Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Still schieving good losses

13st 1 lb

Have had quite a few days with just quarter pounds off and then from yesterday am to this morning have lost 1 and a quarter pounds.

I only have another one and a quarter pounds and I will be under the 13stone mark and into the 12 stones. I could do that by the beginning of next week.

Still having my cinnamon twice a day and am having good size meals. I am not feeling deprived at all.

A zip has gone in one of my pairs of big jeans and dont know if it is worth fixing. I will be putting them in the selling box soon as they will be too big for me.

Still have not started doing regular exercise. I am not very good about it and then feel depressed and a failure when I cant stick to a routine of exercise. So maybe it is better to leave the exercise until I am really motivated and want to try and whittle my waist down.

Got all the data off the school laptop yesterday and onto this one so school one I will take back next week.

Am pleased with this one but it does time out on the internet but not sure if that is my connection or something on the laptop.

Nails still looking pretty. Have some tears on the thumb nails but finger nails are perfect.

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