Friday, March 20, 2009

Newer scale is working


My new scale is showing 0.4lb that is 6oz loss this morning and the old one no loss at all. So I was right to suspect the old one and get my new one back from my daughter. She said she was not using it.

The new one does not show stones and weighs in lbs and tenths of a pound. So I have to do some maths to work out the actual weight. Old scale weighed in stones and lbs and quarter lbs.

Am still keeping to the 25 grms of carbs a day may be 30 on some days as I do have a whole small avocado sometimes.

As long as the scale keeps dropping I am happy. I do find I have to have my meals a bit earlier than I used to. Breakfast is about 6.30am but I am usually up at 4.30! Lunch is at 12 and then supper at 5pm and after that I dont eat or drink at all.
But it is working so will carry on with it.

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