Sunday, March 22, 2009

I forgot about chocolate


On Friday I went to town and as I was picking the children up for the weekend I decided to buy a treat and got 5 big kitkat bars. The melted a bit in my bag on the way home so I put them straight in the freezer when I got in while I was fixing lunch. My husband and grandchildren shared 2 bars after lunch and we left the other 3 bars in the freezer.

After supper that evening my granddaughter reminded me about the remaining bars and could they have some before bed. I had completely forgotten they were there. I used to be addicted to chocolate. I would know how many squares were left in the packet.

When I was a child I had to finish my Easter egg the same day even if I had 4 big chocolate eggs all with fillings. I was not able to relax until I had eaten all the chocolate and I knew there was nothing left in the house.

It is wonderful to feel that sugar does not have that hold over me any more. I am no longer an addict.

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