Friday, October 17, 2008

Not easy day yesterday but coped

12st 13lbs

I had made plans yesterday but then my daughter asked if I could come and mind the twins while she went to run an AI course. I took some books and magazines and vidoes and my new laptop. I also took some frozen hake for lunch and diet coke.

I did manage to get through without overeating but I must admit to being tempted by the fruit cake she had made for her husbands birthday the day before. It had been cut and it would have been so easy to cut another slice and then another but I resisted.

I found she had some large corgettes so cooked that with a tin of ratatouille and my fish all in one pot. That gave me 3 bowlfuls of lunch. I read my books watched TV. I even started my salsa exercise DVD but half way through the power went off so that was the end of that.

She got back at 5 after the babies baths and I then left for home. Had one bowl of soup for supper and am half a pound less this morning. So now a pound under the 13 stone. Weight loss seems to have slowed down. Only 1 3/4lbs off last week but the important thing is that I weigh less this week than I did last week. That is the bottom line.

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