Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exercise must be working

12st 9 1/4 lbs

Have lost a pound since yesterday. At this rate I could be under the 12stone by the beginning of December.

I am having no problem fitting in my 3 10min sessions on the bike while watching TV. I up the distance abit as I get used to it. My muscles have not been exercised for so long I dont want to ask them to do too much too soon. I can feel a bit of an ache in my calves but nothing too serious.

I have to get started on my reports today. They have to be finished by 5th November. This is the last time I will ever have to do reports! It is a job I have always hated. Will get the pupils work marked before I do the reports. Marking today and maybe get the names on the reports with grades and then can do comments over the weekend. Print off on Monday and sign them ready to hand to the tutor.

It is a public holiday today for voting and I have suggested to my husband that we take the 2 sets of golf clubs and go to the club and maybe do 5 or 6 holes while no body much is around so he can get a feel for his new set. He did not say yes or no yesterday so will wait till breakfast and see if there are any plans for the day.

Still reading my slimming magazines. When you read the small print it seems that other dieters have also had success by giving up grains and cutting back on bread. I have gone one step further and cut bread out all together and now dont miss it at all and am sticking to diet and feeling satisfied with the amount I am eating and still losing weight. The Ideal diet.

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