Monday, March 11, 2013


Thrilled this morning to find I am at  81.8kg which means I have lost 40lbs since my heaviest.

I have still no idea how my body works! Total mystery. Yesterday I had a nice piece of steak for lunch and then instead of my usual fish had some of the cooked chicken livers for supper.

Was reading the other day about the curlecue graph of weight loss. Thats where you lose weight and then it comes back on for a few days and then you drop lower than the last lowest weight and then up again. That seems to be what my body does. So I will expect that number to go up again tomorrow for no good reason but hopefully it will drop again later in the week.

Have been ordering some little books on evening primrose. The one I got last week said it has been documented that weak and splitting nails improve within 1 month of starting on evening primrose. A Dr went so far as to say that he would say that a deficiency in omega 6 fatty acids, GLA, can cause weak and flaky nails. I have not had a finger nail tear or flake in 2 months now. Getting to the point where I will have to file them!

What I find interesting is that reading the results of adding evening primrose to the diet are all good but very little has been documented on using a low carb diet plus evening primrose. Plenty of low fat plus essential fatty acids, but there I think the effect of the high insulin, due to the high carb of the diet, would negate any effects shown by the adding of EFA.

Like Dana Carpendar in her book 'How I gave up my low fat diet and lost 40lbs" I have done no exercise to lose this 40lbs. I have not been going to the gym, or getting the dance DVD's out.

My body has been more active purely because I have felt better. I am up and doing stuff. Not sitting in my chair watching TV all day!

I have been working out how long it takes me to lose 1kg. This last one took 14 days. The one before took 21 days. I found that for me it is better to take my EPO in the morning and not take my omega 3 fish oil at the same time but take it in the evenings. When I was taking the 2 together that was when it took me 21 days to lose a kg.

Every day on my previous diets could have been failure day. The afternoon I would lose control and eat myself into a stupour. With evening primrose that fear has left me. I have found the cure for me.

At 2kg a month I should have a normal body by Christmas! I will also have a normal eating pattern and a normal appetite and normal size clothes!

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