Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Easier at Home

12 10 1/4 lbs

Yesterday I had steamed haddock with my veg for lunch and today we are having a roast chicken. I am trying to use the exercise bike 3 times a day and do 2kms each time. According to the digital read out that only uses up 90 cals but I am sure there is an increase in the cals used over the next hour or so after the exercise so I am assuming it is actually 150 cals which should take off an extra half pound a week. The bike also takes a reading of my pulse. I start at about 72 and go up to just over 100. If I go at a steady slower pace my pulse is steady around the 90 mark. I can do the 2kms in around 11 mins.

My nails are still looking good and I have not broken any. Still trying to find out if that is linked to the blood sugar/ insulin imbalance.

Five weeks time I will be in UK. I could be just over the 12 stone then. Dont think I will get under the 12 stone in 5 weeks unless I start losing 3 lbs a week again and I dont think that is possible.

I worked out I lost 12lbs in the last 5 weeks and it took me 6 weeks to lose a stone, 14 lbs,

I have 2 and a quarter pounds to lose and I will be under the 80kg mark. Should achieve that in the next 10 days or so.

I am looking forward to getting under the 12 stone and into the 11 stones as then I am simply overweight and not obese! Should do that in December.

I have never managed to stay slim. I worked out I have been in the 10stones maybe 7 times in my life and every time getting there was the signal to stop controlling my food intake and then I would be rapidly over the 12 stones again and that was the time to give up and just eat what I wanted.

This time is going to be different I am going to stay with the low grain,low fat way of eating. Stick to the main meal at lunch time and am going to get under 10st and stay there.

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