Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bread: I was allergic and addicted

Feeling good about the sudden weight loss over the last 24 hours. Working it out I could be under the 12st mark by 2nd December when I fly to UK. So will aim for that and even if I dont make it I know I will achieve that goal while I am in UK.

I have made a vow never to eat bread again. My body is functioning very well without it and it is amazing how I dont get the cravings now I dont eat bread.

I was allergic to bread because it brought me out in great fat lumps! And addicted as once I had had one or two slices I soon wanted one or three or five more and was not able to resist the urge to stuff myself on bread which left me feeling bloated tired and fat!

Today I had fish for lunch and will be out this afternoon and away from temptation. Have booked a hair appointment before the meal out on Thursday.

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