Friday, October 31, 2008

Hope I am not overdoing this

12st 9lbs

Decided yesterday to go and play some golf so husband could try out his new golf set. I had forgotten that this is the hottest time of the year. we started off round the golf course at about 10. No one else was there. I borrowed some of the new woods which dont seem to be made of wood any more and had some good hits with them but at the end of hole 2 I just came all over faint and had to lie down under a tree! I was wearing a hat and had taken water and diet coke. Think maybe my blood sugar just got too low.
I managed to stagger back to the car and once the aircon was on I was fine. Next time we go will make sure it is cooler and we go earlier in the morning.

Having no problem doing my 6km on the exercise bike each day. So much easier doing it while watching TV. Does not feel like exercise!

Have lost 10 3/4lbs this month so far. Could be 11lbs after the weighin tomorrow. That is not bad for the middle section of the diet.

I could still be under the 12st when I go to UK at the beginning of December. Still have not found the chart with the obese/overweight line on it. Think I am still on the upper side of that.

Ordered the slim to win book from Rosemary Conley from Amazon yesterday. I am going to try and set up a subscription to diet and fitness magazine so I get it sent out every month for the next year.
Nails still looking nice. Have got a hair do and laser hair treatment on Wed this week.

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