Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Books arrived


That is half a pound lost since yesterday and one and a half since I got back on Friday. It is good to get back into my routine again.

I bought a light weight 0.5kg digital scale in UK. I have lent it to my daughter but will borrow it back to put in my suitcase for when I go on holiday. With my history I do not trust myself to go on holiday with unlimited food without a scale. But having said that I felt very proud of myself to be in UK for 2 weeks and to have come back 1.75lbs lighter than when I left. Eating the no grain way I do not get cravings and am in control of what I am eating.

The seven books I sent on from UK were in Mkushi yesterday. I have read most of them but will read them again. One is the south beach super charged. I also received 2 new books. One is how I gave up my low fat diet and lost 40lbs. I am wondering if I am cutting my fat intake too low. They recommend 30% calories from good fat. Olive oil, veg oil butter etc. But I am not doing that. The only fat I am getting is a bit on the meat. I have also started eating eggs again. I had stopped those entirely but am now trying to have 4 a week. Maybe I should start having scrambled egg at the weekend with my husband. Thirty years ago I stopped him having eggs every day for breakfast and put him onto cereal. I was wrong. We could have stayed with eggs. In those days it was thought that eggs caused heart problems. All the books are saying now that it is insulin and grain carbs that can cause heart problems!

I dont want to tweak this eating plan too much as it is working so well. Only 2lbs more to go and I will have lost 50lbs since the end of July.

Have bought a netbook in UK am thinking of typing up my dieting story. Maybe I will also write a book.

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