Saturday, February 09, 2013

Up to Amazon now

Uploaded the book about 2 days ago so waiting on Amazon. If they say eating plan does not meet the Government guidelines of 6 to 11 portions of starchy carbs per day they will be absolutely right!

Checked back on last years weight loss graph. I was this weight about June 2012. Got another 0.9kg to go to get under that 30BMI again and then another 0.5kg to get to last years lowest weight. Then it is free wheeling downhill to under 70kg.

Six big plastic containers arrived via Amazon yesterday. 2 of cod liver oil and 4 of omega 3 fish oils so I should not run out any time soon.

I am taking omega 3 and omega 6 for life now as I never want to be so out of control around food again. Got a trip to UK planned for Sept so aiming for 70kg by then which would be great.

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