Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dieting with Avocados

Found some very nice avocados in the market yesterday. They are the nice creamy butter ones. Bought 10 as we had a party yesterday evening.

Planned a light lunch so had half an avo with half a tin of tuna in oil. Was not tempted by any of the sugar and sweet treats on offer in the evening.

Had more avo plus cream sauce with steak and farmers sausage for supper.

Drinks were decaf coffee and water.

Just because the food is there I dont have to eat it! I am sure that need to eat and uncontrollable picking at food while preparing food is caused not by low blood sugar but by the body's need to find the essential fatty acids it is missing. If you give it those EFA then suddenly your eating is under control and not something that you need will power to control. You eat meals and then naturally stop after one portion. No deprivation or agonising for hours over whether to eat something or not.

10 bars of chocolate in the fridge! My brain not even thinking about them. Not on my menu any more!

So nice to have the freedom to eat nice food without guilt.

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