Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cut down on Milk


I put my normal diet into the site yesterday and found that my carb grms were 93gms. Which is very high for a low carb diet. I was still losing weight on that which means that when I get to my goal weight I will be able to add quite a few good carbs back into my diet and still maintain the same weight which is hopeful for the future.

My main carbs were coming from milk in my tea and coffee (9) yoghurt (9) pumpkin (19) onion (5) potato (5).

I got the figure down to 60 yesterday but replacing the pumpkin with tomato and not having the onion or any milk in my tea.

This morning I have lost a further half a pound and have also turned my keto sticks pink for the first time ever.

I am now having milk in my first 2 cups of coffee, but only 2 teaspoons and will have black tea for the rest of the day.

I will keep the yogurt in the diet as I feel it is good for me and enjoy a bit of sweetness with the coffee and cinnamon flavouring.

Should be under the 56lb loss by the end of next week. That will be 4 stone off.

Still doing the exercise to music and did an extra session yesterday as chose the wrong track so did the fat burning bit as well. Tummmy is definately flatter. Think the last 20lbs will go off my back and front as legs and arms are quite slim now.

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