Thursday, September 14, 2017

Progress ?

Well am 6kg down in a month.

That has not been too difficult and I dont feel I am being deprived.

Its still early days but the dreadful afternoon eating seems to have gone.

My aim this time is not to diet as fast as I can, so I can go back to 'normal' eating. Normal eating makes me obese as I have real problems with flour products and sugar.

So I have to find a new normal and I think this is it.

I dont feel starving the way I have on previous dietary regimes.

My aim is to lose around 2kg a month, so I am taking this very slow do I dont get back to binge mode again.

I have ordered all the books from Trim Healthy Mama plan. But for now am making do with those I can download.

I have started making the cauliflower mash, and also broccoli when I cant get hold of cauliflowers.
To my steamed veg I am adding bit of cream and butter some black pepper and chicken stock cube or gel. Then blitz it with a stick blender till smooth. I find I can keep this covered in the fridge for a few days.

I have a couple of spoons heated in the microwave with my 2 poached eggs for breakfast.

Lunch is generally a salad with feta cheese, have made sauerkraut so add that and mayonnaise and cider vinegar.

Mid afternoon is an apple. ( I am happy to be able to have fruit as I gave up fruit on Atkins).

Dinner will be some sort of meat, sausage, chicken with veg and more cauli mash.

I am making gravy from my gluccoman that arrived the other day with some meat juices and/or chicken stock.

I am not eating again after dinner, because I dont need to which is a blessing.

If I fancy something sweet I have a tea cup of yogurt with xylitol and cinnamon but I try not to have that every day.

I am trying not to set myself up for failure on this as I have failed so often.

Good my clothes are starting to feel a bit baggy.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Here we go Again

50 yrs and counting! I have been dieting for sooo long with not a lot to show for it! Or rather too much!

Hope I am finally going to sort this problem out without going to extremes and having surgery!

A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a scare and had what I am told was a TIA.

I am now on aspirin and hope it does not happen again.

So new attempt and new diet plan.

My daughter has been talking about Trim Healthy Mama plan.

So ordered the books and having a go.

So far it seems to be either meals with protein and fat. plus green veg. Or meals with protein and low GI carbs plus green  veg and no fat.

So it seems doable.

Of course where I live I cant get all the nut and seed flours and special foods.

So will have to work with what I can get.

Will wait and see if I get any results.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

So Far So Good

Weigh day is tomorrow.

Hope to find the weight loss is continuing. I have moved the scale into my daughters flat next door so I am not continually jumping, or rather carefully stepping, on to it, a la Bridget Jones.

I have starved myself down in the past a couple of times. I usually aim for around 64kg. But within a few weeks the cravings get too strong and I find I am eating my way back to my usual mid 90kg.

At the start of this last attempt I was well over 100kg and feeling really tired with no energy.

What I have found is that giving up the milk has definitely made a difference to my appetite control in the afternoons.

From about 3pm onwards I used to continually want to snack and would be visiting the fridge to find something to eat.

Now I can go 3 or 4 hrs without eating anything and then have a nice hot plate of veg with cheese or a cold salad and easily forget about food till the next meal. I can walk past the fridge without opening it to find a little something.

I am just hoping I have finally found the simple answer to my obesity. Give up milk and white carbs. I dont have any bread either.

I feel my legs are thinner but still plenty to go off the centre area.

Today my husband has bacon for breakfast. So I will have a bowl of green beans, home made tomato sauce, bacon and cheese all heated in microwave for lunch just before 12. Yesterday I topped that with anchovy paste to give lots of flavour.

That will be my first meal of the day.

I have hard boiled eggs in the fridge. I cook 6 at a time and have those with some lettuce, maybe avo and mayonnaise and balsamic in the afternoon.

Then what ever meat we are having with green veg and cauliflower. I managed to find some cauliflowers in the local shop.

I am still on my blood pressure pills but wondering if I will be able to cut back in a few weeks time. Will keep checking at home to see if the numbers are fine.

If milk is my problem I wish I had know 50 yrs ago. It would have saved so much grief and upset over the years!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Three Years Later

At 65 I am fed up with having to continually do this.

I do not want to be the obese woman in the wheel chair and unable to do anything for myself, so this finally has to work and the weight has to stay off.

So even if I have failed on every other attempt over the last 55 yrs I am still going to give it a go.

I got back from holiday 2 weeks ago and decided that enough. I am fed up of looking and feeling like this.

One of the things I have picked up over my reading is that insulin is the main problem when trying to lose weight. Insulin opens the doors to the cells, ushers the fat in and slams the door shut and keeps it shut. The fat cannot get out again if the blood stream is full of insulin. When your body cant get at the fat stores it send panicky messages for more food and the cravings kick in.

I had a fasting insulin text at my last medical. 26, I was told normal is under 10.

One of the most insulicmic foods is milk. I have always drunk milk in my coffee. 6 or 7 mugs of coffee every day. I have switched the skim milk and back again. But never given it up.

This time I have.

My drink of choice is now rooi ( red) bush tea with cinnamon. One tea bag does me most of the day. I just keep adding boiling water to it!

We bought a walking machine and have set it up in the lounge so I can put on a DVD and get some exercise. I am up to 2km a day. Walking only.

I skip breakfast, not really hungry in the morning. I have lunch around 11.30 to 12. Green veg with a tomato sauce ( home made) and a bit of cheese all microwaved.

Mid afternoon I have an egg salad with some mayo and balsamic.

Then evening is meat/chicken/fish and green veg.

I am impressed with Tom Kerridge. Got the book last week.

He talked about enjoying your diet. Maybe I will enjoy this one!

I feel lighter and have noticed more energy and find myself tidying up stuff that has been sitting for months!

About 4kg gone so far.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cream in my Coffee

Last week our local shop got cream in. Very unusual. I bought a litre and have started having that in my coffee. The way I have decided to work it is to have one mug of coffee with cream and then the next mug is boiling water. If I have a bit of coffee left I will top it up with the boiling water. I really dont notice the difference.

I do feel some hunger about an hour before lunch and maybe 2 hrs before supper, but is it proper hunger and is manageable. Not that brain hunger which drives me straight to the bread bin or cereal packet.

I found some tinned peppered mackerel fillets so will have that with flax toast for lunch. I made a loaf with the golden flax seed this week so that makes a nice change.

Treated myself to a facial this week but also had a dentist app, so did the dentist first followed by the facial.

Now on about 30 BMI. Keen to drop down in the 20's within the next month or so.

My body is finally using up all these fat stores that have hung around for so long.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Eat Fat and Be Slim

Maybe that would be a good title for a book. But would anyone believe it?

Even I cant believe it sometimes. I get on the scale each day ( yes gone back to daily weighing I just cant resist) and find that I either weigh the same as the day before, bit disappointing but then I am eating so much and so well, or I find a 100 to 200gms weight loss. I very rarely see a gain even with all the calories I am eating which is quite remarkable.

It has taken me 14 days to lose the last 1kg or 2.2lbs. The kg before that took 10 days. But am I bothered?
Not at all. All I want to see is a lower figure on the scale and a cure for my eating disorder ( binging) and adding fat into my meals has done that.

This is not a restrictive diet. I can eat most things at meal times as long as I stay away from starch and sugar. I leave the table feeling satisfied. I dont weigh anything or count any calories I dont portion out my plate.

I eat like a normal person and my cravings for starch that used to plague every afternoon have vanished as if they never were a problem.

I have been on endless diets before. All of them restricting fats and oils and some of them restricting protein portions and all of them with fat free veg. Every day I battled on them to stay on the program and not to give in to cravings and to start a binge which I would not be able to stop. I do not have to go to bed early to stop myself eating snacks in the evening.

This is so different. When I do bother to add up my calories from meals they come to about 1600 for the day. Normally on that I would have no hope of losing any weight. I might even gain! But on 1600 with about 600 from fats and oils I am losing, steadily and regularly.

Maybe my fate is not to be the obese person I always have been. Perhaps there really is a smaller body here somewhere.

This is an eating plan not just to lose the weight but for life.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Fats v Carbs

I was very interested in the above article in the Wall Street Journal.

For over 50 yrs I have been trying the uphill journey of weight loss by cutting out all fat and counting calories. Endless misery for very little result.

Yes maybe I lost 20 or 40 or even once over 60lbs but my insulin problem was still there, still waiting for me to relapse which I always did. The eating disorder would kick in, the cravings would become uncontrollable and the weight would come storming back on.

I have now lost 10kg or 22lbs in 4 months. It has not been a crash diet it has been steady and doable. The eating disorder has gone. I eat a good meal at lunch time and my afternoons now speed by with productive activities and then it is time for dinner. The fats and oils I am consuming during meals are holding back the cravings for carbs and the only 'bread' I eat is flax bread, 2 small slices, once a day. Not 6 slices of toast in a binge mid afternoon.

Can I eat like this for the rest of my life? Yes I believe I can. I can cope with restaurant meals and holidays. My only issue is eating at other peoples houses. Do I take my flaxbread? Do I take a suitable drink just in case they only have wine or sugar filled mixers?

For years I was on a low fat diet. Even when not dieting I still did not deliberately add fat to my meals. So this is a big change. I am not just consuming a normal amount of fat or oil. For me normal was zero. So I have to make sure I put pats of butter on my veg, or add olive oil to my salads. I take sesame oil as a supplement and have 1 tspn per day.

All this is giving me about 600 to 700 calories from fat a day. I am consuming about 1500 cals per day. Far more than on my low calorie diet.

Interestingly when I work out what I think my calorie needs are for the day it used to work out about 1800 cals per day. Food eaten calories plus calorific value of weight lost ( assuming all that was fat). Working that calculation now gives me a figure of 2270 which means my calorie needs have increased by 470 cals per day because I now eat fat instead of carbs.

Another fact I picked up is that the body can waste fat. If it is getting too much and does not need it it can be burned off with the brown fat and can be excreted. All carbs if not needed for energy are stored as glycogen and fat. The body does not waste any sugar or starch.