Friday, February 15, 2013

Obesity is fixable

Finally got the book out there. Now available for Kindle

Obesity A Deficiency Disease if you are in UK

Obesity A Deficiency Disease if you are in USA.

What the book says is that cravings and binging are not caused by normal hunger. They are caused by a deficiency. The deficiency is fatty acids, the ones needed to make the hormones. 

The body is not a very precise machine and instead of sending messages craving specific fats Gamma Linolenic Acid it send a message craving for sugar ( the body does try to make GLA from sugar!). 

If you take GLA as a supplement ( Evening primrose or starflower  (borage oil) then the cravings just stop. They no longer happen and you no longer binge on sugar in the afternoons and evenings.

Buy the book to find out more.


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