Friday, October 31, 2008

Hope I am not overdoing this

12st 9lbs

Decided yesterday to go and play some golf so husband could try out his new golf set. I had forgotten that this is the hottest time of the year. we started off round the golf course at about 10. No one else was there. I borrowed some of the new woods which dont seem to be made of wood any more and had some good hits with them but at the end of hole 2 I just came all over faint and had to lie down under a tree! I was wearing a hat and had taken water and diet coke. Think maybe my blood sugar just got too low.
I managed to stagger back to the car and once the aircon was on I was fine. Next time we go will make sure it is cooler and we go earlier in the morning.

Having no problem doing my 6km on the exercise bike each day. So much easier doing it while watching TV. Does not feel like exercise!

Have lost 10 3/4lbs this month so far. Could be 11lbs after the weighin tomorrow. That is not bad for the middle section of the diet.

I could still be under the 12st when I go to UK at the beginning of December. Still have not found the chart with the obese/overweight line on it. Think I am still on the upper side of that.

Ordered the slim to win book from Rosemary Conley from Amazon yesterday. I am going to try and set up a subscription to diet and fitness magazine so I get it sent out every month for the next year.
Nails still looking nice. Have got a hair do and laser hair treatment on Wed this week.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exercise must be working

12st 9 1/4 lbs

Have lost a pound since yesterday. At this rate I could be under the 12stone by the beginning of December.

I am having no problem fitting in my 3 10min sessions on the bike while watching TV. I up the distance abit as I get used to it. My muscles have not been exercised for so long I dont want to ask them to do too much too soon. I can feel a bit of an ache in my calves but nothing too serious.

I have to get started on my reports today. They have to be finished by 5th November. This is the last time I will ever have to do reports! It is a job I have always hated. Will get the pupils work marked before I do the reports. Marking today and maybe get the names on the reports with grades and then can do comments over the weekend. Print off on Monday and sign them ready to hand to the tutor.

It is a public holiday today for voting and I have suggested to my husband that we take the 2 sets of golf clubs and go to the club and maybe do 5 or 6 holes while no body much is around so he can get a feel for his new set. He did not say yes or no yesterday so will wait till breakfast and see if there are any plans for the day.

Still reading my slimming magazines. When you read the small print it seems that other dieters have also had success by giving up grains and cutting back on bread. I have gone one step further and cut bread out all together and now dont miss it at all and am sticking to diet and feeling satisfied with the amount I am eating and still losing weight. The Ideal diet.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Easier at Home

12 10 1/4 lbs

Yesterday I had steamed haddock with my veg for lunch and today we are having a roast chicken. I am trying to use the exercise bike 3 times a day and do 2kms each time. According to the digital read out that only uses up 90 cals but I am sure there is an increase in the cals used over the next hour or so after the exercise so I am assuming it is actually 150 cals which should take off an extra half pound a week. The bike also takes a reading of my pulse. I start at about 72 and go up to just over 100. If I go at a steady slower pace my pulse is steady around the 90 mark. I can do the 2kms in around 11 mins.

My nails are still looking good and I have not broken any. Still trying to find out if that is linked to the blood sugar/ insulin imbalance.

Five weeks time I will be in UK. I could be just over the 12 stone then. Dont think I will get under the 12 stone in 5 weeks unless I start losing 3 lbs a week again and I dont think that is possible.

I worked out I lost 12lbs in the last 5 weeks and it took me 6 weeks to lose a stone, 14 lbs,

I have 2 and a quarter pounds to lose and I will be under the 80kg mark. Should achieve that in the next 10 days or so.

I am looking forward to getting under the 12 stone and into the 11 stones as then I am simply overweight and not obese! Should do that in December.

I have never managed to stay slim. I worked out I have been in the 10stones maybe 7 times in my life and every time getting there was the signal to stop controlling my food intake and then I would be rapidly over the 12 stones again and that was the time to give up and just eat what I wanted.

This time is going to be different I am going to stay with the low grain,low fat way of eating. Stick to the main meal at lunch time and am going to get under 10st and stay there.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Battle this week

12 10 1/2

I have not found this week easy. My weight went to 12 11 1/2lbs last Tuesday and then stuck there till Thurs when I left for town. I tried to only have one big meal, stay off the carbs and not eat too much but it was not easy. I bought some gerkins and olives to have as treats. Lunch on Thursday was a curry sauce and I took along my macedone veg tin and opened that to have with the curry sauce. Husband had the rice and chicken with the rest of the curry sauce.

Evening we went out to an Indian restaurant and most of the food was oily but it was our anniversary. Had stuffed aubergines as a starter and then a chicken curry and shared an ice cream with husband for dessert. Next day we had cold meat and salad for lunch and I had another tin of veg this time with slim salad dressing. Third day was granddaughters birthday so another meal out. This time had chicken breast with roasted veg and had a side order of roast butternut pumpkin.

Weight was up by 1lb on Sunday morning and by half a pound yesterday morning. This morning I am a pound less than I was a week ago so posting again. I am also wondering if my diet soups contain too much salt. It I have one at night my weight seems higher than it should be in the morning. Last night I had home made soup which I know has no salt added. Will watch that and see if I get the same effect another night.

Had my hair done on Thursday afternoon and wore new floaty suit again so felt pretty for a change! My granddaughter said Nanna you look different. So I asked Different better or different worse and she said better!!

We bought an exercise bike in Lusaka and put it together on Sunday morning. Took three of us to get it assembled! Kids have had great fun playing on it but they have to put the seat down.

Is a good one as it has a sensor on the handle bars to check you pulse. Mine starts at 74 and then goes up to the 90's. I am trying to do 6km a day. 2 am 2 afternoon and 2 pm but not going to feel a failure if I cant fit it in. Only 10 mins each time and I have it in the lounge so I can watch TV while I cycle.

Hope to get under the 12 7lb mark within the next 2 weeks. Going to do fish today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bread: I was allergic and addicted

Feeling good about the sudden weight loss over the last 24 hours. Working it out I could be under the 12st mark by 2nd December when I fly to UK. So will aim for that and even if I dont make it I know I will achieve that goal while I am in UK.

I have made a vow never to eat bread again. My body is functioning very well without it and it is amazing how I dont get the cravings now I dont eat bread.

I was allergic to bread because it brought me out in great fat lumps! And addicted as once I had had one or two slices I soon wanted one or three or five more and was not able to resist the urge to stuff myself on bread which left me feeling bloated tired and fat!

Today I had fish for lunch and will be out this afternoon and away from temptation. Have booked a hair appointment before the meal out on Thursday.

Did Not expect that

12st 11 1/2 lbs

Well that is another pound gone since yesterday and I am now under the 180lb mark by half a pound 179 1/2lbs.

I got on the scale twice this morning to check that the scale had given me the right figure. Thought maybe there was an error.

Did nothing different yesterday. Had chicken burger for lunch with potatoes and veg and 2 mugs of veg soup in the evening. Exactly the same as I have been having for the last 3 months.

End of this week is going to be tricky with being away from home. Thursday will try and have low cal soups during the day so I can have a nice meal in the evening. Will choose something with chicken or fish and preferably not fried.

Friday will be spending the day shopping and visiting friends. Saturday we are going to the bowling alley and will have lunch there for my grandaughters birthday. I am not sure what they do for lunch there as I have never been before. If not suitable for me will go into the supermarket nearby and buy something. They do salads and chicken pieces so could get something like that.

Next mini goal is to get under the 12st 7lbs. Will take me 2 to 3 weeks to do that. So by mid November. Dont think I will get under 12st by the time of my trip to UK in December but will certainly be slimmer than the last time I was over there. Found some fat photos the other day of my trip in February.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Slow but lower

12st 12 1/2 lbs

Not getting the big losses I was getting at the beginning but I still weigh less this week than I did last week and that is the bottom line.

Had a nice pampering day on Saturday and had my nails feet and face done. Also had eyebrow tinting and waxing. So no grey hairs there and eyebrows are much finer and neater. Think will keep up with that as it lifts my face a bit.

Not sure why the loss is less than usual. I have been eating sweetcorn so maybe that is why. Still not cheating and not finding it too difficult to keep to the routine.

I am hoping to get a PVR decoder next month instead of our basic one. Then I can set up a TV for the kids in what was my old computer room. Getting stuff sorted out in there now. I was thinking if I do get my exercise machine that I want this week I could use it in there rather than leaving it in the lounge. My plan is to watch TV while I ride it. If I could do 30 mins a day sure it would tone me a bit more and help with the weight loss.

Got 3 days in Lusaka later this week. Will take low cal soups and try and have one cereal meal, one low cal soup meal and then can eat out for the third meal.

If I could get under the 180lb mark before I go that would be a good incentive to keep to the eating plan.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Full Pantry

12.12 3/4 lbs

I have a pantry with lots of things I can eat if I want to. Funny thing is that I dont want to I just like to know that they are there!

I have tinned tomatoes with various added veg. Green peppers, pepperdew, ratatouille etc. Also got tins of macedone veg which is great in soup or as a standby. I also have about 10 packets of low calorie instant soups. Only 30 cals per mug so I can have those whenever I feel the need.

I am getting through the morning with my vanilla flavoured tea bags and then having lunch around 12.15 once the veg has steamed. We found some nice yellow sweet corn the other day and have tried steaming that. Takes a bit longer and I am just having half a cob but makes a nice change.

One more pound and I will be under the 180lb mark and into the 170's. Dont think I will make that by Monday but should be there mid next week.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Not easy day yesterday but coped

12st 13lbs

I had made plans yesterday but then my daughter asked if I could come and mind the twins while she went to run an AI course. I took some books and magazines and vidoes and my new laptop. I also took some frozen hake for lunch and diet coke.

I did manage to get through without overeating but I must admit to being tempted by the fruit cake she had made for her husbands birthday the day before. It had been cut and it would have been so easy to cut another slice and then another but I resisted.

I found she had some large corgettes so cooked that with a tin of ratatouille and my fish all in one pot. That gave me 3 bowlfuls of lunch. I read my books watched TV. I even started my salsa exercise DVD but half way through the power went off so that was the end of that.

She got back at 5 after the babies baths and I then left for home. Had one bowl of soup for supper and am half a pound less this morning. So now a pound under the 13 stone. Weight loss seems to have slowed down. Only 1 3/4lbs off last week but the important thing is that I weigh less this week than I did last week. That is the bottom line.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blood Pressure

One of the triggers for going on this diet was a medical I had to have in July this year.

At that point my blood pressure was 159/89 the first reading was 90 on the lower figure.

I was warned that this was too high and I needed to do something about it. Hence the diet.

Yesterday I went for another test and am now 110/74 so am well in the normal range for blood pressure.

Weight is still the same as it was yesterday so not worried. Going to have fish today as that always brings the weight down a bit.

Found the problem with the file was that the program wanted to open it with a graph there must be a division by 0 in the file somewhere. Turned off the graph first page and the accounts are now opening properly.

Will post again tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Still in control

12st 13 1/2 lbs

Yesterday my weight was up a bit which I suppose I should have expected after the party. Did not panic but carried on with normal eating and have now lost half a pound since Sunday so feeling happier.

My daughter is away in SA for 3 weeks so when she gets back I could be under 12st 7lbs.

I got the Doc Martin DVD's yesterday and have finished the first series yesterday afternoon. Finally managed to see my sister in the episode filmed at Bodmin Hospital. She said she was an extra and she is in 3 scenes. Will carry on with the rest of the episodes today.

Rain seems to be holding off which is good as we still have wheat out in the field.

I am trying to get my accounts moved from one computer to the other but the file is refusing to open with a runtime error. Copying it again to the flash drive and having another go. Earlier accounts files will open so is not a problem with the program.

12st 12lbs is 180lbs so 12st 11 3/4lbs is 179 3/4 lbs so that is only 1 3/4 lbs away. To get into the 170lbs would be a good achievement for this week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Easy Diet

They were so right when they called this the easy diet. It is the first one I have had no problem sticking to. No diet is ever effortless but this is definitely the one for me. It suits the way I eat and what I like to eat and I very rarely feel hungry and the cravings for extra goodies have gone. As it is now; I know there is ice cream and chocolate ( left over from husbands birthday) in the fridge and biscuits in the lounge but is is no effort at all to the resist the urge to go and finish the lot. I have never been able to do that before.

I am getting the Doc Martin series 1 and 2 DVD's today. One of the teachers at school is leaving and put a notice up with them for sale so that is a bargin. I enjoy that drama so much.

Hope to lose another 3lbs or so before we go to Lusaka at the end of next week and go out for an Anniversary meal. Will try and do low cal soup for lunch so I can splurge out a bit for the meal. But I know that as long as I stick to the principles of low fat and low grain I can eat pretty much what I want and not put weight on.

Feeling much lighter and more energetic but still not started a regular exercise plan. That is the sure route for failure for me. Would like to get an exercise bike that I could use while watching TV. Will see about getting one next week as we are going in the vanette and would have room to bring it back. Sure I could do 30 mins a day without any problems. Will think around that one.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a surprise

12st 13 3/4lbs

Did not expect to be under the 13 stone this morning. I even wondered about not getting on the scale today.

Had the party for my husbands birthday yesterday. I managed to get through the day on a bowl of cereal in the morning and soup at lunch time. I was hungry but I knew there was nice food coming in the evening.

I wore my new floaty suit and felt quite respectable. I did spring rolls for a starter but I did not have one of those. I had some really nice veg. Did ribbons of butternut had water chesnuts lots of peppers and corgettes. We just fried the prawns on their own and I had about 8 of those with a veggie stir fry. Then a few noodles cooked in the prawn stock. The friend who was helping said you need more oil in this but I said no that is for me and put chicken stock in it instead.

Daughter had done a cheesecake with strawberries on top and I got a small teacup and had some in that. Much more limiting than a bowl. Everyonelse had ice cream as well.

Gave my husband his new golf set bag and trolley so he was happy. I get the old one that we have had for 30 years! Also the chocolate I kept in the fridge for him. Am so pleased that I can now have food and sweeties in the house without feeling an uncontrollable urge to finish whatever there is. That is such a relief that I can now control myself when food is around.

I had my teaspoon of cinnamon yesterday with cereal and my yoghurt. Definately feeling smaller and fitter.

Normality here I come. Would be the answer to prayer if I can get this fat off and keep it off for the rest of my life. Has been such a burden.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back after 2 days

13 stone.

Was hoping that figure would be in the 12sts but maybe tomorrow. We had our 2 days in Lusaka. Got lots of business done and meetings.

Eating plan went well. I had planned to go to our usual curry house for a lunch time curry. We found our usual comfort stop half way to town was closed because of illness and then the curry house was being refurbished so that was also shut.

My daughter used to work in O hagens which is more expensive but I said I would treat her to lunch so we went there. She pointed out that at the back of the menu they have weigh less options. So had a chicken breast with baked potato. Dont know if the chef knows weighless as they put a big lump of butter on the potato which I immediately removed. The next day we had the same only I told them no butter.

Rest of the meals went well. Had taken my own cereal and as we stayed in son in laws flat ( he was not there) there were no added tempations. Supper was a low fat yoghurt with cinnamon and a low cal soup. So good to feel in control and not to have put on LBs. Treated myself to a new nail varnish and lipstick.

While I was away the rain clouds came in. Do not want rain now as all the farmers are trying to get their wheat off. Too much rain and the wheat will only be good for stock feed. We had ordered the contractor for yesterday so he finished half a pivot yesterday. Husband only came in at 10pm and is starting again this morning. Have to get that wheat off in case there is more rain. Was very heavy north of Lusaka and south of Kabwe as we drove back.

Exchanged the scanner for a deskjet printer with scanning and copying buttons on the top so my husband can use it. Tried to install it on my little laptop this morning only to be told I need at least a pentium 2, memory is short as I have 96 and it needs 110 and I have IE 5 and I must have 6. So will only be able to use it on this laptop and not my old one. If I need to print from my old one will have to copy onto a flash drive and print from this machine. Having said that it prints out very nice colour photos and is a one button copier and easy enough for my husband to use.

Got all the ingredients for the stir fries tomorrow. Got some baby veg, peppers, corgettes baby corn etc. Also frozen spring rolls for a starter but I will not have that. Got some good quality soya sauce as well.

Daughter is keeping husbands birthday present which is a new set of golf clubs with bag and trolley. She will bring that up tomorrow. Its too big to wrap.

So still working towards getting under the 13st mark maybe by tomorrow.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thirty Pounds less

13st 1/4lb

Posting early this morning before Lusaka trip. Hope I dont blow it there but even then will only be delaying loss for a few days.

Decided to wear my new floaty top as it is very pretty and gives me a boost to be able to get into new clothes.

Hope to be under the 13stone by Monday.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Close to 13 stone

13 st and 3/4lb

Another 1/4 lb gone since yesterday. Have got 2 days in Lusaka coming up which I often find difficult. Will try not to have too much rice with my curry for lunch. In the evening we are doing self catering so can just have a low cal instant soup. Would be wonderful to see the scale go under the 13stone mark by Monday.

Went into the market yesterday to see if we could find an outfit for a wedding my daughter is going to later this month.

Did not find anything for her but I bought a floaty cream top and long skirt with big pink roses on. Its a 38 so a bit tight on my now but once I have lost another 7lbs to a stone it should look really nice. Has longer sleeves which is good as at my age sleeveless outfits do not look good on me.

This is the first time when I have been dieting that I am absolutely confident that I can lose this excess weight and keep it off without feeling deprived. I was reading some old magazines and it looks as though weightwatchers core plan has also cut out bread. They are using ryvita but I find I am better without any grain at all except the odd meal with rice.

Will post again at the weekend. Even if I do put on a bit over the next 2 days I know I can get it off again easily.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Decided to do a second post today and summarize all the things I have changed from my normal diet that makes me fat.

1) Given up bread for ever.
2) Have only 2 cups coffee in the morning. Tea rest of the day.
3) Main meal now at lunchtime.
4) Soup in the evening home made or weigh less instant.
5) 1 tspn cinnamon during the day.
6) Skim milk and diet coke.
7) low fat, low grain meals.
8) No in between meal snacks.

Think the major changes from previous diets are no 1 and 3. Feel I can keep this up for ever. Will have to if I want to get and remain slim.

Still schieving good losses

13st 1 lb

Have had quite a few days with just quarter pounds off and then from yesterday am to this morning have lost 1 and a quarter pounds.

I only have another one and a quarter pounds and I will be under the 13stone mark and into the 12 stones. I could do that by the beginning of next week.

Still having my cinnamon twice a day and am having good size meals. I am not feeling deprived at all.

A zip has gone in one of my pairs of big jeans and dont know if it is worth fixing. I will be putting them in the selling box soon as they will be too big for me.

Still have not started doing regular exercise. I am not very good about it and then feel depressed and a failure when I cant stick to a routine of exercise. So maybe it is better to leave the exercise until I am really motivated and want to try and whittle my waist down.

Got all the data off the school laptop yesterday and onto this one so school one I will take back next week.

Am pleased with this one but it does time out on the internet but not sure if that is my connection or something on the laptop.

Nails still looking pretty. Have some tears on the thumb nails but finger nails are perfect.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Two Stone gone

13 stone 2 1/4lbs

I did some blog housekeeping yesterday and went through getting rid of the posts from last years diet. This is a new diet and my last one. I will never have to do this again!

Am happy that I have achieved the 28lbs off. This is nearly half way to my first goal, I have 2 more lbs to get half way and 4 and a half to get under the 180lb mark and into the 170's. All those are achievable and I should get there in the next 2 weeks.

I bought a new pair of pretty shoes the other day and a new suit. I am not going to wait till I have my beautiful new figure before buying new clothes. Hopefully I can take the waists in or pass the clothes on if they get too big.

I am still not doing any extra exercise and hope I can finish this diet with just increasing my daily activity.

Last weeks weight loss was 3 1/2 lbs so still good for the middle section of the diet.

Am finding bones are appearing through the layers of fat and I can get my rings off my finger!

By next week hope to be nearer the 13st mark or even into the 12sts. That would be great. Still have no problem with cravings or motivation and have still not had any desire to eat more than I should.

Asked my daughter to look for the 21 day wonder diet also written by the AWW team,

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Much easier than usual

13 stone 2 1/2lbs

Decided to put my weight at the top of each new blog. As I change it on the profile I dont have a record of what my weight was for each posting.

I have 2 more days till my weekly weigh in and so far have lost 3 1/4 lbs this week so could be 3 3/4 lbs by Monday.

I went down to mind my 3 grandsons on Thursday and decided to take my own lunch. Took a tin of macedone veg, tin of tomato and black olive relish and mixed those up with some cooked chicken. While the boys were sleeping I got the accounts up to date and all the invoices entered.

I am keeping up with the cinnamon. Half a teaspoon on my cereal in the morning and another half on a small home made full fat yoghurt in the afternoon. I feel I am losing weight faster than I was 2 or 3 weeks ago. Will extract the weekly figures from the daily one and see how I am doing. Will be good to work out the monthly loss as well.

It is the beginning of half term today so got the next week off. Am going to organize a birthday dinner next Sunday for my husband. Will do a chinese meal with chicken and prawns. I will have a low cal soup for lunch so I can have as much as I like of the birthday dinner! Will try and use as less fat as possible for the cooking.

I will soon be half way through to my first goal and feeling well in control and not binging at all. Cravings have been completely switched off. The great carb neediness has vanished and I hope and pray it will never come back.

I am starting to feel confident I can get to a size 12 (UK) 36, 27, 36 and stay there forever!

I see there is a special way to insert links. Will try that cinnamon article again using the link setting.

Next post will be after 2 stone lost. Hopefully on Monday.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cinnamon Diet


I found this article through a South beach diet web page.

Since I found it I have been making an effort to have more cinnamon in my diet. This morning I had half a teaspoon on my bran/museli cereal and will have another half teaspoon in a small yoghurt this afternoon.

I dont know if my extra cinnamon intake is helping to move the fat out of my fat cells but in the last 4 days I have lost over 3lbs. This is a real bonus. In the last 24 hours the weight loss has gone back to 1/4lb a day which I am happy with. Still not tempted to eat outside meal times and feeling good. Hopefully I now have normal blood sugar.

Only another half pound to go and I have lost 28lbs or 2 stone. Once I lose the next 28lbs will be nearly down to my first goal weight.

Wish I had found this eating plan 40 years ago it would have saved a lot of misery and frustration!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Go Figure

Yesterday morning the scale showed 13st 4lbs this morning it showed 13st 3lbs! That means that I have lost 3 lbs in the last 4 days. Just does not seem possible but the scale does not lie. At least I hope it does not. This is my new scale so it should be 100%.

If I can continue losing at the rate of around 3lbs a week I shall be more than happy. Yesterday lunch was chicken pieces done in the slow cooker. I skimmed some of the fat off before adding cornflour to thicken up the sauce. Was flavoured with garlic cumin and lime. Served with steamed potatoes, spinach and cabbage, followed by a yoghurt with cinammon and sweetner. Supper was 2 bowls of veg soup made with the remains of the sauce and vegetables. Again no hunger pangs in the afternoon and no desire to overeat.

Today we are going into Mkushi so will put a chicken in the oven before we go and then do the veg when we get back.

Wore one of my dresses that had not seen the light of day for about 18 month. Had some comments at school that I looked glamorous and was asked if I had lost weight. Nice to have some compliments. Weight is a bit of a sensitive issue in Africa as someone who is losing weight may have Aids so often it is better not to comment about someones weight!

Now October so will do a body measurement today and see what the tape measure says. If I continue losing 12 lbs a month I could be 12 5 by the end of October and then 11 7 by the end of November when school finishes and I finally retire and set off to UK for a 2 week holiday. Will keep on with the no grain plan while in UK and could lose some weight there as well. Goal is in site of being under 11st for my birthday in February. Then will see if I can get under 10st again and this time stay there for the first time in my life.