Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fifty Pounds


Made it to the 50lb mark in December so that is fifty pounds in 5 months or ten lbs a month which is very respectable and something I never thought would happen. I am still finding it much more effortless than any other diet I had tried.

Yesterday I had steamed fish for lunch and did some oven chips with no fat. I did feel a bit peckish in the afternoon so made a low cal soup. For the first time I put a bit of cheese in the soup. These soups are high in carbs so I thought if I did what the books say and add some protein to the snack I would not get an insulin spike followed by cravings and I did not.

I have been getting a funny taste in my mouth in the night. Bit like when I have eaten garlic. I am wondering if that is the ketosis they mention in the books. It means my body is calling on its fat stores in the night which as far as I am concerned is a good thing. I still have plenty of fat stores. I will look at getting some test sticks to see if I have ketosis and will keep an eye on it.

In November I lost 9.25lbs and in December 5.5lbs ( lower due to UK holiday) so average that out at 7lbs a month which means I should loss the next 10lbs in 6 weeks and then will reset my goal to 138lbs and take another 2 months to get there. It is wonderful to be so confident that a diet is working.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Books on X Syndrome


That is another half a pound off since yesterday morning. That is nearly 5lbs off this month. Less than I usually lose a month, I have been losing 9lbs a month up to Dec, but because of the holiday to UK I am happy with my progress.

The rest of the books I got couriered from UK arrived yesterday. Mainly X syndrome books and diet advice. I skimmed through them in UK but am now rereading them properly. This is such a change to normal diet advice (low fat/low calorie/high complex carbs, that I have failed on so often) it takes a while to absorb it all but all I can say is that it works for me and I will never go back to low fat high carb dieting.

My sister in law got in touch over the weekend asking for advice on losing weight so told her about the south beach diet sites and also the Easy Australian Diet book in Lusaka and will see how she gets on.

I had friends yesterday commenting on my weight loss. I saw a video of myself taken in July this year when I was 15st and my stomach was enormous. I am so pleased I dont still look like that.

My birthday in Feb so would be good to get under the 11 stone 154lbs by then and will then drift down through the 10stones and hope to settle in the upper 9 stones. That should be about right for my height. I really dont know what my normal proper weight should be as I have always been over weight. When I have managed to lose weight it has just been temporary and within a few weeks the lbs have started piling on again. This time it will be different as I know why my weight always increased. It was my hormones! Insulin has been my problem all along ( for the past 40 years).

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bigs Clothes ready for throwing


I went through my wardrobe yesterday and pulled out all the big dresses and T shirts and trousers that I am never going to wear again and put them in black bin bags. Best place for them. Some of them look like black bin bags! I am never going to need clothes in that size ( 20-24) again now that I understand the secret of losing weight.

I also decided while I was at it to sort through my shoes and dispose of any that I will never wear again. When I was 15st (212lbs) I was very hard on shoes. They would wear at the heel so quickly as I was so heavy. I got the house servant to clean up the rest of the shoes that I am going to keep and will sort those out. I might get one of those nice shoe racks to put in my cupboard for my shoes. I bought some nice black ankle boots in UK with a square heel. I dont feel ready for stilettos yet but feel good wearing my jeans and boots.

We went down to my daughters for lunch yesterday. She did chicken in a mushroom sauce and also did veg and rice and sweetcorn. I just had the chicken and veg and left the grains. I dont know if sweetcorn counts as a grain but decided not to have it anyway. In the evening I boiled up some potato and butternut and a tin of macedonia veg and made a soup.

Another half a pound off since yesterday so am doing something right. I only have 1lb more to lose and I will be on the 50lb mark. The next few mini goals are to get below my husbands weight of 161lbs and then to the 4stone mark at 156.25lbs.

I tested husband for fasting glucose the other morning and the result was 6.6. Checking on the internet that is pre diabetes level so have put him on artifical sweetner instead of sugar in his tea and coffee and will check again in a week or so. Was surprised it was that high. Tested mine and it was 4.8, three weeks ago in UK it was 5.4 so that is the normal range. Wonder what it was while I was overeating on bread and sugar. I will never know as I am not going back there again.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Whoosh Fairy


I dont know if that really was a whoosh but yesterday morning I was 165.25lbs and this morning 2lbs have gone.

Some of the excess was due to eating a bit more than usual on Christmas day but I knew I had stuck to the low carb principles so I would not have gained weight but could be carrying extra fluid from 2 days ago.

My next lot of books are in Mkushi. I did skim through some of them before I posted them. They are mostly American. That seems to be where this low carb trend started. I dont feel Atkins is for me. Too much meat and saturated fat. But there is no doubt in my mind that the low fat high complex carbs that I have been trying to use to diet for the past 40 years is completely wrong for me and leads to failure every time. I would lose weight on it but because I never got my insulin/glucose balance right I would always find my weight increasing and it was never easy. I was fighting my craving for carbs the whole time. Afternoons were a nightmare.

Now that I have my main meal mid day with carbs from potatoes I am so unhungry it is not true. I can go comfortably till 6 without thinking about food or a snack. Then I have my bowl of soup and I eat and drink nothing after 6pm.

I am not trying to put myself into ketosis. As I have bran flakes for breakfast and potatoes with my meat for lunch I dont think my system needs to go into ketosis to lose the fat.

My middle is definately leaner. Waist is now 33 inches from a start of 39" in July. I hope it will go down to 28" after I have lost the next 20lbs.

Sorted out my wardrobe yesterday and put all my big clothes in black bin bags. I will give them away as I will never need them again.

Off to my daughter for lunch today. She knows what I eat so should not have any problems.

In the house at present we have: biscuits, allsorts, box of chocolates, cheese and ice cream. In the old days I could not have resisted any of that and would be sneaking some of it until it was all finished and I could relax. Now that food has no power over me!

Friday, December 26, 2008

One pound up

Not going to post that as a number today as I know that is a temporary blip as it was Christmas yesterday. Yes I did eat more than usual but I did keep to the low carb principles so I know that a) I will not have put any fat on and b) my system will adjust over the next few days and I will soon get back to my lower weight.

I had starters of peppered mackeral oysters and mussels. Main course was spit roast pork, turkey and roasted vegetables and I had a couple of spoons of ice cream and pudding out of my husbands dish as I know that does not count!

In the evening I had yoghurt and a cup of low calorie soup so really could not have done better. I enjoyed my food and did not feel deprived by not having the chocolates and potato bake. I took a litre bottle of diet pepsi and drank all of that. Not too good for me to have that much but better than the alternative.

I am going to start weeding out the big dresses and stuff in my wardrobe and giving it away. I am never going to need them again. How I wish that someone had told me about the carb/insulin problem 40 years ago. When I think of the number of low fat low calorie diets I have been on and what an effort it has been for no purpose as the metabolic syndrome always kicked in and I put all the weight back on with interest!

It is wonderful to lose weight and not feel hungry and for the cravings to have stopped. My husband is always given liquorish allsorts for presents and he has a packet now. In the past I would be picking at one or two or ten but now I can just leave the packet. The sugar has no power over me!

I am looking forward to getting my hips under 40". When I think that 5 months ago they were 47" it just shows how far I have come.

Todays meal will be left over turkey with some vegetables. May do a potato. The new diet books I am reading are still down on potatoes but my system does not react to the sugar in potatoes the same way it does to grains so I will continue to have my one potato a day as I feel it helps me feel fuller.

I am now reading about low carb maintenance dieting. Still have 28lbs to lose before I try maintenance but feel confident that I will get there over the next 4 months or so.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Books arrived


That is half a pound lost since yesterday and one and a half since I got back on Friday. It is good to get back into my routine again.

I bought a light weight 0.5kg digital scale in UK. I have lent it to my daughter but will borrow it back to put in my suitcase for when I go on holiday. With my history I do not trust myself to go on holiday with unlimited food without a scale. But having said that I felt very proud of myself to be in UK for 2 weeks and to have come back 1.75lbs lighter than when I left. Eating the no grain way I do not get cravings and am in control of what I am eating.

The seven books I sent on from UK were in Mkushi yesterday. I have read most of them but will read them again. One is the south beach super charged. I also received 2 new books. One is how I gave up my low fat diet and lost 40lbs. I am wondering if I am cutting my fat intake too low. They recommend 30% calories from good fat. Olive oil, veg oil butter etc. But I am not doing that. The only fat I am getting is a bit on the meat. I have also started eating eggs again. I had stopped those entirely but am now trying to have 4 a week. Maybe I should start having scrambled egg at the weekend with my husband. Thirty years ago I stopped him having eggs every day for breakfast and put him onto cereal. I was wrong. We could have stayed with eggs. In those days it was thought that eggs caused heart problems. All the books are saying now that it is insulin and grain carbs that can cause heart problems!

I dont want to tweak this eating plan too much as it is working so well. Only 2lbs more to go and I will have lost 50lbs since the end of July.

Have bought a netbook in UK am thinking of typing up my dieting story. Maybe I will also write a book.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another pound gone

11st 10 3/4lbs

Was pleased and surprised to find I weigh a pound less than yesterday. The weight has been stuck since I got back from UK on Friday. So had 3 days the same and then a drop. Finding it easy to get back into my routine again. Got into my new black jeans yesterday that I could not do up before I went to UK. I was only 2lbs lighter but the fat must have shifted somewhere as waist is definitely an inch smaller.

I bought some nice new tops and underthings in UK and also a black frock that I got from a second hand shop. Am going through my drawers and cupboards clearing out the big stretched stuff as I will never need it again.

I posted my new books back so will check if they have arrived today in Mkushi. I got a whole load of X syndrome, south beach, no grain books and read them all in UK. Decided not to weigh down my suitcase with them so posted them all.

Worked out I have two and a half pounds more to lose and I will have lost 50lbs. Should do that by New Year. I am going to do a no grain Christmas dinner. Will do a baked potato instead of roast. Have got some ice cream and so will have some of that for dessert for the Christmas meal only. Have got some chocolates in the fridge and will allow myself one ferrero rocher if I really want one. Then will give all the rest away and get back to my eating plan the next meal. Not having the meal in my house so should not be lots of left overs to tempt me. Funny thing is that I no longer have the cravings and desire for any food in the fridge or pantry now. I have a normal appetite at long last. I can have chocolate or biscuits in the house and not finish off the packets and throw away the wrappers to hide the evidence! Now my insulin/glucose levels are stable my eating is under control for the first time in my life.

I bought a glucose monitor in UK and now have to see if I can order the test strips for it as it only came with 10 test strips and I have used 3 already. My early morning glucose was 5.4 which I think is normal. Will look that up.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home again

11st 11 3/4lbs

Did not manage to do any new posts while on holiday but I did manage to keep my weight under control.

I lost 2lbs over the 2 weeks. When I think how many hotel and restaurant meals I ate and also how many times I ate meals that I did not prepare myself I am amazed that I did not put weight on.

My south beach diet books were waiting for me in UK and I made sure I read them all so I knew exactly what my problem was and how I could keep the insulin resistance under control.

The only time I lost control was one lunch time when I just had a low cal soup for lunch, I then bought a box of grapes which I ate. Too much sugar? and I then followed up with cereal and yoghurt and apples and ate most of the afternoon. After that episode I made sure I ate more for lunch. Eggs or baked potato.

Next mini goal is to get to 11 8 1/4 lbs which will mean that I have lost 50lbs. Then hope to get under the 11st.

I bought loads of new tops and it was so nice to go to the regular racks of clothes rather than the outsize section.

Will start posting regularly again this week. Sure I can do a no grain Christmas. Have got a few choccies in for the kids but will have lots of fruit and veg and turkey.