Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fabulous Diet


Weight has been the same for a few days. But I know the scale will start to shift downwards soon. My system is still on a stall from the trip to Lusaka.

I went to the Country Club last night and received lots of compliments. Three of the ladies want details of the diet. I told them this is the Fabulous diet. You feel fabulous, look fabulous and eat fabulous food!

I had a nut attack yesterday and ate more than I should have done but I enjoyed them. It was the almonds I had bought in Lusaka.

Redid my nail polish yesterday. A pretty pale pink colour. Nails and not splitting and breaking all over the place so the calcium I started last August has finally kicked in. Will not stop it now so hope nails will stay strong and pretty. My fingers are much thinner than they have never been and so are my wrists. Last time I had nails like this they were fake but these ones are real!

Looking forward to a quiet day at home last week has been very busy. Still hoping to get below 154lbs next week.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nearly Under 11 stone

Hope to get under that 154lbs within the next few days.

It will be such a joy to be in the 10stones. Then I will really feel I have got my weight finally under control.

Will post again when I get there.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I forgot about chocolate


On Friday I went to town and as I was picking the children up for the weekend I decided to buy a treat and got 5 big kitkat bars. The melted a bit in my bag on the way home so I put them straight in the freezer when I got in while I was fixing lunch. My husband and grandchildren shared 2 bars after lunch and we left the other 3 bars in the freezer.

After supper that evening my granddaughter reminded me about the remaining bars and could they have some before bed. I had completely forgotten they were there. I used to be addicted to chocolate. I would know how many squares were left in the packet.

When I was a child I had to finish my Easter egg the same day even if I had 4 big chocolate eggs all with fillings. I was not able to relax until I had eaten all the chocolate and I knew there was nothing left in the house.

It is wonderful to feel that sugar does not have that hold over me any more. I am no longer an addict.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Newer scale is working


My new scale is showing 0.4lb that is 6oz loss this morning and the old one no loss at all. So I was right to suspect the old one and get my new one back from my daughter. She said she was not using it.

The new one does not show stones and weighs in lbs and tenths of a pound. So I have to do some maths to work out the actual weight. Old scale weighed in stones and lbs and quarter lbs.

Am still keeping to the 25 grms of carbs a day may be 30 on some days as I do have a whole small avocado sometimes.

As long as the scale keeps dropping I am happy. I do find I have to have my meals a bit earlier than I used to. Breakfast is about 6.30am but I am usually up at 4.30! Lunch is at 12 and then supper at 5pm and after that I dont eat or drink at all.
But it is working so will carry on with it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Four Stone


Finally made the 56lb loss this morning. I have been yoyoing up and down by 1 or 2lbs for the past 2 weeks which has been frustrating for me.

I finally stopped having the salty foods yesterday. Bacon for breakfast and feta cheese for supper, had tuna in oil instead, and it has worked and scale has budged off that 156.75lbs where it seems it has been stuck for weeks.

Once I have lost another 2lbs I will finally be under the 11 stone mark and into the 10stones. I still have some belly rolls and am looking forward to seeing those disappear. Am doing the exercise each day. I managed to get my netbook set up with power DVD and can play my DVD's on it. It is much smaller to carry around and the battery lasts longer so I can set it up and exercise in the bedroom if the TV is in use.

Maybe my new black jeans will fit soon.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Only 5lbs to go to First Goal


I am within 5lbs of my first goal weight. Once I get there I am going to reset the goal to 132lbs which is 9st 6lbs. That will be a BMI of 22. Dont know what I will look like at that weight and I can tweak the figure when I get there.

Will try and fit in an hour of exercise this morning before church. If I cant get the whole thing done will do it in 2 sessions and do the second half this afternoon.

Nails are starting to poke out beyond the ends of my fingers again so I put some varnish on them yesterday. Did my toes while I was at it.

Having folk in for lunch today. Hope there are not too many left overs. Always a concern when I make too much food but I think with the low carb diet I am more in control of my appetite as long as I dont eat grain carbs, and as long as I am not hungry I can control myself around food.

I ate 1500cals of food yesterday and still lost quarter of a pound between yesterday am and today.

This has to be the only diet that has worked like this. I felt so hopeless about my weight before. It just all seemed beyond my control but now I am in control.

Hope to lose the next 3/4lb by the end of this week and then get under that magic 11st ( 154) mark into the 10stones.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Doing the Exercise


Another half a pound gone. I have been surprising myself by doing the whole hour of the exercise DVD for the past couple of days. I have more energy than I have for years.

I put my foods eaten into the site to see an analysis of what I was eating and found that my carbs were still to high. I was still losing weight at that rate which is good as when I have reached my goal I can increase my carbs to a point where I can maintain the same weight. My carbs the other day were 93gms but I forgot to take off the fibre which was about 30 so I ended up with net carbs of 60+.

I then looked to see where my carbs were coming from and found a surprising number in the milk I was having in my tea and coffee. All my other diets have insisted on having half a pint of milk every day and I just carried on with that without thinking. I have now decided to have 2 tspns of milk in my coffee first thing and then have black tea for the rest of the day.

I also finally cut out the potato and pumpkin I was having for lunch. My cals then went too low on the chart. Down to 1000 cals so I had to decide what I should eat to get the cals back up to 1300- 1400 cals so have added a tin of fish. Either one tin of sardines or half a tin of tuna in oil. I will see if I can buy some pilchards in the local shops but they usually only have chilli ones and I dont like hot food.

Hope to have lost the 4stone or 56lbs by next week and then get to my first goal the week after. Will then reset the goal and carry on downwards to under 140lb. Maybe 138.

Just got the Atkins Diet Revolution from Amazon and that is very helpful. Lots of good stuff there so will have to reread it.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cut down on Milk


I put my normal diet into the site yesterday and found that my carb grms were 93gms. Which is very high for a low carb diet. I was still losing weight on that which means that when I get to my goal weight I will be able to add quite a few good carbs back into my diet and still maintain the same weight which is hopeful for the future.

My main carbs were coming from milk in my tea and coffee (9) yoghurt (9) pumpkin (19) onion (5) potato (5).

I got the figure down to 60 yesterday but replacing the pumpkin with tomato and not having the onion or any milk in my tea.

This morning I have lost a further half a pound and have also turned my keto sticks pink for the first time ever.

I am now having milk in my first 2 cups of coffee, but only 2 teaspoons and will have black tea for the rest of the day.

I will keep the yogurt in the diet as I feel it is good for me and enjoy a bit of sweetness with the coffee and cinnamon flavouring.

Should be under the 56lb loss by the end of next week. That will be 4 stone off.

Still doing the exercise to music and did an extra session yesterday as chose the wrong track so did the fat burning bit as well. Tummmy is definately flatter. Think the last 20lbs will go off my back and front as legs and arms are quite slim now.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Getting Slimmer


I could change the numbers in the profile today. I am finally back to under the weight I was before I went to SA in January. So this is the lowest weight I have been in years.

I have 2 mini goals in mind. One is to get to 156lbs which would mean I have lost 4 stone and the other is to get under the 150lbs and into the 140's. I am going to reset my goal once I get under the 152lbs. Think I may set it for 5lbs intervals each time. 5lbs is not too much and I should be able to lose that in a month.

Very pleased with the veggie garden. We have sweetcorn ready but only my husband is eating that as I dont think it is on my diet plan! But I am having lovely fresh lettuce every evening for supper with parsely and thyme. Am also putting tomato, onion rings, avocado and a small amount of feta cheese and then olive oil. I had lots of salads last week in Joburg and have now got a taste for them.

Met an ex colleague on Monday who I had not seen for 6 years. She did not recognise me till I got close. She is also losing weight and had been on a diet for 5 weeks and says she is going low carb. I have offered to help her. Maybe I can go round once a week and we can weigh in together. I can certainly lend her some books. I got another six on Monday. Atkins Advantage 12 week plan, Sb cookery books 4 of them, 500 low carb receipes. Still 2 to come.

Found some soya flour in Lusaka on Sunday but not sure what to do with it. I dont want to rock the boat by trying to make low carb bread or biscuits as I am feeling this is working so well. Once I get down to under the 140lb mark then I can start adding things in to the diet and see what I can eat and still stay under that weight.

Got a dinner party on Sunday so will have to plan a menu. Also got a business dinner on 14th March and may go out with son and in laws on the Friday night. Dr Agagston had some good advice and said not to try and cut down before a party as you then get so hungry you overeat at the do. Better to stick to same routine before and afterwards. Go back to phase 1 if you have really overdone it at the evening out. I will try and do that. As over those 2 days we will be eating out Fri lunch and supper and then Sat lunch and dinner. Will try and stick to salads fish and chicken and hope I can maintain weight and not put on.

Will try on posh frock and choose shoes sometime this weekend. Feet have shrunk from size 8 to size 7 since last year.