Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finger Nails, obesity and Essential Fatty Acids

None of my nails have broken, split or torn in the last 2 months. I started on evening primrose 3 months ago and take enough to give me 360mg GLA per day. So that works out at 2 borage oil or 4 evening primrose ( 1000mg).

All my life I have wanted 2 things. To be able to control my weight without starving and to have pretty nails that I could paint and file and that would grow beyond the ends of my fingers.

Looks like I am well on the way to achieving both those goals.Years ago I took a picture out of a magazine showing a hand bag ( louis Vutton!) with a picture of a hand holding the bag with beautiful nails. Not particularly long pointy ones. Just a nice curve to the shape and they were painted red. I now have the same nails.

I keep waiting for this to stop working. For the cravings and binging to come back and my nails to go back to their usual soft flaky tearing selves.

Would be interesting to know if any other obese people have problems with their finger nails. I think Ann Gittleman in her Eat Fat lose weigh said that people who are deficient in GLA will not have strong nails and will not have smooth hair.

I have got enough supplements to last me till the end of this year and will be ordering more then. Reading Inflammation Nation. Not got to the end yet but he also believes part of the problem facing us is a lack of EFA in the modern diet.

I believe first comes the EFA deficiency, that causes cravings for sugar and starch, that causes excess insulin which causes inflammation resulting in obesity.

Sort out the EFA deficiency and the rest will fall into place.

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