Saturday, October 18, 2008

Full Pantry

12.12 3/4 lbs

I have a pantry with lots of things I can eat if I want to. Funny thing is that I dont want to I just like to know that they are there!

I have tinned tomatoes with various added veg. Green peppers, pepperdew, ratatouille etc. Also got tins of macedone veg which is great in soup or as a standby. I also have about 10 packets of low calorie instant soups. Only 30 cals per mug so I can have those whenever I feel the need.

I am getting through the morning with my vanilla flavoured tea bags and then having lunch around 12.15 once the veg has steamed. We found some nice yellow sweet corn the other day and have tried steaming that. Takes a bit longer and I am just having half a cob but makes a nice change.

One more pound and I will be under the 180lb mark and into the 170's. Dont think I will make that by Monday but should be there mid next week.

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