Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Getting Slimmer


I could change the numbers in the profile today. I am finally back to under the weight I was before I went to SA in January. So this is the lowest weight I have been in years.

I have 2 mini goals in mind. One is to get to 156lbs which would mean I have lost 4 stone and the other is to get under the 150lbs and into the 140's. I am going to reset my goal once I get under the 152lbs. Think I may set it for 5lbs intervals each time. 5lbs is not too much and I should be able to lose that in a month.

Very pleased with the veggie garden. We have sweetcorn ready but only my husband is eating that as I dont think it is on my diet plan! But I am having lovely fresh lettuce every evening for supper with parsely and thyme. Am also putting tomato, onion rings, avocado and a small amount of feta cheese and then olive oil. I had lots of salads last week in Joburg and have now got a taste for them.

Met an ex colleague on Monday who I had not seen for 6 years. She did not recognise me till I got close. She is also losing weight and had been on a diet for 5 weeks and says she is going low carb. I have offered to help her. Maybe I can go round once a week and we can weigh in together. I can certainly lend her some books. I got another six on Monday. Atkins Advantage 12 week plan, Sb cookery books 4 of them, 500 low carb receipes. Still 2 to come.

Found some soya flour in Lusaka on Sunday but not sure what to do with it. I dont want to rock the boat by trying to make low carb bread or biscuits as I am feeling this is working so well. Once I get down to under the 140lb mark then I can start adding things in to the diet and see what I can eat and still stay under that weight.

Got a dinner party on Sunday so will have to plan a menu. Also got a business dinner on 14th March and may go out with son and in laws on the Friday night. Dr Agagston had some good advice and said not to try and cut down before a party as you then get so hungry you overeat at the do. Better to stick to same routine before and afterwards. Go back to phase 1 if you have really overdone it at the evening out. I will try and do that. As over those 2 days we will be eating out Fri lunch and supper and then Sat lunch and dinner. Will try and stick to salads fish and chicken and hope I can maintain weight and not put on.

Will try on posh frock and choose shoes sometime this weekend. Feet have shrunk from size 8 to size 7 since last year.

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