lbs so 12st 11 3/4lbs is 179 3/4 lbs so that is only 1 3/4 lbs away. To get into the 170lbs would be a good achievement for this week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Easy Diet

They were so right when they called this the easy diet. It is the first one I have had no problem sticking to. No diet is ever effortless but this is definitely the one for me. It suits the way I eat and what I like to eat and I very rarely feel hungry and the cravings for extra goodies have gone. As it is now; I know there is ice cream and chocolate ( left over from husbands birthday) in the fridge and biscuits in the lounge but is is no effort at all to the resist the urge to go and finish the lot. I have never been able to do that before.

I am getting the Doc Martin series 1 and 2 DVD's today. One of the teachers at school is leaving and put a notice up with them for sale so that is a bargin. I enjoy that drama so much.

Hope to lose another 3lbs or so before we go to Lusaka at the end of next week and go out for an Anniversary meal. Will try and do low cal soup for lunch so I can splurge out a bit for the meal. But I know that as long as I stick to the principles of low fat and low grain I can eat pretty much what I want and not put weight on.

Feeling much lighter and more energetic but still not started a regular exercise plan. That is the sure route for failure for me. Would like to get an exercise bike that I could use while watching TV. Will see about getting one next week as we are going in the vanette and would have room to bring it back. Sure I could do 30 mins a day without any problems. Will think around that one.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a surprise

12st 13 3/4lbs

Did not expect to be under the 13 stone this morning. I even wondered about not getting on the scale today.

Had the party for my husbands birthday yesterday. I managed to get through the day on a bowl of cereal in the morning and soup at lunch time. I was hungry but I knew there was nice food coming in the evening.

I wore my new floaty suit and felt quite respectable. I did spring rolls for a starter but I did not have one of those. I had some really nice veg. Did ribbons of butternut had water chesnuts lots of peppers and corgettes. We just fried the prawns on their own and I had about 8 of those with a veggie stir fry. Then a few noodles cooked in the prawn stock. The friend who was helping said you need more oil in this but I said no that is for me and put chicken stock in it instead.

Daughter had done a cheesecake with strawberries on top and I got a small teacup and had some in that. Much more limiting than a bowl. Everyonelse had ice cream as well.

Gave my husband his new golf set bag and trolley so he was happy. I get the old one that we have had for 30 years! Also the chocolate I kept in the fridge for him. Am so pleased that I can now have food and sweeties in the house without feeling an uncontrollable urge to finish whatever there is. That is such a relief that I can now control myself when food is around.

I had my teaspoon of cinnamon yesterday with cereal and my yoghurt. Definately feeling smaller and fitter.

Normality here I come. Would be the answer to prayer if I can get this fat off and keep it off for the rest of my life. Has been such a burden.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back after 2 days

13 stone.

Was hoping that figure would be in the 12sts but maybe tomorrow. We had our 2 days in Lusaka. Got lots of business done and meetings.

Eating plan went well. I had planned to go to our usual curry house for a lunch time curry. We found our usual comfort stop half way to town was closed because of illness and then the curry house was being refurbished so that was also shut.

My daughter used to work in O hagens which is more expensive but I said I would treat her to lunch so we went there. She pointed out that at the back of the menu they have weigh less options. So had a chicken breast with baked potato. Dont know if the chef knows weighless as they put a big lump of butter on the potato which I immediately removed. The next day we had the same only I told them no butter.

Rest of the meals went well. Had taken my own cereal and as we stayed in son in laws flat ( he was not there) there were no added tempations. Supper was a low fat yoghurt with cinnamon and a low cal soup. So good to feel in control and not to have put on LBs. Treated myself to a new nail varnish and lipstick.

While I was away the rain clouds came in. Do not want rain now as all the farmers are trying to get their wheat off. Too much rain and the wheat will only be good for stock feed. We had ordered the contractor for yesterday so he finished half a pivot yesterday. Husband only came in at 10pm and is starting again this morning. Have to get that wheat off in case there is more rain. Was very heavy north of Lusaka and south of Kabwe as we drove back.

Exchanged the scanner for a deskjet printer with scanning and copying buttons on the top so my husband can use it. Tried to install it on my little laptop this morning only to be told I need at least a pentium 2, memory is short as I have 96 and it needs 110 and I have IE 5 and I must have 6. So will only be able to use it on this laptop and not my old one. If I need to print from my old one will have to copy onto a flash drive and print from this machine. Having said that it prints out very nice colour photos and is a one button copier and easy enough for my husband to use.

Got all the ingredients for the stir fries tomorrow. Got some baby veg, peppers, corgettes baby corn etc. Also frozen spring rolls for a starter but I will not have that. Got some good quality soya sauce as well.

Daughter is keeping husbands birthday present which is a new set of golf clubs with bag and trolley. She will bring that up tomorrow. Its too big to wrap.

So still working towards getting under the 13st mark maybe by tomorrow.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thirty Pounds less

13st 1/4lb

Posting early this morning before Lusaka trip. Hope I dont blow it there but even then will only be delaying loss for a few days.

Decided to wear my new floaty top as it is very pretty and gives me a boost to be able to get into new clothes.

Hope to be under the 13stone by Monday.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Close to 13 stone

13 st and 3/4lb

Another 1/4 lb gone since yesterday. Have got 2 days in Lusaka coming up which I often find difficult. Will try not to have too much rice with my curry for lunch. In the evening we are doing self catering so can just have a low cal instant soup. Would be wonderful to see the scale go under the 13stone mark by Monday.

Went into the market yesterday to see if we could find an outfit for a wedding my daughter is going to later this month.

Did not find anything for her but I bought a floaty cream top and long skirt with big pink roses on. Its a 38 so a bit tight on my now but once I have lost another 7lbs to a stone it should look really nice. Has longer sleeves which is good as at my age sleeveless outfits do not look good on me.

This is the first time when I have been dieting that I am absolutely confident that I can lose this excess weight and keep it off without feeling deprived. I was reading some old magazines and it looks as though weightwatchers core plan has also cut out bread. They are using ryvita but I find I am better without any grain at all except the odd meal with rice.

Will post again at the weekend. Even if I do put on a bit over the next 2 days I know I can get it off again easily.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Decided to do a second post today and summarize all the things I have changed from my normal diet that makes me fat.

1) Given up bread for ever.
2) Have only 2 cups coffee in the morning. Tea rest of the day.
3) Main meal now at lunchtime.
4) Soup in the evening home made or weigh less instant.
5) 1 tspn cinnamon during the day.
6) Skim milk and diet coke.
7) low fat, low grain meals.
8) No in between meal snacks.

Think the major changes from previous diets are no 1 and 3. Feel I can keep this up for ever. Will have to if I want to get and remain slim.

Still schieving good losses

13st 1 lb

Have had quite a few days with just quarter pounds off and then from yesterday am to this morning have lost 1 and a quarter pounds.

I only have another one and a quarter pounds and I will be under the 13stone mark and into the 12 stones. I could do that by the beginning of next week.

Still having my cinnamon twice a day and am having good size meals. I am not feeling deprived at all.

A zip has gone in one of my pairs of big jeans and dont know if it is worth fixing. I will be putting them in the selling box soon as they will be too big for me.

Still have not started doing regular exercise. I am not very good about it and then feel depressed and a failure when I cant stick to a routine of exercise. So maybe it is better to leave the exercise until I am really motivated and want to try and whittle my waist down.

Got all the data off the school laptop yesterday and onto this one so school one I will take back next week.

Am pleased with this one but it does time out on the internet but not sure if that is my connection or something on the laptop.

Nails still looking pretty. Have some tears on the thumb nails but finger nails are perfect.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Two Stone gone

13 stone 2 1/4lbs

I did some blog housekeeping yesterday and went through getting rid of the posts from last years diet. This is a new diet and my last one. I will never have to do this again!

Am happy that I have achieved the 28lbs off. This is nearly half way to my first goal, I have 2 more lbs to get half way and 4 and a half to get under the 180lb mark and into the 170's. All those are achievable and I should get there in the next 2 weeks.

I bought a new pair of pretty shoes the other day and a new suit. I am not going to wait till I have my beautiful new figure before buying new clothes. Hopefully I can take the waists in or pass the clothes on if they get too big.

I am still not doing any extra exercise and hope I can finish this diet with just increasing my daily activity.

Last weeks weight loss was 3 1/2 lbs so still good for the middle section of the diet.

Am finding bones are appearing through the layers of fat and I can get my rings off my finger!

By next week hope to be nearer the 13st mark or even into the 12sts. That would be great. Still have no problem with cravings or motivation and have still not had any desire to eat more than I should.

Asked my daughter to look for the 21 day wonder diet also written by the AWW team,

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Much easier than usual

13 stone 2 1/2lbs

Decided to put my weight at the top of each new blog. As I change it on the profile I dont have a record of what my weight was for each posting.

I have 2 more days till my weekly weigh in and so far have lost 3 1/4 lbs this week so could be 3 3/4 lbs by Monday.

I went down to mind my 3 grandsons on Thursday and decided to take my own lunch. Took a tin of macedone veg, tin of tomato and black olive relish and mixed those up with some cooked chicken. While the boys were sleeping I got the accounts up to date and all the invoices entered.

I am keeping up with the cinnamon. Half a teaspoon on my cereal in the morning and another half on a small home made full fat yoghurt in the afternoon. I feel I am losing weight faster than I was 2 or 3 weeks ago. Will extract the weekly figures from the daily one and see how I am doing. Will be good to work out the monthly loss as well.

It is the beginning of half term today so got the next week off. Am going to organize a birthday dinner next Sunday for my husband. Will do a chinese meal with chicken and prawns. I will have a low cal soup for lunch so I can have as much as I like of the birthday dinner! Will try and use as less fat as possible for the cooking.

I will soon be half way through to my first goal and feeling well in control and not binging at all. Cravings have been completely switched off. The great carb neediness has vanished and I hope and pray it will never come back.

I am starting to feel confident I can get to a size 12 (UK) 36, 27, 36 and stay there forever!

I see there is a special way to insert links. Will try that cinnamon article again using the link setting.

Next post will be after 2 stone lost. Hopefully on Monday.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cinnamon Diet


I found this article through a South beach diet web page.

Since I found it I have been making an effort to have more cinnamon in my diet. This morning I had half a teaspoon on my bran/museli cereal and will have another half teaspoon in a small yoghurt this afternoon.

I dont know if my extra cinnamon intake is helping to move the fat out of my fat cells but in the last 4 days I have lost over 3lbs. This is a real bonus. In the last 24 hours the weight loss has gone back to 1/4lb a day which I am happy with. Still not tempted to eat outside meal times and feeling good. Hopefully I now have normal blood sugar.

Only another half pound to go and I have lost 28lbs or 2 stone. Once I lose the next 28lbs will be nearly down to my first goal weight.

Wish I had found this eating plan 40 years ago it would have saved a lot of misery and frustration!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Go Figure

Yesterday morning the scale showed 13st 4lbs this morning it showed 13st 3lbs! That means that I have lost 3 lbs in the last 4 days. Just does not seem possible but the scale does not lie. At least I hope it does not. This is my new scale so it should be 100%.

If I can continue losing at the rate of around 3lbs a week I shall be more than happy. Yesterday lunch was chicken pieces done in the slow cooker. I skimmed some of the fat off before adding cornflour to thicken up the sauce. Was flavoured with garlic cumin and lime. Served with steamed potatoes, spinach and cabbage, followed by a yoghurt with cinammon and sweetner. Supper was 2 bowls of veg soup made with the remains of the sauce and vegetables. Again no hunger pangs in the afternoon and no desire to overeat.

Today we are going into Mkushi so will put a chicken in the oven before we go and then do the veg when we get back.

Wore one of my dresses that had not seen the light of day for about 18 month. Had some comments at school that I looked glamorous and was asked if I had lost weight. Nice to have some compliments. Weight is a bit of a sensitive issue in Africa as someone who is losing weight may have Aids so often it is better not to comment about someones weight!

Now October so will do a body measurement today and see what the tape measure says. If I continue losing 12 lbs a month I could be 12 5 by the end of October and then 11 7 by the end of November when school finishes and I finally retire and set off to UK for a 2 week holiday. Will keep on with the no grain plan while in UK and could lose some weight there as well. Goal is in site of being under 11st for my birthday in February. Then will see if I can get under 10st again and this time stay there for the first time in my life.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OK now I am happy

I never understand how a diet works. All last week I was thinking the diet is not working for me. I am being really good but am struggling to get off quarter of a pound. Yesterday morning I was happy to see that I had lost 1 3/4 lbs last week and was down to 13.5.75. Got on the scale this morning and it clearly reads 13.4. So that is 1 3/4 lbs off since yesterday!

I wonder if my body uses up its fat cells but fills them with water waiting just in case it gets some lovely bread to bung in there again. Once it realizes that no bread is coming all of a sudden it has to get rid of the water and there is a much bigger weight loss than I expect.

Found some nice sites on south beach diet with before and after photos. Some ladies have lost over 100lbs on this eating plan.

Have had a few nice comments that I am looking good so that is motivating. I am really into this now and dont see myself going back to my old normal eating when my diet was mainly based around carbs.

I have no problems eating out as I compensate with a diet soup for the next meal. Hope to be in the 12 stones by mid October. Might even make the 11 in December for my trip to UK.

What is a revelation to me is how those cravings for sugar and bread and fatty nibbles have just vanished. I always wondered why I was the one with the weight problem, I used to dread diets because I would have cravings I could not fill for months on end. I thought better to be fat and be able to eat what I want when I want rather than denying myself for the rest of my life. But this diet is the one I have been looking for all my life. I eat big meals, I enjoy my food and I feel satisfied and I lose weight. I could not ask for more.

Hope to have lost 28lbs or 2 stone by the beginning of next week. That is half term. Only one more half term to go and then can start planning some nice holidays. Thought maybe we should go to Cape Town in January. Does not matter then if weather not too good. Then in March we could do the Mauritius trip with scuba diving. By then I should be down to my second goal weight. 9st 12lbs.

Monday, September 29, 2008

one and three quarter pounds

Scale showed 1 3/4 lbs off this week. Not as much as I had hoped but I suppose at this point it is slow and small and steady and not the big amounts that come off early.

Went to the club for lunch yesterday. Lunch was perfect. Cold chicken, took off the skin, had a bit of lamb and pork roast. Then there was a bean salad, may have had a bit of dressing on but had it anyway, then some cooked carrots and green beans. So had a big plateful with mainly veg. Also had chutney and beetroot. So nice lunch and kept the diet on track. In the evening had a diet soup still not getting cravings in the afternoons.

This week should be fine. No Lusaka trips and then school closes for half term on Friday.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

still losing

Seems a bit more of a battle these days. Still not having the cravings for extra food in the afternoon so that is a plus. Had hoped this would be a more effortless diet but I dont think there is such a thing.

Yesterday had pasta with a veggy tomato sauce for lunch. Was tasty and filling. Did a low cal soup in the evening.

My new china came with my daughter yesterday afternoon. Sort of squarish white plates with black design on them. Got 8 place settings so nice to have a good set.

Decided will do a chinese meal for my husbands birthday. will organise it for the 12th which is 2 days before but hopefully they will not have started harvesting by then. Will get a box of prawns and do something with rice and noodles. Better get some more soya sauce before then. Could also do a veggy dish if I can get enough nice veg. We are a bit short in the garden just now.

Overall am happy. Am into my big jeans, feeling a lot more active and have lost 24lbs, without suffering too much.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

slow but sure

Bit disappointed as only half a pound gone since Monday and it is now Saturday. Did have 2 days in town and also found myself eating more than usual yesterday. Finished off all the cabbage left for lunch with low cal salad dressing and chilli sauce! So maybe this is just a blip and by Monday will have lost another half pound. If that is the case I will not complain.

Going to the club with the grandchildren tomorrow for lunch. Have not decided what to do. I can have a very low cal supper with weighless soups at 30c each. May take a tin of mixed veg and an opener so if lunch looks very high calorie/carb/fat. I can just have the meat and my tin of veg. That way I dont have to think there is nothing else so I will just have to eat what is provided.

Heard my niece has lost a stone (14lbs) with slimming world in UK. I have some of the magazines it looks interesting. Being a serial dieter I have to have a plan I can stick to for the rest of my life. No good thinking I can ever 'come off the diet' and stay slim. I know from experience that does not work.

Got my new laptop set up and am very happy with it. Has 4 USB ports but I could do with more. Got a keyboard, mouse, printer and internet plugged in but no space for flash drives unless I pull out the printer. May get an extender but I know some of the peripherals will not work through an extender. Will get the one off my old laptop and see what will work and what does not work.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Weight same but not bothered

Just got back from 2 days in town. I know I did not overeat so I am not worried about the fact that the scale shows I weigh the same as I did on Tuesday morning. I am sure over the weekend the scale will balance out and I will see a half pound drop off by Monday.

It is always more difficult when you are out of your own kitchen and eating pre prepared food. I had chicken curry for the 2 lunches, cup of soup when I got home last night and salads on Wed night.

Bought myself a new laptop as this one is going back to school so over the weekend will get it all set up the way I want. Has a DVD burner and hopefully USB2 ports. This one came with USB 1.1 so copying to an external drive has always been slow. I also bought a new external USB drive, 120gb so that will be very useful. New printer and a scanner but realise my husband is used to just using the printer for scanning and pressing a button so may buy a colour inkjet with a scanner as well for him to use. They are fairly cheap now and as long as we dont use it for heavy printing the cartridges should last a while.

Will post again when scale is shifting downwards again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nine pounds a month

Scale still going down. Have not had one gain but sometimes scale remains firmly stuck for a few days but not recently.

Worked out I am losing weight at the rate of 9lbs a month. That seems reasonable. I cant expect the big losses that I had at the beginning of the diet at this point. Am still enjoying the diet and not feeling deprived in any way. Have not touched husbands biscuits or cheese or unopened packet of museli in the cupboard, that is to be mixed with bran flakes when I finish the open packet.

So working it out roughly. One more week in Sept so should be 13.5. End of October 12.10. End of November 12. Had hoped to be in the 11's by then but will get into the 11's while in UK and then 11.5 end of December and at my first goal weight of 10.12 in January. Will then see if I can get under the 10st again. Have been there maybe 5 times in my life for less than a month each time and then start putting on again. This time will be different! Was reading the Easy Australian diet book again and she carried on losing at a good rate right to the end. Hope I can do the same.

Am really not missing the bread and that is the biggest difference to me on this diet. Other bonus is the nails. They are looking really pretty and growing over the ends of my fingers again. Hope this is not a flash in the pan and they will stay strong. Looking up insulin and nails on google to see if there is any correlation. Maybe I was taking dolomite again 7 months ago. I cant remember that far back.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Still on the right track

Weight going more slowly now but it is still going. Hope to be in the 13.7 lbs by tomorrow.

Went out to a party yesterday. It was a lunch party so decided I could be a bit relaxed. The friend had done chicken drum sticks so I had 2 of those and then some crudites. Yellow pepper strips were yummy. So thought fine that is it. Took my own diet cokes so did not have to worry about drinks. Then she brought out lunch!! Lasange and greek salad and garlic bread! Thought I had already had lunch. Had one serving spoon of the lasange. OK be honest one and a half, and salad but no garlic bread. Then in the evening had one of my low cal soups. Tomato and roasted red pepper which is 30cals per mug. Thought weight would be the same today but yippy another quarter of a pound gone this morning.

Worked out I could be in the size 16 normal sizes by November instead of extra large size 24. At present am between an 18 and 20. Am finding more clothes in the wardrobe I can fit into.

This is not a cant wait till I have finished this diet and can eat 'normally' again. This is going to be my new normal. Friends yesterday commented that I looked slimmer they could see I am making an effort again!

Onwards and downwards.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Scale weighs lower

Bought my new scale yesterday. Managed to get one that weighs in 100gms and when I opened the box and turned if over it had a setting for stones and pounds and quarter pounds same as my old one.

On the new scale I am weighing 1 and a quarter pounds less than the old one so it is a good buy!

Had no trouble sticking to the eating plan yesterday. Took my cereal and skim milk and had breakfast half way there. Then curry and rice for lunch. Found some nice weigh less soups and bought some for emergencies and had tomato and roasted red pepper cup of soup when I got home. Regular cup of soup are 100cal a cup and weighless ones are 30cals. So big difference there.

Daughter in law commented that I looked slimmer so that was an encouragement.

Still not feeling hungry having given up bread. Found an apple in my bag yesterday so had that on the way back as an afternoon snack and had a yoghurt with sweetner after my soup. Am putting cinnamon in my yoghurt and read that helps the cells to react with the insulin that is being produced.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prawns and Calamari fried!

Is wonderful I did not get on the scale yesterday as decided too soon after the party. I stuffed myself with fried prawns and calamari.

Today I got on the scale and lost half a pound in 2 days. Brilliant. I have never had a diet like this work so well.

Clothes feeling looser. Getting into clothes I have not worn for a while.

Another couple of pounds off and I will be in the 180 range rather than the 190.

Last weeks weight loss was 1.75lbs compared to 4 lbs the week before. But as long as I weigh less each week I am not going to worry about the figures too much.

My appetite for carbs and sugary things has just vanished. My danger times in the afternoon dont worry me any more. I used to worry about being in the house on my own in the afternoon as I would just eat my way through the fridge/ pantry and just could not stop. Now it does not worry me. Bought my husband biscuits yesterday, ok plain ones but biscuits and have not been tempted to eat one.

Size 12 here I come.

Also nails are growning again. I have done nothing to them. They always used to break and flake. Maybe they dont like carbs either? Wonder if there is any link? Always wanted pretty nails. Perhaps I am going to get some?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Twenty Pounds and Counting

Scale seems to be working. Went to 13 9 3/4 this morning but then back to 13.10 so that is what I have put on the chart. Might be tricky today as my daughter is doing lunch for her birthday with prawns and rice and calamari. Most of it probably fried. will take some steamed veg along and try and just have tastes and not mountains!

That is a third of the excess weight gone and I am feeling much better and unlike other diets am not waiting for the diet to finish. I cannot believe how I am having cheese in the fridge and have not cut myself a slice. I have not cheated once in the last 7 weeks. That must be a record for me. The only thing different on this diet is the absence of bread. I am wondering now if I am every going to eat bread again and to be honest I would give up all bread for the rest of my life to stay slim.

Amazon said they have sent the books South Beach diet etc to my mothers address in UK and I will get those when I go over in December.

I dont know how this Dr developed this diet but it suits me perfectly.

I am making plans for husband and I to take a proper holiday next year. In a hotel. In 33 years I dont think we have ever had one. Always stayed with relatives. Thought we might go to Mauritius and maybe do a beginners scuba diving course. Would never have dreamed of that while 15 stone. They would not find a wet suit to fit me!

Depending on the weight tomorrow I will have lost either 2 lbs or 1 3/4 lbs this week. Am aiming at 10lbs a month to get me under the 12 stone by the beginning of December. Then under 11 in January and into the 10sts for my birthday in February.

Told husband today he will have to buy me some new clothes when I get down to a UK size 12. My wardrobe such as it is, is filled with such a vast range of sizes, most of it will have to go to charity. Then I can see what is left and build on that. If I am not teaching I can see myself living mainly in jeans and I do have 4 pairs nice small jeans from the last time I was slim for my daughters wedding last year. So will just need tops for those. Will be such fun to go into normal clothes shops and find clothes that fit.

Friday, September 12, 2008

In darkness

It was too dark to read the scale this morning. There was a load shed when I got up. So have written down what I hope I was and will check tomorrow morning to see if I was right.

Had 2 apples today. Normally I restrict myself to one but felt I needed to nibble on something and that was the safest option.

Still staying off the bread so that is positive. I suppose I should go back to exercising but I am not going to do exercises for the rest of my life so would be better if I could just do more on my daily activities like walking so I dont feel a failure on the days that I dont exercise. Will have to think more round that one.

Husband is also finding he feels better having a low fat main meal mid day. I sometimes do a couple of eggs for him in the evening as I know he needs more food than me.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I no longer trust my scale

I have had this digital scale for about 7 years now. It has had rather a rough life in the bathroom and has been lent to family when I have not been stepping carefully onto it each morning.

I have not been sure about it recently and turned it over this morning to find that of the 4 feet on the bottom 2 are supposed to have little springs. One of these has gone missing over the years. I thought ok lets level it off and I took off the other foot with the little spring but then it would not come on! It seems that the spring has a prong that switches the scale on when someone stands on it. Carefully put it back and it is now coming on again but as far as I am concerned a really bad design.

My scale keeps getting turned over the adjusted as my daughters all weigh themselves in Kg while I am on the old system of stones and pounds.

Will definitely buy a new scale in Lusaka next week. In the meantime will have to assume that if I stick to the no bread and controlled eating the weight will come off even if I cant see it. I did feel a bit of a nibble attack coming on yesterday so heated up a tin of ratatouille and had that. Did the trick and I did not start on the bread again.

So will continue to record the weight. Hope the new scale is not going to weigh pounds heavier as that will really depress me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Scale?

I may need to buy a new digital scale. Over the last few days I have been disappointed with my weight loss. I have been sticking to the low fat low carb eating and have not been munching my way through the fridge every afternoon but the weight has remained stubbornly the same.

Today I turned the scale over and found one of the feet has come off. It seems it had a small spring underneath the plastic foot cover. Bad design.

If I stand towards the front of the scale I am 13 11. If I put my weight at the back I am 13.11.75 which I have been for the last 4 days! So I am standing towards the front.

Will monitor it over the next few days and if I feel that the scale is not reliable enough will buy a new one in Lusaka next trip but it must have the ability to weigh in quarter pounds.

Still feeling well in control. Have not had a slice of bread for 5 weeks and now not missing it at all. Have ordered a new batch of books about the South Beach diet which I think is what this is. Very interested in this insulin problem which the SB diet is supposed to overcome. For the first time in my life I feel in control of what I put in my mouth and am eating only at meal times. I can resist anything in the pantry. No extra dishes of cereal, no dried fruit no cheese. It is wonderful. Hope the scale continues to show a good weight loss. Got into a pair of jeans I have not worn for over a year so that is also an incentive to keep going.

For the first time I feel this is my last diet and I have found a new way of eating that is sustainable.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

What the figures show

This is quite interesting. I have been keeping a check on the weight in an excel spreadsheet. For the first 3 weeks I did not bother as I was not sure if I was actually motivated to diet or if it was going to be another here today gone tomorrow type diets.

I have gone back and highlighted the Mondays which was the day I was told about the high blood pressure and then worked out the weight loss on a weekly basis.

For the first 2 weeks or so I was on my usual eat less, fighting my body type diet and I lost 6lbs. From then on I switched to the Low grain diet and if anything the weight loss has increased. Last week I lost 4lbs without feeling uncontrollable hunger or having any cheats.

I booked a ticket to UK for the beginning of December and will now sit and work out if I could be under the 11 st when I fly if I keep this eating program going which I intend to.

I wish I could do it without jumping ( or rather stepping carefully!) on the scales each morning but at present that is part of my routine and I dont think I can stop it.

I will admit to getting on the scale before I go to bed, working out what I think I will weigh by the morning, and also getting on the scale in the middle of the night at around 3. May be I am a teeny bit obsessive?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Scale is working

Another 3/4 lb gone. Was a pound but then I double checked by getting on the scale a second time so decided to call it 3/4. That gives me a bit in hand for tomorrow.

Had 2 nice dinners. Day before was smoked haddock in the steamer with steamed veg. I also did some onion in the steamer earlier and made a sauce with skim milk and cornflower to go with it. Plenty of potato and pumpkin left over so yesterday got out some chicken mince and made a shepherds pie for a change.

Tumble dryer that was fixed in Lusaka is not working. Goes round and round and blows air but there is no heating. I have had it heating once so it much be a loose connection inside.

Got the accounts up to date yesterday and finished the wages printing. Today I must do the marking.

Am also gradually sorting out cupboards and drawers that have not been opened for years. I am thinking now that the carbs not only made me overeat but also put me into a sort of mini depression. I could not summon the energy to do very much.

Next mini goal is to get under the 13 st mark and into the 12's. Should do that in about 6 weeks by half term.

Looking forward to a visit to UK in December would be wonderful to be in the 11 stones or even the 10's by then.

It is such a relief to think that if I stay off the carbs I will never get fat again. I feel confident I can eat like this for the rest of my life. Which should now be longer as I should not be getting diabetes. A loaf of bread is now lasting a week and the marmalade has hardly gone down at all.