Monday, December 29, 2008

Bigs Clothes ready for throwing


I went through my wardrobe yesterday and pulled out all the big dresses and T shirts and trousers that I am never going to wear again and put them in black bin bags. Best place for them. Some of them look like black bin bags! I am never going to need clothes in that size ( 20-24) again now that I understand the secret of losing weight.

I also decided while I was at it to sort through my shoes and dispose of any that I will never wear again. When I was 15st (212lbs) I was very hard on shoes. They would wear at the heel so quickly as I was so heavy. I got the house servant to clean up the rest of the shoes that I am going to keep and will sort those out. I might get one of those nice shoe racks to put in my cupboard for my shoes. I bought some nice black ankle boots in UK with a square heel. I dont feel ready for stilettos yet but feel good wearing my jeans and boots.

We went down to my daughters for lunch yesterday. She did chicken in a mushroom sauce and also did veg and rice and sweetcorn. I just had the chicken and veg and left the grains. I dont know if sweetcorn counts as a grain but decided not to have it anyway. In the evening I boiled up some potato and butternut and a tin of macedonia veg and made a soup.

Another half a pound off since yesterday so am doing something right. I only have 1lb more to lose and I will be on the 50lb mark. The next few mini goals are to get below my husbands weight of 161lbs and then to the 4stone mark at 156.25lbs.

I tested husband for fasting glucose the other morning and the result was 6.6. Checking on the internet that is pre diabetes level so have put him on artifical sweetner instead of sugar in his tea and coffee and will check again in a week or so. Was surprised it was that high. Tested mine and it was 4.8, three weeks ago in UK it was 5.4 so that is the normal range. Wonder what it was while I was overeating on bread and sugar. I will never know as I am not going back there again.

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