Monday, March 04, 2013

Evening Primrose stops cravings and binging

Have been rereading my books to see if anyone has written about the effect of EPO on cravings and weight loss. Ann Louise Gittleman wrote a book in 1999 called Eat Fat Lose weight. How the right fats can make you thin for life.

She definitely was on the right track there but I think put more emphasis on the fish oils ( omega 3) compared to the seed oils Omega 6 and GLA. I have found that I get a better result when I take my EFA separately  So EPO in the morning and at lunch time and the fish oils in the evening.

What I did find was the diet she recommended at the end of the book had too much glucose for me. She was advising drinking orange juice with breakfast and or fruit plus a low carb bread. Her lunches and dinner recommendations are fine.

I am much happier having a protein breakfast with fat and that sets me up for the day. I rarely feel hungry and have no trouble sleeping at night.

I am staying away from fruit completely, I may see if I can have one piece of fruit as part of a meal once I have lost the weight I need to. If I find myself binging on fruit then I will have to stop eating it again.

Looking forward to getting to the 40lb loss mark and under 80kg. First should take me about 2 weeks and the second about a month or two.

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