Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Still in control

12st 13 1/2 lbs

Yesterday my weight was up a bit which I suppose I should have expected after the party. Did not panic but carried on with normal eating and have now lost half a pound since Sunday so feeling happier.

My daughter is away in SA for 3 weeks so when she gets back I could be under 12st 7lbs.

I got the Doc Martin DVD's yesterday and have finished the first series yesterday afternoon. Finally managed to see my sister in the episode filmed at Bodmin Hospital. She said she was an extra and she is in 3 scenes. Will carry on with the rest of the episodes today.

Rain seems to be holding off which is good as we still have wheat out in the field.

I am trying to get my accounts moved from one computer to the other but the file is refusing to open with a runtime error. Copying it again to the flash drive and having another go. Earlier accounts files will open so is not a problem with the program.

12st 12lbs is 180lbs so 12st 11 3/4lbs is 179 3/4 lbs so that is only 1 3/4 lbs away. To get into the 170lbs would be a good achievement for this week.

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