Monday, October 20, 2008

Slow but lower

12st 12 1/2 lbs

Not getting the big losses I was getting at the beginning but I still weigh less this week than I did last week and that is the bottom line.

Had a nice pampering day on Saturday and had my nails feet and face done. Also had eyebrow tinting and waxing. So no grey hairs there and eyebrows are much finer and neater. Think will keep up with that as it lifts my face a bit.

Not sure why the loss is less than usual. I have been eating sweetcorn so maybe that is why. Still not cheating and not finding it too difficult to keep to the routine.

I am hoping to get a PVR decoder next month instead of our basic one. Then I can set up a TV for the kids in what was my old computer room. Getting stuff sorted out in there now. I was thinking if I do get my exercise machine that I want this week I could use it in there rather than leaving it in the lounge. My plan is to watch TV while I ride it. If I could do 30 mins a day sure it would tone me a bit more and help with the weight loss.

Got 3 days in Lusaka later this week. Will take low cal soups and try and have one cereal meal, one low cal soup meal and then can eat out for the third meal.

If I could get under the 180lb mark before I go that would be a good incentive to keep to the eating plan.

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