Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Close to 13 stone

13 st and 3/4lb

Another 1/4 lb gone since yesterday. Have got 2 days in Lusaka coming up which I often find difficult. Will try not to have too much rice with my curry for lunch. In the evening we are doing self catering so can just have a low cal instant soup. Would be wonderful to see the scale go under the 13stone mark by Monday.

Went into the market yesterday to see if we could find an outfit for a wedding my daughter is going to later this month.

Did not find anything for her but I bought a floaty cream top and long skirt with big pink roses on. Its a 38 so a bit tight on my now but once I have lost another 7lbs to a stone it should look really nice. Has longer sleeves which is good as at my age sleeveless outfits do not look good on me.

This is the first time when I have been dieting that I am absolutely confident that I can lose this excess weight and keep it off without feeling deprived. I was reading some old magazines and it looks as though weightwatchers core plan has also cut out bread. They are using ryvita but I find I am better without any grain at all except the odd meal with rice.

Will post again at the weekend. Even if I do put on a bit over the next 2 days I know I can get it off again easily.

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