Saturday, March 07, 2009

Doing the Exercise


Another half a pound gone. I have been surprising myself by doing the whole hour of the exercise DVD for the past couple of days. I have more energy than I have for years.

I put my foods eaten into the site to see an analysis of what I was eating and found that my carbs were still to high. I was still losing weight at that rate which is good as when I have reached my goal I can increase my carbs to a point where I can maintain the same weight. My carbs the other day were 93gms but I forgot to take off the fibre which was about 30 so I ended up with net carbs of 60+.

I then looked to see where my carbs were coming from and found a surprising number in the milk I was having in my tea and coffee. All my other diets have insisted on having half a pint of milk every day and I just carried on with that without thinking. I have now decided to have 2 tspns of milk in my coffee first thing and then have black tea for the rest of the day.

I also finally cut out the potato and pumpkin I was having for lunch. My cals then went too low on the chart. Down to 1000 cals so I had to decide what I should eat to get the cals back up to 1300- 1400 cals so have added a tin of fish. Either one tin of sardines or half a tin of tuna in oil. I will see if I can buy some pilchards in the local shops but they usually only have chilli ones and I dont like hot food.

Hope to have lost the 4stone or 56lbs by next week and then get to my first goal the week after. Will then reset the goal and carry on downwards to under 140lb. Maybe 138.

Just got the Atkins Diet Revolution from Amazon and that is very helpful. Lots of good stuff there so will have to reread it.

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