Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cream in my Coffee

Last week our local shop got cream in. Very unusual. I bought a litre and have started having that in my coffee. The way I have decided to work it is to have one mug of coffee with cream and then the next mug is boiling water. If I have a bit of coffee left I will top it up with the boiling water. I really dont notice the difference.

I do feel some hunger about an hour before lunch and maybe 2 hrs before supper, but is it proper hunger and is manageable. Not that brain hunger which drives me straight to the bread bin or cereal packet.

I found some tinned peppered mackerel fillets so will have that with flax toast for lunch. I made a loaf with the golden flax seed this week so that makes a nice change.

Treated myself to a facial this week but also had a dentist app, so did the dentist first followed by the facial.

Now on about 30 BMI. Keen to drop down in the 20's within the next month or so.

My body is finally using up all these fat stores that have hung around for so long.