Saturday, July 06, 2019

I have an Insulin problem, the obesity is a side effect.

God under the 90kg just before my trip to UK.

So very happy to have made that goal in time.

Will now have the issue of holding on to the weight loss and maybe seeing another drop when I am outside of my kitchen and eating lots of meals out.

Hope I can still arrange my fasting mimicking meals and then just eat out once a day.

Problem when we are at a hotel and will be eating 3 meals a day out.

Going to try and stick to yoghurt berries and a few nuts for breakfasts. Cottage or cream cheese if I can find it.

Last month I lost 2.8kg and the month before 2.7kg.

Will be happy if I can lose around the 2kg during the next month.

If I dont I know where I have been going wrong all my life and can get back on track in August.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

The gift that keeps on giving

This really seems to be working for me.

It takes me about 10 days to lose 1kg. So not a crash diet. Just seeing the scale drift through the numbers is very satisfying and rewarding after all the trouble I have had in the past with the numbers on the scales relentlessly going up and not understanding how to stop them.

My sleep is better now that I am having my main meal in the evening.

I have about 4 types of tea for the afternoon. Regular celyon, rooibos, earl grey and chamomile for the evening. I only put milk in the celyon tea and only 1 mug a day.

I put a pair of jeans in the bin bag this week. They were just too loose and baggy and it was not worth adjusting them as I have others I can now wear and more on stand by as my body gets smaller.

I have lost 2 inches off chest and waist and 4" off my hips since the start of this 5 mths ago.

Need to repeat that and then take of half that amount to get to where I want to be.

But it feels doable at last.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Hope to make my short term goal

I have a long term goal which is to finally understand why my weight has been such a problem for me all my life and to finally get down to an acceptable size when I can buy normal size clothes in normal shops that look good on my normal body.

My short term goal is to get under 90kg by the time I go to UK next month. That means I need to lose 05kg per week for the next three weeks which I feel is quite achievable.

I have a stop and start relationship with weight loss. I can stay around the same weight for 4 days to a week and then my body decides to drop the weight. This is what it has done over the last 2 days and I have found 800gms gone on the scale.

I have a theory that my fat cells reduce in fat but gain in water for a few days. Then the body cant hold onto the extra water and the water is released resulting in a weight loss.

I know that I have been doing things right. I am fasting and consuming my bone broth and yoghurt cheese, not eating any grain or high carb veg. So theoretically the weight must go down. But its very nice when it does.

One pair of jeans which I could not get into 5 mths ago are now getting too big. So they will join the elasticated trousers in the bin bag. Got 2 more smaller jeans I am trying on to see when they are comfortable enough to wear.

Great something is finally working for me.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Metabolism Change

I did not think it was possible to change your metabolism.

After 67 yrs living in this body I was used to it demands for carbs and sugar in the afternoons and evenings and accepted that as it has always been this way it would always continue and I would always accept that I would struggle with my appetite.

I was used to counting calories and cutting fat and being in a permanent state of low blood sugar, high insulin and being hungry every afternoon and evening.

Now I am consuming fat in my diet and cutting way down on my carbs, on a keto diet I find the hunger has gone.

I might feel like having some cheese maybe in the afternoon. But I eat without guilt and enjoy what I am eating.

I have high fat fromage frais made from yoghurt for breakfast. My bone broth with either marmite or bovril and oil or butter for lunch.

Evening is meat and vegetables.

I am getting into jeans I have not worn in years.

I have an expectation now that as long as I do not go back to my high carb diet I will continue to lose the weight and then be able to maintain a new slim figure. Something I have never been able to claim before.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Getting into a routine

Finding this less of a struggle now I have been doing it for a few months.

I always got in a panic about the idea of skipping meals as I thought it would make me climb the walls with hunger.

But in fact skipping breakfast makes me less hungry and has stopped the continual need to eat in the afternoons.

I get up and have a few cups of coffee with cream. I hardly think about food in the morning and not even any tummy grumbles till about 11.30.

I try and do my exercise in the morning, got a new glide machine with arms so looking forward to trying that.

Yesterday I ate 2 cold chicken wings while I was heating up my bone broth with cauliflower lunch. I follow that with a mainly lettuce salad plus the fromage frais which I make from hanging greek yoghurt. I might also have a spoon of that in the morning as it is a pro biotic.

After lunch I might have a siesta till 14 hrs.

Cup of tea with milk at 3.30 and start preparing supper for 6pm when the children arrive home from school.

I have one bowl of food for supper. Yesterday was fillet steak with pepper cream sauce. The radishes I planted are ready so I made radish 'chips', cauliflower, cabbage and courgetti noodles.

Then a cup of chamomille tea in the evening.

Scale has moved down 400gms in last 2 days.

The freedom from the endless need to eat is something I have never experienced before.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Turning Dieting on its Head

All the things I thought to be true about dieting are wrong.

So its no wonder I have battled with this for so long to try and get my weight under control.

Eat low calorie

wrong you need to consume good fats and oils which are high calorie.

Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks to prevent hunger.

Wrong food causes you to be more hungry especially high carb low calorie food.

Wrong on eating 5 or 6 times a day. Better results if you eat twice. Lunch and dinner.

Feeling hungry means you are losing weight.

Not necessarily you could have just run out of quick energy, glucose from high carb foods, you may not be able to access your fat stores, because your insulin is too high.

Insulin locks the fat away and does not allow the body to use it up for energy if there is glucose available.

You need to suffer and be punished to lose weight and only eat small meals with uninteresting food!

Wrong if you embrace good fats and oils and protein and green veg and only eat twice a day you will enjoy your meals and not have to go to bed hungry as you do on a low cal diet.

check out

Banting diet made simple and Delicious.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Into Jeans again

Since about Jan 18 I have not been able to do up my size 16 jeans.

But yesterday I wore one pair and today the other. I have had them hanging up outside my wardrobe so I saw them every day.

The wonderful thing about this eating plan is that I know I will never not be able to do them up again and that I better get as much wear out of them as possible as soon they will be too big and I will have to throw them out.

I have jeans in all different sizes from 12 to large 18's with stretch.

So from not being able to get any on 3 mths ago I now have 3 pairs I can wear with comfort.

So that is major progress even though I have not seen much progress with the measure tape.

My body seems to use up its fat from the outer extremities first. So wrists are much thinner!!

I know eventually the body fat will have to be targeted as well and I just have to hang in there and wait for it to happen.

Reading Laid Back Guide to Intermittent Fasting. She lost 82lbs but went on to one meal a day or OMAD.

I dont feel ready for that not sure if I ever well be.

While I can comfortably go without food in the mornings now and dont even feel hungry till about 11. Its wonderful not to be thinking about food all the time.

My afternoons are continuing to be untroubled with thoughts of food or binging.

My metabolism has changed and I did not think it was possible for me to feel this way.

I am now totally trust worthy around food. I trust myself so much more which is a big break through.