Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finger Nails and Obesity

All my life I have wanted pretty nails. Not particularly long talons but nails that would grow beyond the ends of my fingers and that I could file into a nice shape.

Never happened, unless I paid or bought false ones that stuck on my nails and turned the nail underneath into soft tissue paper!

As regular readers here will know I started taking Evening Primrose and Borage oil supplements just before Christmas last year. I now take 2500gms to give me 350mg GLA each day. I take this with Vit E but I only take my fish oils Omega 3's in the evenings as I believe the GLA and Omega 3's compete for the enzymes needed to process these fatty acids.

The books say it takes 6 to 7 months for a finger nail to grow from the nail bed to the end of the finger so I was not expecting to see any finger nail growth till towards the middle of the year. But surprise surprise it is only 3 months and already I have nails that are so much stronger and more flexible and dont flake and tear and they are just beyond the end of my fingers now. Today they have red nail polish on them! They dont look like my nails!

I have been deficient in essential fatty acids all my life. I dont know if I have not been consuming the mother fatty acids needed to make these, or if my body does not make the enzymes in enough quantity to process the Omega 6's in my diet. I dont use a lot of grain/bean oils so it could be 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

What I do know is when I take the EPO and Borage oil, on its own, my appetite is completely normal. I no longer get cravings in the afternoon and evenings. I no longer binge. I can eat my supper and then stop eating and dont even think about food for hours at a time.

I never want to be so out of control around food again. It was not hunger it was a deficiency.

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Obesity, A deficiency Disease? available now from Amazon for your kindle.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Essential Fatty Acids in Children's Diets

Here is an email I have just written to my Daughters and daughter in law.

EFA have been forgotten in children's diets because of the anti fat anti obesity drive.

I believe the 2 things are linked. The anti fat drive has caused the obesity!

'I am doing more research on essential fatty acids. These are essential
fats that our body is not able to make and must come from food every

Unfortunately the modern diet does not contain foods with good sources of EFA.

These would be grass fed milk, meat and butter.
Omega 3 enriched eggs
Tinned fish in their own oil ( not soya or veg oil)
Fresh oily fish

When I was a child I was given cod liver oil every day ( I hated the
fishy taste!) it was provided free for all children on the NHS in UK.
Dad was also given cod liver oil and malt every day.

I have now bought cod liver oil and malt from Link and Dawns kids are
starting to get accustomed to taking it!

Many of the formula milks available are also short on EFA. The
importance of these fats was not understood and soya oil or corn oil
were added to formula milk instead of the saturated fats ( coconut and
palm) that used to be added.

Can you supplement all the children with sources of EFA?

Give them cod liver oil and malt.

Use butter ( kerrygold) instead of margarine.

Get full fat cheese and milk and not low fat anything!

Try and give them fish once in a while!

Cut back on the use of vegetable oils, soya sunflower etc and increase
extra virgin oil oil use.

good fats and oil are very satisfying so children should be less
hungry between meals!

This is what I studied at college but we never looked at the
importance of fat! Rather it was the less fat you eat the better!'

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fat Fast Dana Carpendar

Just downloaded Dana's new book. It is available on Kindle only within USA so I had to get the PDF version.

Have printed out the introduction which is the first 27 pages, With recipes it is 96 pages so will only print out those ones I need.

Basically it is a short sharp shock to the metabolism to break a stall. Five snacks a day ( you cant really call them meals) high in fat and low in protein and veg.

I have not tried it yet as I am still happy with my weight loss. The GLA and fish oil capsules are still doing the job for me. Stops me snacking and binging in the afternoons and evenings.

Also download

Obesity, A Deficiency Disease?

Onto your kindle.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Obesity is fixable

Finally got the book out there. Now available for Kindle

Obesity A Deficiency Disease if you are in UK

Obesity A Deficiency Disease if you are in USA.

What the book says is that cravings and binging are not caused by normal hunger. They are caused by a deficiency. The deficiency is fatty acids, the ones needed to make the hormones. 

The body is not a very precise machine and instead of sending messages craving specific fats Gamma Linolenic Acid it send a message craving for sugar ( the body does try to make GLA from sugar!). 

If you take GLA as a supplement ( Evening primrose or starflower  (borage oil) then the cravings just stop. They no longer happen and you no longer binge on sugar in the afternoons and evenings.

Buy the book to find out more.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Obesity, A Deficiency Disease?

Now available to download to your kindle!

Link is here

This is the book description

What if the calorie theory is wrong? What if your metabolism is making and keeping you fat? What if it is possible to change your metabolism by what you eat and what you don’t eat? What if eating low fat, high carb, low calorie foods makes the deficiency worse? What if you could finally understand why you binge and learn how to stop binging tomorrow? What if your body is unable to make one vital fatty acid and drives you to eat carbs to compensate? The GLA diet plan (Gamma linolenic Acid) teaches you about your body. You will learn how to work with it, to get your eating under control and finally slowly lose the excess pounds. This eating plan is for people with a BMI of 28 and above who have yoyo dieted for years. This is a medium fat, medium protein, low carb diet with vital supplements. You must get enough essential fatty acids in your diet every day or you will struggle, as you have with other diets. Eat healthy nourishing meals, 3 times a day, and watch the numbers on the scale decrease. Then keep that weight off, for ever!

I have finally got into the 29BMI range. I have not had cravings, binging or nibble need for nearly 2 months.

The low carb diet is only half the answer. The other half is the EFA that the modern diet is missing.

Try this if you are a yoyo dieter.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Up to Amazon now

Uploaded the book about 2 days ago so waiting on Amazon. If they say eating plan does not meet the Government guidelines of 6 to 11 portions of starchy carbs per day they will be absolutely right!

Checked back on last years weight loss graph. I was this weight about June 2012. Got another 0.9kg to go to get under that 30BMI again and then another 0.5kg to get to last years lowest weight. Then it is free wheeling downhill to under 70kg.

Six big plastic containers arrived via Amazon yesterday. 2 of cod liver oil and 4 of omega 3 fish oils so I should not run out any time soon.

I am taking omega 3 and omega 6 for life now as I never want to be so out of control around food again. Got a trip to UK planned for Sept so aiming for 70kg by then which would be great.