Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finger Nails and Obesity

All my life I have wanted pretty nails. Not particularly long talons but nails that would grow beyond the ends of my fingers and that I could file into a nice shape.

Never happened, unless I paid or bought false ones that stuck on my nails and turned the nail underneath into soft tissue paper!

As regular readers here will know I started taking Evening Primrose and Borage oil supplements just before Christmas last year. I now take 2500gms to give me 350mg GLA each day. I take this with Vit E but I only take my fish oils Omega 3's in the evenings as I believe the GLA and Omega 3's compete for the enzymes needed to process these fatty acids.

The books say it takes 6 to 7 months for a finger nail to grow from the nail bed to the end of the finger so I was not expecting to see any finger nail growth till towards the middle of the year. But surprise surprise it is only 3 months and already I have nails that are so much stronger and more flexible and dont flake and tear and they are just beyond the end of my fingers now. Today they have red nail polish on them! They dont look like my nails!

I have been deficient in essential fatty acids all my life. I dont know if I have not been consuming the mother fatty acids needed to make these, or if my body does not make the enzymes in enough quantity to process the Omega 6's in my diet. I dont use a lot of grain/bean oils so it could be 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

What I do know is when I take the EPO and Borage oil, on its own, my appetite is completely normal. I no longer get cravings in the afternoon and evenings. I no longer binge. I can eat my supper and then stop eating and dont even think about food for hours at a time.

I never want to be so out of control around food again. It was not hunger it was a deficiency.

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