Friday, December 26, 2008

One pound up

Not going to post that as a number today as I know that is a temporary blip as it was Christmas yesterday. Yes I did eat more than usual but I did keep to the low carb principles so I know that a) I will not have put any fat on and b) my system will adjust over the next few days and I will soon get back to my lower weight.

I had starters of peppered mackeral oysters and mussels. Main course was spit roast pork, turkey and roasted vegetables and I had a couple of spoons of ice cream and pudding out of my husbands dish as I know that does not count!

In the evening I had yoghurt and a cup of low calorie soup so really could not have done better. I enjoyed my food and did not feel deprived by not having the chocolates and potato bake. I took a litre bottle of diet pepsi and drank all of that. Not too good for me to have that much but better than the alternative.

I am going to start weeding out the big dresses and stuff in my wardrobe and giving it away. I am never going to need them again. How I wish that someone had told me about the carb/insulin problem 40 years ago. When I think of the number of low fat low calorie diets I have been on and what an effort it has been for no purpose as the metabolic syndrome always kicked in and I put all the weight back on with interest!

It is wonderful to lose weight and not feel hungry and for the cravings to have stopped. My husband is always given liquorish allsorts for presents and he has a packet now. In the past I would be picking at one or two or ten but now I can just leave the packet. The sugar has no power over me!

I am looking forward to getting my hips under 40". When I think that 5 months ago they were 47" it just shows how far I have come.

Todays meal will be left over turkey with some vegetables. May do a potato. The new diet books I am reading are still down on potatoes but my system does not react to the sugar in potatoes the same way it does to grains so I will continue to have my one potato a day as I feel it helps me feel fuller.

I am now reading about low carb maintenance dieting. Still have 28lbs to lose before I try maintenance but feel confident that I will get there over the next 4 months or so.

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