Sunday, March 08, 2009

Only 5lbs to go to First Goal


I am within 5lbs of my first goal weight. Once I get there I am going to reset the goal to 132lbs which is 9st 6lbs. That will be a BMI of 22. Dont know what I will look like at that weight and I can tweak the figure when I get there.

Will try and fit in an hour of exercise this morning before church. If I cant get the whole thing done will do it in 2 sessions and do the second half this afternoon.

Nails are starting to poke out beyond the ends of my fingers again so I put some varnish on them yesterday. Did my toes while I was at it.

Having folk in for lunch today. Hope there are not too many left overs. Always a concern when I make too much food but I think with the low carb diet I am more in control of my appetite as long as I dont eat grain carbs, and as long as I am not hungry I can control myself around food.

I ate 1500cals of food yesterday and still lost quarter of a pound between yesterday am and today.

This has to be the only diet that has worked like this. I felt so hopeless about my weight before. It just all seemed beyond my control but now I am in control.

Hope to lose the next 3/4lb by the end of this week and then get under that magic 11st ( 154) mark into the 10stones.

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