Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fabulous Diet


Weight has been the same for a few days. But I know the scale will start to shift downwards soon. My system is still on a stall from the trip to Lusaka.

I went to the Country Club last night and received lots of compliments. Three of the ladies want details of the diet. I told them this is the Fabulous diet. You feel fabulous, look fabulous and eat fabulous food!

I had a nut attack yesterday and ate more than I should have done but I enjoyed them. It was the almonds I had bought in Lusaka.

Redid my nail polish yesterday. A pretty pale pink colour. Nails and not splitting and breaking all over the place so the calcium I started last August has finally kicked in. Will not stop it now so hope nails will stay strong and pretty. My fingers are much thinner than they have never been and so are my wrists. Last time I had nails like this they were fake but these ones are real!

Looking forward to a quiet day at home last week has been very busy. Still hoping to get below 154lbs next week.

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